Angry Protesters Burn EU Flags As Chaos Strikes Bulgaria

It was supposed to be a time of celebration of Europe's unelected oligarchs. Instead, protests broke out on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria where demonstrators burned EU flags because they feel ignored by the bloc. Appropriately, protests kicked off in the capital Sofia on the same night Bulgaria took over its first Presidency of the European Council from January 2018 until June 2018.



EU commissioners are in the city as Bulgaria begins its presidency - and guests at the opening ceremony of the presidency in Sofia, including European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the Council head Donald Tusk, the Express reports.

According to Sofia Globe, 11 protests are being held across the city tonight.

Former president Rossen Plevneliev said: "These protests are not a symbol of future political action, but they are telling us something important – the whole political elite has not done its job over the years."



George Pykov, a Bulgarian who is currently an executive committee member for Young Independence and studying Law at the University of Portsmouth told “The EU has no interest in Bulgaria or any Eastern European country.

"Issues that were meant to be solved have not, and I’m pleased to hear that Bulgarians are fighting back against an expansionist and fanatic Union.

"I and many other Bulgarians living in Britain hope that, one day, we will see a Bulgarian exit from the EU to join the UK in an exciting new, independent future.

"It is time for Bulgaria to be free from mob rule.”



Lilyana Pavlova, Bulgaria’s minister for the EU Presidency, said last Friday: “Personally, I would rather not have the Presidency begin with protests, whatever their goal is … it's just that all the international media will be here to see Bulgaria.”

The Interior Ministry Employees Syndicate, the largest police union, said it planned to greet the EU official cars with banners. The union has been campaigning for a 15-per cent pay rise for months.



Other groups protesting include a planned march in defence of the ratification of The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence and The Alliance for Defence Against Violence Based on Gender, organised a march in front of parliament, to “say STOP to ignorance and violence in our country!”

These latest protests come after thousands took to the streets last week to to protest against plans to expand the skiing resort of Bansko. NGO “For the Nature”, said the plan approved by the Bulgarian government, allowing the construction of a second cabin lift, violated the Protected Areas Act and the European Habitats Directive.



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Oh good, I hope to see more and more of this across Europe until that stinking evil coalition of Communism and Zionism is destroyed and all those illegitimate dictators running this tyranny at the end of a rope.

HowdyDoody Handful of Dust Fri, 01/12/2018 - 08:27 Permalink

Bulgaria shows too much allegiance to Russia, at least in the military sphere. The Bulgarian military supports the Novorossians and its Mig-29 pilots refused to take part in NATO exercises.

Bulgaria sounds like a prime candidate for a little color-coded regime change action. It has been on the receiving end of a migrant dump as a first attempt at destabilization.




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giovanni_f Folkvar Fri, 01/12/2018 - 03:42 Permalink

I never answer to forced choice questions in CNN-pravda style. instead, there is homework for you: Find out who said this: “authority, unless justified, is inherently illegitimate and that the burden of proof is on those in authority. If this burden can't be met, the authority in question should be dismantled.”


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HRClinton giovanni_f Fri, 01/12/2018 - 03:06 Permalink

You forgot the (S)election Platform mantras:

Hope & Change

Change You Can Believe In

Make America Great Again

See? Your Hope center in the brain got stimulated and you need a cup of kosher, deep-state Kool-Aid.

You have emotional buy-in, and you're pretty sure that this time your Candidate will shake things up and bring about the kind of real change that you and the country deserve.


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Agreed, I have visited Sofia several times and found it to be an interesting City. Friendly people and good food (in the Eastern European mode) at very low prices. It used to be the "spy" capital of Europe, The Hilton was particularly in vogue for quiet illicit meetings (though I recommend the Sheraton for location) so I guess they are used to taking care of foreigners?

And yes, I had some excellent Bulgarian wines in Sofia restaurants.

If the people are coming to hate the NWO-EU and everything that it represents then welcome to the growing Club?

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wildbad Automatic Choke Fri, 01/12/2018 - 03:21 Permalink

one of my best buds is romanian. since overthrowing their dictator they have put on the mantel of the €U overlords and done a splendidly horrific job. they have turned their communist tendencies through a technocratic overdose into one of the highes taxed and burocracy rich states in €urope. The people there are burdened with oppressive amounts of oppression by bureaucrat.

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SoDamnMad Titus Fri, 01/12/2018 - 02:53 Permalink

I love their wine too and especially walnut flavored rakia (a brandy). I have vacationed in 3 of the summer,seacoast cities and have enjoyed the security and the value of what I get for the money. A very pleasant staff and nice people

in the towns.  I use to get the same in Turkey but have crossed them off my list. Yes, they are used and I can't see how many survive on the tiny pensions and salaries.  But then again look at the arrest of the teacher in the VermilIon school board meeting for protesting a $30,000. raise for the superintendent while teachers haven't had a raise in 8 years (I don't like the power of some teachers assoc. in the US -- FOR THE RECORD)

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Everyone knew that the revolt (when it came) would not be pretty. But more and more, the neglected, the dispossessed, and the disenfranchised are rebelling against the fascist EU, the new Fourth Reich. Good. It deserves to go the same way as the Third Reich and Merkel with it. 

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Typical vassal minister cunt,worrying what the world will see and say...The small country trying not to look like a shithole complex...


Worry more for your people cunt...

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Bulgaria as well as Romania were not suited to join the EU at the time they did. They did not have their economy in order; there was a lot wrong with their justice system and press freedom; etc. To allow them to join was a geopolitical decision in order to secure the outer borders of the EU.

Bulgaria has been one of the biggest recipients of EU aid. That that was wrongly distributed is mainly he fault of the Bulgarian elites. The corrupt bastards just took down their communist hat and replaced it with a socio-democrat or classic liberal one. Nevertheless, the EU should have done more to battle corruption there (although for a while Bulgaria because of the corruption received less EU funds). But elites gonna elite so the EU elite does not really care too much what the Bulgarian elite does to its peasants.

The problem with these former communist countries is that they didn't get rid off their former elites who then continued to stay in power.

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I drove across Bulgaria on beautiful brand new roads paid for by the EU.  In Bucharest there is a giant European Court building on the main avenue leading to Ceauchesque's giant state house.

Bansko itself is a cool ski/golf resort set in some beautiful Mountains. Overbuilt perhaps, but very popular with Brits and Russians.  Add another 50km's of skiiing up high above 2000m, and this resort would provide hundreds even thousands of well paying jobs to the local bulgarians.

I doubt that this is being shut down due to corruption.


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As I said, Bulgaria and Romania were/are big recipients of EU money. Some of that money was well spent, some not. But you can be rest assured that there were sidekicks and money funneled off. I live and work in the Balkans so I have a pretty good idea of the level of corruption. That ski resort was probably built against all sorts of building regulations and EIA. I know of other ski resorts that were and all warnings about soil erosion and disappearance of species are coming true. Plus, the profits of these resorts go to a happy few far away while the costs are burdened locally.

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"thousands took to the streets last week to to protest against plans to expand the skiing resort of Bansko. NGO “For the Nature”, said the plan approved by the Bulgarian government, allowing the construction of a second cabin lift, violated the Protected Areas Act and the European Habitats Directive."

I have skiied Bansko in about 2010, and it was great.  It already had several modern Austrian Doppelmeyer lifts.  I preferred skiing Borovets, it had a night club at the bottom of the run with a billboard full of giant pole-dancing blondes, plus a crazy gigantic old communist apparatchik resort hotel.

I think the fact that this is a NGO "For the Nature" protest is proof enough of Soros involvement.  Bulgaria would be one of the first EU slave states to turn to Russia, and since ZOG is planning a war with Russia they have to crack the whip and make their puppets stand at attention.

adonisdemilo Fri, 01/12/2018 - 05:06 Permalink

The Bulgarian Government is supposed to fun the country for the benefit of the Bulgarian people NOT for the benefit of the over paid, over pensioned parasites in the European Commission. 

Mimir Fri, 01/12/2018 - 05:59 Permalink

In Bulgaria (Nov 2017):
57% tend to trust The European Union and 29% tend not to trust it
57% of people in Bulgaria are “totally positive” to the  EU and 14% “totally negative”.
61% are optimistic about EU’s future and and 31 “totally pessimistic”.

Do I need to go on ?