In Sweden, Not Everyone Can Say #MeToo

Authored by Nima Gholam Ali Pour via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Sweden has let in a huge wave of young male migrants, many of whom have created an insecure environment for women; when these women have cried for help and tried to share their stories, the Swedish media and politicians have refused to listen.

  • The Swedish media recently reported that police no longer have time to investigate rape cases because of the many murders.

  • The main problem with the "#MeToo Movement" is that instead of relying on the rule of law, people start relying on the rule of social media. The number of "likes" or "retweets" decides whose experiences of sexual assault are recognized. If you have not been harassed or assaulted by a celebrity, nothing happens. If you were sexually assaulted by a nobody, nobody cares.

Interest and involvement in the "#MeToo Movement" has been strong in Sweden. Internet searches for the phrase "me too" show that Swedes made almost three times as many as the Dutch population, in second place for the number of searches for "me too".

What the #MeToo Movement reminds us of in Sweden is how the issue of sexual harassment has become very politicized. While many Swedes are eager to expose celebrities who have sexually assaulted or sexually harassed women, Sweden is still a country where sexual assaults and rapes by newly arrived and illegal migrants is denied and concealed in the most vicious ways by parts of the official establishment.

One of the clearest examples is a recent case where a rapist was not condemned and his victim was blamed. On October 11, 2017, Arif Moradi, an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan who lives in Sweden, was convicted of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl. Moradi had been appointed in November 2016 to be a youth leader at a "Confirmation camp" by the Church of Sweden. At this camp, Moradi began to make sexual advances towards the 14-year-old girl, until on the night of November 12-13, 2016, the most serious abuse took place as the other children were sleeping.

The victim succeeded in fleeing to the bathroom, where she sent several text messages to a friend at the camp. Together, the two girls woke up the parish educator, Eva-Lotta Martinsson, and told her what had taken place. The parish educator, however, decided not to report the incident to the police. The reason the parish educator did not inform police was apparently because, as she later told the police, she did not perceive it as "serious." When the girl's mother found out about the assault, she did report it to the police.

Moradi was sentenced to probation and a fine for sexual abuse.

Moradi, before the incident in the camp, had been celebrated in Sweden's media as an outspoken, newly-arrived migrant who had "liberal values." In an interview from July 2017 Moradi said:

"Many have been subjected to terrible cruelties. In Afghanistan, there is no talk about how girls feel, women have no rights at all. Most people do not even know what equality and democracy is."

The article also says that Moradi is active in the National Association for Unaccompanied minors, and that he has spoken in front of thousands of people and even shaken hands with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. The article carries the headline: "They Care about the Forgotten Girls".

The same month, Moradi appeared again in another article in the newspaper Göteborgs Posten, with the headline: "Society Has Forgotten the Unaccompanied Girls". In this article, Moradi is described as a champion for young girls.

In August 2017, Radio Sweden reported that Moradi was organizing a sit-in in Gothenburg, protesting the deportation of Afghan migrants.

Even after Moradi sexual assaulted the 14-year-old girl, the Swedish media continued to celebrate him. Several months later, the Swedish media were still describing him as a hero and champion for women and human rights.

You might expect that Moradi's conviction, when it was proven without doubt that Moradi had committed the crime, people would distance themselves from Moradi. But that is not how it works in Sweden.

After the sentencing, there was still strong support for Moradi among many Swedish women. Several "refugee activists" expressed their support for Moradi and wanted him released from the custody of the Swedish Migration Agency.

Moradi was also visited by a female member of parliament, Christina Örnebjär, who represents the Liberal Party. Örnebjär said she wanted to "have a talk" with Moradi and posted a selfie with him, but after some angry comments, she took it down.

The 14-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by Moradi was attacked in social media by left-wing activists and accused of lying. One woman wrote on social media: "Good, Arif... What comes around... Goes around... They will get their punishment!!"

Another activist wrote:

"Yes, little girls with long eyelashes can create a hell for boys, men. A little crying and teeth-gnashing always helps girls, damn these pathetic people, am throwing up".

If you are sexually assaulted by an illegal migrant in Sweden it is hard to say "Me too": there are many activists and supporters of migrants who will accuse the victim of lying -- even when the victim is only 14-years-old and needs all the support she can get.

That Swedish media conceal sexual assaults by migrants is not exactly a secret; it has happened quite a few times. I have written about leading Swedish newspapers that have refused to report on sexual assaults by migrants until alternative media outlets have forced those papers to write about them.

Two things are clear: The first is that the issue of sexual assault has, for a long time, been politicized in Sweden. The second is that when the context of a sexual assault is "politically incorrect" and not compatible with the official establishment's narrative about migration and migrants, the #MeToo Movement in Sweden will often exclude it.

Sweden has let in a huge wave of young male migrants, many of whom have unfortunately created an insecure environment for women; when these women have cried for help and tried to share their stories, the Swedish media and politicians have refused to listen.

The media in Sweden have never given Swedish women an opportunity to tell how the European migrant crisis, which began in 2015, has affected their day-to-day lives. It should not matter what ethnicity or background the perpetrator has -- but in Sweden, it does matter.

The main narrative of official Sweden declares that all migration enriches Sweden.

Another part of this official narrative is that Sweden is filled with racists. Oddly enough, a lot of migrants seem to want to come to Sweden despite the fact that Sweden, according to this narrative, is a country filled with racists.

Considering this narrative, it is no surprise that a female member from the conservative Sweden Democrats party was not allowed to speak about her own experience of rape, at a "Me Too" event in Uppsala, merely because of her conservative party association. The organizer of the protest gave the following explanation:

"As a Sweden Democrat, she stands to some extent for opinions that go against the values for which we organized this event and we chose to take her away from the speaker list. I hope that she gets to tell her story but in another forum."

It is obvious that the #MeToo Movement in Sweden has become something other than a campaign where women support one another. It has effectively become a platform for radical feminists in Sweden. For instance, Linnéa Claesson, a columnist at the newspaper Aftonbladet, writes that after the #MeToo debate, all men should call themselves feminists to show that they see men and women as equals.

That this movement has gained in popularity with Swedes is not a surprise. Sweden is, after all, a country where rapists often get away with their crimes. In September 2017, the Swedish media reported that the police have no time to investigate rape cases because of the many murders. The reports mentioned a case concerning a 12-year-old girl who was raped in the municipality of Stenungsund. After six weeks, the police had made no progress in the case, despite having the name of the person suspected of raping her. There are many similar cases in Sweden; women have a right to feel a deep injustice.

The main problem with the #MeToo Movement is that instead of relying on the rule of law, people start relying on the rule of social media. The number of "likes" or retweets is what decides whose experiences of sexual assault are recognized and noticed. If you have not been harassed or assaulted by a celebrity, nothing happens. If you were sexually assaulted by a nobody, nobody cares.

In Sweden, you get no support if you have been raped by a migrant, as many examples illustrate.

Women who are sexually assaulted need justice. The proper authorities need to investigate the alleged crimes. But there are too few police officers in Sweden to create safety for women. Social media cannot, of course, replace the rule of law.

Those who celebrate the #MeToo Movement, as the cover of Time magazine did recently, would do well to acknowledge that the movement seems to be conforming to different national contexts. In the Swedish context, sexual assault and harassment are politicized and subordinated to an official, politically correct narrative. Accordingly, women who are assaulted by migrants cannot say "Me too" -- despite the huge support in Sweden for the #MeToo Movement.



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to understand what is happening in the west I've come to believe that the chinese cultural revolution is what comes next to it. Instead of toppling statues, the MING Dynasty tombs got desecrated in an act of "posthume" punishment.

An agenda of total destruction of anything that does not conform to something written in the Mao Bible of the modern globalist.  A temporary yet extremely violent phase of mass hysteria cum cruelty with spoiled-yet-brutal millennial campus snowflakes, Antifa, SJW and ISIS killers being manifestations of the same planetary narcisstic death cult - differing in degree but not in nature.

Be very afraid.

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it is called societal breakdown. letting in inferior(TO THE NORM), results in such behaviors. the real tragedy is the leaders ignorance of something as brutal as rape. all i can say is, judge jury and trial at gunpoint. if i was a woman and somebody attempted this and i had a chance to kill, i would without a doubt. women arm up, for your safety and survival. having a mental scare such as a rape by some fuzz headed string beet would be enough to make me want to go kill 10...

rape and child rape is a ruination of life to most inflicted by this devious behavior..punishable by death. simple shit maynard

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"let's not forget why the migrants are there"

...because the Cultural Marxists want to destroy Western Culture.
Muzzies and other 3rd World detritus are "useful idiots."


BTW, the interregnum has started.
Greece civ collapsed after the Peloponnesian War.
Roman civ collapsed after the Punic Wars (with Carthage).
Europe civ collapsed after WWI / WWII.


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Dated a Norwegian girl for a short time. Hard to tell how pretty she was cuz her head was stuck up her ass the whole time.

You wanted girl power ladies? You got it!

Barbara Spectre Learner is treatin' you right.

The one thing you gals hate more than anything, is each other.

. . . now go take care of your cuddly little Muzzie house guests.

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Yo Swedish Socialists go Tweet your anger and angst to the world.....except Twitter now censor and shadow block those they consider right wing or extreme......welcome to the Orwellian Future of Big Brother and the violence of A Clockwork Orange.

Suck on it you idiots!

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I mistrusted the whole take-down of prominent men with this sexual "assault" meme. 

It's clearly a weapon to take down political targets, and all you need is for the target to have said something once about a woman like "hello".   That's rape nowadays whereas rape itself is ignored so long as the rapist is serving the liberal left's agenda.  

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Sweden went full retard long time ago.

Problem is that Swedish authorities suggest to the muzzie invaders to go to neighboring countries for quicker processing. Obviously there's a nonexistent vetting process and to make matters worse they let the potential criminals to roam free while waiting for their asylum decision. And amazingly they allow the rejected to roam free as well and expect them to exit the country nicely. However they often go on a raping and stabbing spree. Yet they make no effort to change the system.

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Swedish authorities have been running campaigns in the media declaring it is the Swedes who must assimilate with the invaders not the other way around. Bat shit crazy stuff with plenty of Swedes supporting it. Previous generations of Swedes are rolling over in their graves as their offspring commit racial suicide and return the country they built back to the stone age.

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Another class of people who can't, but should, do the #METOO thing are heterosexual chicks being hammered by the obnoxious lesbians. Happens all day, every day.

Girls can't play basketball without the dykes being disgusting pigs worse than Weinstein. Some WBA hetero basketball players have said it happens all the time, often unrelenting, because there's so many there they're outnumbered. But say also happens on all levels of women sport.

More, some websites describe conversations online chat rooms of college lesbians describing how they're going to go after hetero girls by teaming up on them and plotting devious ways to break up the boyfriend relationships, and they brag a dude if they bag a hetro chick....

Butch bitchezz, doing it for sport.






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All around the first world we have placed too much emphasis on intelligence and education. What we ended up with is dumb asses with a piece of paper saying they are smart who have no real world experience or are in it for power. Ideas over reality and substance. They have wormed their way into power and especially control the education system where they have poisoned the minds of our children for decades including private exclusive schools. It isn't just a public school problem. Their efforts have born fruit as we now see and it won't get any better as intelligent educated white people of both sexes have been programmed to find happiness and meaning by committing racial suicide as the minorities push their agendas. Agendas that are all about power and money as the leaders could care less about the people they claim they are helping. When the people they are duping are no longer an asset they will get tossed under the bus too. Dupes who thought they were making the world a better place and weren't smart enough to know they were laying the foundations of it's destruction.

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See, now this is why I come to the Hedge! Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter are on vacation, so there isn't much honesty to be had in this terrible age of sweeping muslim rape pandemics. At least I know I can get the truth about what's really going on in Sweden from honest folks like the virtuous scholars at the Gatestone Institute of Neoconservative Studies!

Some free police training for Swedish men of military age in Eretz Israel seems in order, but clearly, more is needed. Maybe the Swedes will be allowed to arm themselves and assume responsibility for their own self-defense? It's an exceedingly dangerous gambit, but desperate times call for desperate measures! As long as the plebes remain focused squarely on killing each other, it just might work! God forbid they begin pondering why their nations were suddenly flooded with angry Middle-easterners! 

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All of this makes perfect sense in the context of a War Against (White, working, Christian) Men.  It makes no sense at all in the context of an actual war on sexual harassment/rape.

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The liberal women in Sweden have to be the WORST in all of Europe and that's saying something. 

Swedish men, you better think about getting the hell out because you're in real trouble and it looks like it's only going to get worse. 

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Maybe we can make a reality tv show about the migrant rape crisis......we could call it....To Catch A Migrant......


On out next episode of To Catch A Migrant. we set up and camp and then let college girls get drunk and pass out in the street......

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Rape by a Muslim is not a crime.  A validated rape claim against a Muslim is a hate crime.  If one of the Prophet's minions rapes you, give thanks to Allah and pray the rapist's seed takes hold and breeds a Muslim baby.