Military Investigates Leaked Afghan Combat Video

As US soldiers struggle to contain a burgeoning ISIS-linked insurgency along the country’s eastern border, an anonymously released video depicting a US soldier firing his weapon into what appears to be a civilian vehicle could alienate locals at a time when the US war effort desperately needs their cooperation.

The footage, which was quickly pulled down after being uploaded to YouTube, has sparked an investigation into the incident and what exactly happened in the video.

The 3-minute, 9-second video doesn’t say where it was recorded, but the YouTube caption suggested it was shot in 2017, according to Politico, which recorded the video before it was pulled. For the past year, US troops have been battling ISIS in Nangarhar Province, the group’s main Afghan stronghold, where teams of special operations advisers are fighting alongside elite Afghan troops. But as ISIS' s grip on its  former territories in Iraq and Syria has been broken, the insurgency in Afghanistan has strengthened.

An anonymous user recently uploaded the video to YouTube under the title “Happy Few Ordnance Symphony,” then quickly removed it. The scene with the truck shooting begins 20 seconds in.

In the scene, which lasts just a few seconds, an armored military vehicle, possibly an M-ATV equipped for special operations troops, passes a slow-moving civilian vehicle known in Afghanistan as a "jingle truck."

Footage apparently recorded on a helmet camera shows a military-style shotgun being pointed at the truck cabin, and the window on the driver’s side being shattered as it if had been shot. The video is set to music and offers no audial cues for the clip.

The soldiers in the video are wearing uniforms typical of US special operations forces like the Green Berets, SEALs, Rangers and Marine Raiders. According to Politico, troops serving overseas often create these montages, often set to music, to amuse themselves.

Special operations veterans with experience in eastern Afghanistan who reviewed the video agreed those depicted looked like special operations forces. They agreed that shooting a shotgun into the driver’s door of the passing truck raised potential red flags.

According to RT, one expert said the video could be of "an operator not doing the right thing and firing a non-lethal round just to be a dick."

Per RT, it was not possible to tell which unit the shooter was from, or anything else about why the event took place. In particular, they could not tell from the footage whether the shotgun shell was a “lethal” round or a less dangerous “non-lethal” one, such as one designed for breaching doors or windows.

If the special operations team was responding to an attack or threat from near the truck, they might have been closing in on the vehicle from various directions in a larger movement not depicted in the brief video. More fire might have been exchanged than the video showed.

“You do not know if there were ground forces moving on the flanks,” one veteran told Politico. “It is hard for me to question the man on the ground.”

Still, Central Command expressed deep dismay about what the video appears to depict with directly addressing the shooting.

"I have reviewed the video and I am disappointed and also concerned that the American people, our Coalition partners, the Afghan government, and the Afghan people will believe that American service members are callous and indifferent to the horrors of war or the suffering of innocent people trapped in conflict," Army Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of Central Command added in a statement Wednesday. "I can assure you that this video does not represent the professionalism or humanity of the men and women of US Central Command. We reject the unprofessional and callous message this video conveys."

Central Command - known as CENTCOM - was also less than pleased…

"The amateur video posted on a public website gives us serious concern," the U.S. Central Command said in a statement. "The video in question is not official, not authorized and does not represent the professionalism of the service members of U.S. Central Command.

"We are conducting an investigation into this video, and will take appropriate actions as a result of this investigation," it added.

This isn’t the only scandal involving US special operations forces abroad. Last year, two Navy SEALs were investigated for the murder of a green beret during a special forces mission in Mali. The victim allegedly discovered a money laundering and embezzlement scheme being run by the men, and threatened to alert authorities.



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It first appeared on MoonOfAlabama AFAIAA on 9 January. Google started clearing off YouTube copies and links to it. There used to be several pages of links , now there is zilch. MoA uploaded an unlisted copy.…

The originaal video was uploaded by the Happy Few Company. From MoA, their website says:

"Happy Few Special Operations Veteran Owned and Operated Apparel Company *apparel and website will be up very soon. Stand by, we appreciate your patience*"





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Curious as to why nobody even questions if the driver and/or white truck may not be a civilian but a combatant. 

Without knowing more details it’s akin to the whole Russian collusion and #metoo BS. Trial by media and assumption. 

If violations have taken place, charge and punish. That’s how the system is supposed to work. 

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The dossier said that the #metoo driver of the white truck from some shithole country loaded a bomb into the back before driving off.

It's funny how everything's a false flag until a snippet of video appears that you "want" to believe so bad.  

The collective rush to judgement before facts are in hand speeds the societal decline.  Enjoy the ride.  Just watch out for those military trucks coming up along side you.  

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You pretty well represent the US in general and the military personnel exactly.
Make excuses even with video. Even when the "collateral murder" video came out the excuse was they were arab men who might have done something earlier.

Doesn't matter if it is a shithole country, it is their country and he was innocent.
If there had been a bomb in the back they would never have driven alongside. And there would have been a flood of shots fired. And if the truck was a bad guy/truck they would not have happily kept driving.

None lethal round? That was a lethal round when fired through a window and into the side of the drivers head. And the driver was in a truck on a highway. The US hero's were having fun making trucks crash and killing innocent people.

Just how many "ISIS" or whatever have US captured armored vehicles in perfect shape and with perfect tires?
"They agreed that shooting a shotgun into the driver’s door of the passing truck raised potential red flags." They did not shoot into the door, they shot through the side window into the drivers head.

Hero's protecting our freedoms?
Sociopaths and psychopaths, losers, scum?

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Sounds like you were right there with all the fine details you have.  How'd you make it out unscathed?  

Tell me, we can't trust our own lying eyes with:

- Boston Marathon

- San Bernadino

- Las Vegas

But this one, this 4 second capture, is 100% straight up legit shooting innocents no questions asked, don't even think about questioning any further details.  

Got it.  

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The video is 10 seconds. Depicting intentional attack on civilian.
Motives are to promote the insurgency, to continue to deny representation the right to request the expulsion of americans, or to crush the will of the people to fight back, or reprisal for killings of americans, to one crazy soldier.

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UUUmmmm.... Looks like more RT Propaganda Video..... IT's a SHotgun,  Looks like an M-4 Benelli Autoloader maybe...... No Muzzle Raport,  Bolt does not cycle during the video.......Date, Time stamps missing, Its starting to appear that ZH is hosting more and more fake news.... come on Tylers, do your Job, and screen out the Deep State Propaganda, whether Domestic or from Abroad.