Mexicans Work More Hours Every Year Than Any Other Nation

Across the globe, people are firmly back in the working groove after all the fun, relaxation and overindulgence of the holiday season.

This year, as Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, some workers are going to have a far longer shift than others.

According to the OECD, Mexicans work the most hours out of any country with 2,246 on average. That's 467 more than an average American worker and for less than a fifth of the pay. 

Infographic: Who Works The Most Hours Every Year?  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

In recent years, the South Korean government has attempted to reduce the long working hours in the country but its workers are still averaging 2,113 hours annually.

Greek workers were sometimes labeled as over-paid, lazy and eager to retire early after the financial crisis struck but those accusations were certainly unfounded. People in Greece work the most hours of any European country with 2,042 every year on average.

U.S. workers put in a 1,779 hour shift every year while across the border in Canada, the annual total adds up to 1,691. French workers get a much better deal with 1,482 hours while in Germany, the total only comes to 1,371.



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Verified. I grew up in the trades. These guys work. In Phoenix they still in fact do the jobs that almost nobody wants to do. Which is outdoors in the sun in 115+ degree heat in long pants and long sleeved shirts with a hard hat on your head.

Not that I haven't met a lot of very hard working Guatamalans, El Salvadorans and Peruvians. It just seems that being genetically connected to this desert has distinct advantages.

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As many have already pointed out here, in an inefficient system long working hours go into filling out perverse forms to satisfy government bureaucrats or into compensatory action to mitigate friction losses from low quality products/processes of business partners or simply waiting time. Try do some international or even national money transfer with/within Italy, Israel or the US or try collect your money from an Italian or French customer. Very efficient in Germany to my experience. It is true, however, that Germans are not the bunch of hard-working types any more - they continue to profit from a system that is (still) very efficient in aggregate but it is not their smartness or efficiency on a personal level (which they falsely take pride in occasionally).

The long term trend for Germany is no doubt to become like Mexico. The German government is working overtime to accomplish this goal.


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1. cheap labor (which Germany has no demand for), 2. entitlement-cravers and entitlement-promising-party voters, 3. cheap-shit-consumers, 4. easy-to-be-agitated-minority-members.

If this reminds you the current state of the US or parts of France then you are spot on. It is the agenda of the Anglo-political "elite" since the end of WWII to finish what is left from Germany to turn it into a West-Philly-like looking and smelling shit heap while at the same time buying up all of its assets with printed dollars.

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I contract manufacture in China. Most factories work 10 hours per shift. They also work 6 days a week. But on the other hand they get two weeks off for Chinese New Year and one to three days off for the many national holidays such as "Tomb Sweeping Day". I would estimate they work about 2100 to 2200 hours a year.

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I think you have cracked the case.

What about productivity?

Mexicans work hard at low productivity, low value creation jobs.

Capitalism places a premium on "efficiency": value created per unit of effort.  If Mexicans (i.e. Mexican "civilization") placed a premium on "wealth creation" instead of "work", they would work fewer hours for greater benefit.

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Having plenty of Mexicans in the area, official Wisconsin state stats put my area 25% Latino and the schools 40%. Our factory about 30% plus. I can a few things with confidence. When they work most will intentionally disengage their brains and slop their way through it. Need lots of supervision to get quantity and quality work . The hardest workers are either illegal or new to the area and desperate for pay. Biggest ass kissers on the planet. Smooching the boss is their #1 priority. When they get established and secure they no longer put much effort into their work unless closely supervised. For the ones who do work fast, and many who don't, it gives them time to rework the junk they created. They love to harass the white women and get away with it, follow whites around and call them every name in the book in Spanish while laughing their ass off, and much more as the management and HR turn a blind eye. Just don't do it if your white. They'd have the whites on the carpet for the most chickenshit and childish stuff the most popular "he or she called me a name" or "swore at me." They love to wipe their ass and throw the TP on the floor. HR says they don't put the paper in the toilet in Mexico, and it may be true, and have to learn our ways but in reality they do it to piss off everyone and can get away with it. So many white people called on carpet for chickenshit stuff while the Mexicans ran wild. One time they wrote up a white guy with 40 years seniority for leaving his work bench a minute or 2 early yet most days a bunch of Mexicans would go out the back door half an hour early to beat the crowd to McD's or wherever and nobody did a thing. Mexicans hate American Mexicans who don't speak Spanish. Put Mexicans on an assembly line full of whites and there are no problems. Put a white person on a line of Mexicans they will do every thing short of outright violence to get the white person off as most Mexicans are exceptionally racist. There are some Mexicans who are top notch employees but they are the minority.

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sounds like you need to find a new job in a whiter environment or move up to management ass-kiss position and learn / understand spanish. BTW, no official language has been adopted into United States law, so spanish, french, chinese, etc. is just as legit as english in common workplace. try to enforce english and see where it gets you. another nefarious tool used by deep state elite oligarchs to keep us all tearing at each others throats. divide and conquer all clueless plebodies. weapons and war is what 'USA corp. for NWO' is best at!

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Must be hard for American bums to appreciate the effectiveness of the Mexican worker.

Too bad you gringos need all the cheap labor you can get. God knows that Jimmy nor Tyrone are going to do any of the back-breaking work required to feed a growing and dependent American welfare population.  

Mexican's should really unfuck themselves and call Trump's bluff and end NAFTA. Let the gringos build their own cars and machines at 10X the price. 




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I'll accept that anyplace but the Southwestern desert. Mexicans didn't suddenly show up in Arizona. They were here before they got colonized by Spain. When the border last went up, lots of people got caught on one side or the other. The economics of the region are still determined as much by what happens South of the border as they are by the rest of the USA.

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The full list contains too many anomalies. As another commenter said on my thread, "there's a difference between working a lot and working hard". The point goes to productivity.

Nobody can convince me a Frenchman out-produces a German. Not even close. Forget measures of productivity, anybody who has done anything with French people know they are a bunch of worthless fucks.

Interesting to see Chile on the long-hours list. They are kind of a testament to free markets lately. Let's hope their hard work continues to pay off.

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Double verified. I lived outside of Memphis and used Mexican contractors both at my work and and at my new home. I wanted some low brickwork done in front of my new house under construction to retain the gardens and keep the Bermuda grass out. I approached a young Hispanic mason working on the facades of houses around me. We agreed on the price and what I desired. I provided the bricks from the lot used on my facade but we came up 50 bricks short. I wanted to pay him for what he completed while I got the 50 bricks from the supplier. He wouldn't take any money "until the job was completed". Luckily I got the bricks needed quickly and he finished. He didn't ask for any more money.  I moved years later to CA where I found similar performance while working as a construction manager for a growing school system.  I never put them down as an ethnic group.  Didntdonuffins, well that's a different story.

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The Japanese work longer hours than Germans, but in the shorter hours the Germans manage to produce more. It's not how long you're at 'work', it's whether or not you are actually working productively.