Worldwide Approval Of America's Leadership Is Waning

Donald Trump has been in power as the 45th President of the United States for a year, since his inauguration on January 20, 2017.

The set-up of the international arena has long been shifting, away from lone American leadership towards a more multipolar world in which other powers are gaining influence, but as Statista's Dyfed Loesche notes, Trump’s political agenda seems to be speeding up this process, as data by research institute Gallup on the approval of other nations’ of U.S. leadership suggests.

Infographic: Worldwide Approval of America’s Leadership is Waning | Statista

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Ever since the Second World War came to an end in 1945, the United States presided over the so-called “Pax Americana”, she had inherited the position of world leadership from Great Britain, who saw her long-standing predominance in the world dissolve together with her pre-war empire. This new set-up had its ups and downs, but brought with it a promise of stability during the Cold War stand-off with the Soviet Union, and even after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

While the United States has always been willing and ready to wield her military might, the basis of her strong leadership position had to do with other nations accepting her as an agenda-setting hegemon. This order of things has been called into question from the outside, by emerging powers. Most notably China is challenging the status quo as she is constantly gathering economic and therefore political clout.

But this process, it seems, is also being hastened from within the United States itself, by domestic politics. Since Donald Trump became president on an “America first” ticket, the world seems to become less accepting of America as a lead nation. There is a somewhat tragic, or at least ironic, ring to Trump’s often repeated vow to make “America great again”, as he might be the president who cements America’s fall from grace and power in the international arena.



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 WE clearly need some new leaders?


 If you're stuck in a shitty trade, figure it out.

 Im sorta feeling like the pinheads Morgue Stanly {Global} read Z/H

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@cheapbastard- Millions of innocent people killed? The U.S. isn't perfect by any means, but people were getting killed by Kings, Queens, Dictators, Communists, Muslims etc long before the U.S. became the world leader. One thing the U.S. has done is left any country it invaded at least for the last 100 years or so. The U.S. is just a country and it's pretty hard to police an entire planet. Earths issues aren't due to the U.S. they are due to humanity and its various imperfections. We are after all (despite what some claim) just advanced apes fighting over resources. And those resources are getting more strained by the day with every new human born.

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They liked Billy Clinton, the blonde Arkansan, with his globe-trotting wheeler dealing, too. They like the American politicians that put their countries’ interests first, courting them like salesmen to make a buck. How does the maneuvering of the American globalist elite or the globalist elites in other countries do most of the people in foreign countries any good? Yet, foreigners only express annoyance at America, not at their own profiteering, globalist elites. Who cares if they resent it when America’s withering middle class finally starts standing up for itself, trying to make profiteering politicians put the economic interests of Americans first? It just shows how little concern foreigners have for the well being of Americans.

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Get a dictionary, moron. All citizens in Israel, Arab, Christian, Buddhist, atheist, etc can vote, start a business, worship how they please and live anywhere they choose. Try to do that in the PA or Gaza, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. It's ignoramuses like you that make people think America is full of racists, which we aren't. 

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sun rises in the east. west has went socialized med. hey doc i can't get off the meds, it is the only way i can get through the day. nfl, drugs, video games, hollywierd, nascar, unreality shows, lazy, fat, clueless describe half of who i meet daily in merica.

as a society in general. we are fuked. so distracted from reality it is going to bite our ass.  we are going down the rat hole of debt financed bankster bankruptcy run by complete idiots. take one look at the leaders in congress. complete losers. look again. the senate and house leaders. morons. then add trump to the mix. i wouldn't let them run my business. i wouldn't even let them come to my place of business for fear of lawsuit, theft, fraud, or some kinda con game scam. complete fuking losers and mentally deranged sociopaths.

i have zero faith in these complete losers...

and yes i approve of the message as i am on the streets making deliveries and talking to people. 50 hours a weeks, m-f. we have serious problems, starting with the citizens of this once great country.

and that is why we keep voting in these complete losers, losers voted in by losers, idiots, and generally people with zero critical thinking ability...

and then some of these idiots go sign up to be in the military for moar idiocracy/ benefits, and training to be killers. lol, and then the mental and physical survivors go on get a free education at our finest institutions of brainwash. no i didn't make that up.

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Your sarcasm aside, they were not always constantly at war,as Pikes letter to Mazzini makes clear,

those world wars were choreographed by others .The next planned one is soon, as his plans roll on

no matter what.If even a jesuit Pope can see it,why can't others ?

"They did it first", is playground logic, and not an argument.

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Well, it was only half is, I was having so much fun poking all the Russia lovers in the eye with a stick on the Lavrov thread I figured I'd just carry on with it here.

The other side of it is, as we recede, I don't want to hear any begging for navy ships to treat ebola victims or pleas for help from other nationalities because of floods, hurricanes or famines, certainly blue helmeted Bangladeshi's can pick up the slack ;-)

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Then you would be interested to realize that it was (((Russia))) that started WW2 with the intent to take down Germany first then walk on through the whole of Europe toward a single Euro-Asian Communist empire, and NOT the Germans and Hitler desiring a takeover of the globe.

Solid and convincing on the ground evidence here naming Lies & Liars:…

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Thank God, the jew supremacist power base emanating from jewmerica has finally reached its apex and the sooner this jew lead monstrosity is dismantled and our REPUBLIC is restored the better.

at least you admit to being suckered by the jew version of history as only they tell their incessant lies.

Do your serious research and please don't come back with jew shire, jew cowed speer, and all the other book of lies written and approved by the master deceivers of the world.

Try reading historian David Irving's books, & "Mein Kamph" by Adolf Hitler, "The Bad War" by M.S. King, "Megacaust" by Michael Walsh, "The Myth of German Villainy" by Benton L. Bradbury, "Hellstorm" by Thomas Goodrich, "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" by Arthur R. Butz and 100's more...  

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Absolutely correct !! The American people are tired of paying to defend the free world, tired of having to argue about why different standards are applied to it as opposed to other countries (l;ike China and India in the debate on global climate change, and the European and Asian countries allowing access to US companies within their borders. The US wants to retract from the world and l;eave them all to figure out what they want and how they want it. The US has a big enough consumer base that it can support its own economy, it has the largest agricultural industry in the world to feed itself, and it can rebuild its industrial base withing a short time to provide for those consumers. The US does not need the rest of the world, but in the last hundred years, the world always has been knocking at America's door with one problem after another. 

The results of the Americans doing what the rest of the world wants and retreating to within its borders will be quite troublesome, especially when the tariffs are raised. Japan and China and Korea probably all go bankrupt since a significant portion of their export economy is based on US consumption. The Europeans will suffer to a lesser degree, but their national budgets will be destroyed as they will have to pay for their own defense. With a tax policy that already confiscates 42% or more of the national income, most countries in Europe do not have the room to take any more from their people and still expect their GDP ex-government spending to stay positive. The social programs will be the first to suffer, and continental unemployment will hit double digits across the North as well as the South. 

The Middle East will erupt into endless war, the price of oil will fall through the floor as the US drills and uses it own oil, hence leading to a world glut and sending the OPEC nations into insolvency from the advent of $10 a barrel oil for as far as the eye can see. 

There will be myriad other instances of collateral damage to the world without the US being involved with it. My only hope is that if the Americans walk away from the clowns, they do not have a chance of heart too soon once they see the initial damage their move makes. They need to make the rest of the world suffer, as it did after WWI, so that when the US comes back into the fold, the rest of the world will shut the fuck up and do what they are told. 

For the first 140 years of the country's history, the US remained mostly to itself, and it grew into a formidable industrial and agricultural power without bothering with the problems of the rest of the world. Then over the course of the next 30 years, the rest of the world showed they were unable to get along with each other anymore, and were on the precipice of disaster. They begged the US to be involved with all aspect of their lives, and were especially willing to let the US pay the bill for their stupidity. The defense pacts in Asia, the Marshall Plan in Europe and the incessant costs associated with the Cold War all were burdens shouldered by the US. Yet today the world disapproves of the US participation in the decisions made in those foreign capitals. 

For the US, this should be seen as a welcome turn of events. Sort of like when your cunt wife who has tortured you for ages says she is leaving to be with someone else ! Yeah, there is a God, especially that her living with someone else negates your requirement for alimony. That's how the US should feel now, let's have a divorce because the world is so unhappy ! 

I can just imagine where the stock market would be then. If it ran up to 25,000 because of the four trillion being repatriated by the Trump tax bill, imagine how high prices will run if the US can get rid of the global monkey its been carrying on its back !!

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Your rant should be printed on toilet paper it's full of so much shit. If you had read your history instead of using talking points generated by the neocons and the government to justify the falsely labeled "worlds policeman."

Almost from the day the US became a nation it was angling to be the top dog pushing it's weight around the world which is why it's rightly said the US has been at war since it's founding. The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 told the world that only the US could exploit the Americas. The battleship Maine blew up in a coal dust explosion so the US used it as an excuse to kick the Spanish out of the Americas and take the Phillippines away from them to get a foothold in the Pacific. Over the years the US had a hand in overthrowing governments in all but 2 countries in the Americas and with constant meddling, such as the current Venezuela fiasco, those countries are in constant turmoil. After WW2 the US stepped in and continually created covert chaos and government overthrows in the ME to gain control especially after the creation of the CIA and the machinations of the Dulles brothers. The US many times has used the Muslim Brotherhood as a proxy to create chaos in the ME to depose or kill strong leaders that wouldn't kiss US ass. The US populace was always isolationist but the government never was. The US never joined the League Of Nations because the deep state didn't want anyone getting in their way to world domination. Although there have been a few setbacks occasionally it's obvious the US controls the UN thus it can violate international laws, like the current events in Syria, and not be held accountable. Crimea votes to go back home to Russia the US piles on sanctions after sanctions. The US illegally bombs Syria for years and stations troops, backs insurgents, all against international law and nothing happens. Before WW2 the US climb to the top was stymied by other world powers, especially the Brits, but after the war the US was the defacto king of the hill. Two bit tinhorns flocked to DC pledging their loyalty if only the US would overthrow or kill their opponents. The US could have cared less about Germany after WW2 and let them starve and suffer and turned away when innocent Germans in other countries were butchered in the streets. Eisenhower was especially cruel to German soldiers in the prison camps under his command with over a million dying. The Marshall Plan only came about when the Germans tired of the Allies, especially the US, ignoring or exacerbating their plight and were going over to the commies. The Japanese many times offered to surrender but the US refused to accept it until after they they dropped the A bombs. Ho Chi Minh asked for Truman's help for Vietnamese independence from France and was told to piss off. After the French left the US propped up a government the people hated and thus an unwinnable war in Vietnam. The US dropped more bombs on Laos and Cambodia than all the bombs dropped in WW2. The US created Al Qaeda to knock off the ELECTED socialist government of Afghanistan and the hope that the Soviets would come to their rescue to stop the insurgents from spreading into the USSR. The two Chechin wars were products of the CIA.There was no reason for the US to go to war in Korea let alone kill millions of civilians and destroy whole cities out of spite because they got their ass kicked. The US never interfered when their hand picked puppet Rhee killed hundreds of thousands of his own people in Korea. When China took over Tibet it was a mostly hands off occupation. Until the US began training insurgents and sending them in which eventually pissed of the Chinese and they killed millions in retaliation. The Europeans know Russia isn't a threat but only allow US military on their soil for the millions it brings to their economies. Without US meddling the ME will find peace under the guidance of Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Russia. The US is expected to reach 10 million BPD oil production in 2018 but consumes almost twice that thus importing half it's needs. Jimmy Carter told the Iranian military to stand down and let Khomeni back into the country and withing days the executions started. The US backed Saddam in a war with Iran and supplied them with intelligence and gas. After that war Saddam was broke and felt Kuwait was stealing his oil and readied for war. At the last minute Saddam appealed for some assistance from the US or things would happen the US told him they didn't care what he did in his area even though the US knew the Iraqi's were at the border and could invade in minutes. If Bush had offered Saddam some cash to make up for his empty coffers, from a war the US encouraged him to fight, and a warning there would never have been a Gulf War and over half a million Iraqi kids dying from sanctions. When the 3 harpies Susan Rice Samantha Power and Hillary encouraged the no fly zone in Libya, stretched to the whole country by the US, they falsely claimed Qaddafi was going to butcher his people and their battle cry was "no more Rwandas." The CIA backed an insurgency and invasion of Rwanda even going so far as to blow up the plane carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi. A month or 2 before the genocide the local UN commander requested more troops as he knew something was brewing. The US vetoed every request because they didn't want their man Kagame to lose the war. When the massacre was in the early stages Kagame was begged to intervene but refused because "he had a war to win." Since assuming power he has been on a genocide of his own and not a peep out of the US. Most of the turmoil in Africa over the decades is due to the CIA.

We could go on all night with this stuff that the US was never the worlds policeman and why the world considers the US the worlds biggest bully and the biggest danger to world peace.

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at what cost? trade offs are normal. if it isn't the usa it would be another bully, with same or different agenda. most likely different due to the history of power. the uniqueness of our constitution is as good as it gets for thousands of years to come. the earth has no moar frontiers for new forms of experiments. plus 8 billion people that must be controlled. very large numbers to control with freedom as a sure threat to that control. expect worse governance as attracts the worst humans that mankind can produce. lucky to be alive from 56 to now...

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shovelhead new game Sat, 01/20/2018 - 10:00 Permalink

Having a unique Constitution doesn't mean very much if it can flagrantly and illegally be ignored at will without consequence.

I'd have to say we're falling down on the job by not compelling those we hire to protect and defend said document to do their duty. It's like hiring a floor-sweeper who tells you to go fuck yourself while he sells your stock out the back door.

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Did they forget to give you your meds tonight or were you given those Russian propaganda books to read about world affairs ? You remind me of a defense lawyer I used to know that could turn the facts of a case around so grotesquely that there would be one imbecile who would buy into the lies.  So yeah, mate, we can go on all night cause I think its fun to bitch slap the uneducated or worse yet, those who know so much as to try to make fantasy out of fiction.

First off, I’m not American although I lived there for quite a long time and enjoyed the lifestyle there very much. Anything you want you can get in America at any time. The people are so fucking spoilt that they are their own worst enemies. But don’t you dare take what’s there’s because man, they will cut your arm off and roast the meat. Tough fucking people because they work like dogs to have all the conveniences they have, its sometimes difficult to deal with but that’s their way. I’ve been in a lot of bad places but none as rough as the US when people are angry. Yet no place in the world has as much charity as the US for the people who really need it.

Now about their government, yes, that is a different story. But not nearly as diabolical as your propaganda portrays. The Monroe Doctrine was the direct outcome of the British not being willing to give up their North American colonies for 50 years. The Americans fought a war in the late 1700s to break free from the servitude to the British, and the British fought them in two wars to try to get back the resources that were lost. The British having a foothold in Canada gave them direct access to constantly harassing the Americans, and finally the Americans said that’s it. You keep fucking with us, we are not going to talk but shoot. That’s what the Monroe Doctrine said, any foreign country (wink, wink, British) who starts shit in North America is going to have to fight the US. Policy worked rather well and allowed the young country to work out its own problems without the threat of foreigners jumping into the mix.

And there were many problems in the young country. They fought a civil war in the 1860s that would have collapsed most any other country. 1917 was child’s play compared to the US civil war, these people are vicious when they get angry, and that time they got angry at themselves because of what all wars are fought over, which was money. Suffice it to say that the US had so many growing pains in the 1800s that they did not have the time nor interest in the rest of the world’s problems. That’s why they kept to themselves.

I don’t know much about the Spanish American War but it does not much matter, because it was inevitable that an empire well past its prime would be thrown out of it remaining overseas colonies at some point. The Spanish had neither the resources nor the desire to maintain an international presence by the end of the 19th Century, and ther Amereicans wanted to extend their land ownership to include the continental appendix of Florida. They also wanted to support the Cuban and Filipino people who were fighting to be freed from Spanish colonialism, and whether they knew it or not, this war set the precedent for the US to support democratic freedom campaigns around the world going forward.  Bottom line is the Spanish did not have the resources to maintain their overseas commitments and administer their colonies, and so the Americans simply accelerated what would have occurred anyway.

The Spanish American War opened the gateway for the US to assist in the development of nation states in Souith and Central America. Wheter this was a wise choice or not remains open for question, but on e thig is very clear. The Soviets years later were extremely troubled by the position the US had cultivated in South America as it stymied the desire of the Soviets to attack America by weakening its southern underbelly, This is why your Russian-inspired propaganda that you relied on for history has such a harsh view of the role the US played in the 20th century to democratize South and Central America.

Tp make a long story short, most of the country’s in the Westrern hemisphere to America;’s south were  by Spanish tradition run by wealthy Spanish families who bought control over these countries from the Spanish(and in Brasil’s case, Portugeese) government as the Spanish divested their colonial obl9igations. This led to the rise of dictatorships controlled by Spanish families, who developed new branches of the family tree in the countries they now administered. It was a terrible arrangement for the people in these countries, as the dictators were more greedy than the benevolent despots of the Spanish government of the time. And so much of the continent was on the verge of war such as was found elsewhere in the Spanish empire at the opening of the 20th century. Building upon their success in liberating the Cubans, American President Roosevelt embarked on a campaign to develop rule by the people of South America, his “big stick” policy.

Democracies started appearing in South America for the first time in its history, and while the progress was slow and plagued by violence as was typical of these types of changeovers, over the course of the 20th century most of Central and South America became ruled by its people rather than by Spanish family dictatorships. Those who lose any influence or opportunity to have influence in these countries labeled the American initiative in South America as imperialistic, but the people who actually benefited from the US efforts said otherwise, They enjoyed having the freedoms that democracy carried into their countries, which is why (unlike your mistaken view of South America) the US enjoys continued strong relationships in these stable and prosperous countries. The Soviets made a few tries to reverse this course of freedom, but in almost each attempt were bitch-slapped by the Americans. Soviet intervention caused the downfall of the Allende criminal in Chile, the Sandinista terrorists in Nicaragua, the communists in Bolivia and Santo Domingo, Only Cuba and Venezuela successfully enslaved their people under communism, and their people have stared in poverty as a result.

There was a great movement in the US of the first quarter of the 20th century to stay away from Europe’s problems. But the opposition was strong, powered by the unlikely combination of poor European immigrants who fled the European minefield that was developing, and US government intellectuals who thought America’s greatest export to be its democratic government institutions. These forces faced off to a stalemate until the numbers of dead in Europe’s war to end all wars touched the lives of most of the burgeoning new immigrants who escaped the war zone.  The forces for intervention were too great to overcome, and the American military was called upon to enter a war that it preferred not to fight as there was nothing to be gained for America, no reward at the finish line. Wrapping up the war would not be all that difficult a task for a fresh army entering the fray between opponents already made weary from a truly horrible fight. In a year the American military had matters under control and most of its surviving soldiers returned to the US within 18 months.

The point to remember in hindsight is that the US gained nothing from stopping the massacre of the WWI. It was an action of pure philanthropy paid for by the blood and in a hundred thousand or more ways, young American lives. Half the US never wanted this global involvement and as has been the case since the problems of Europe eventually are left for the US to solve at the cost of the US taxpayer. No other country has even done so much for so few and received so little in return.

Yet still there are ignoramuses like you with a chimp’s understanding of history that see every action of the US as an opportunity for criticism.

Of course, the venom that caused the first war in Europe in the 20th century would lead to the second war as revenge took the better of the Europeans. Your foolish comment about the League of Nations was completely off mark. The failure of the US to join the League of Nations was the retribution of those Americans who did not want to enter WWI and wanted nothing to do with getting involved in Europe’s problems. As revenge was big at the end of the war, those in America who had opposed the US entrance into the war now got their revenge against President Wilson by denying him US participation in the crown jewel of his intellectual career.

Again in 20 years time, after the Europeans sought ot punish Germany for the rest of time for starting yet another war in Europe with WWI, the continent was forced to fight the old war a second time., Turns out the reason why the WWI was the war to end all wars was because the Europeans never expected it to end. Again a strong battle of opinion raged within the US as to whether the US had a place in the war, but the US President Roosevelt needed something big to re-ignite his economy, which had barely struggled to escape a return to Depression even after nine years of his “New Deal” policies. The British, feeling their hold on Europe slipping away while bunkering up in their underground train stations to avoid the indiscriminate German bombing, threatened to pull all financing of America’s government if the US did not enter the war to stop the Germans. In Asia, Chiang had lost a third of his country to the Japanese, who had seized the oil fields of Indonesia to fuel their empire.

Roosevelt manufactured a crisis in the Pacific to do what probably had to be done in order to save millions of people around the globe from dying in warfare. He angered the Japanese enough by interdicting their merchant ship oil convoys back and forth to Indonesia, which led to the Japanese striking to remove the US Pacific fleet that was restricting the flow of the oil that Japan needed to fuel its empire. Was this a case of the US sticking its nose in other peoples’ affairs or was it a case of the US entering a global war to end the suffering and death that war was causing. Of course, just like in WWI, there was nothing to be gained for America by its entry in the war, and had the country not allowed so many European immigrants into its borders during the last 30 years, the chances would have been good that the Germans would have conquered the European continent and then massacred the Russian army with a full contingent of German military, rather then the half it could afford while it defended its Western front.

So the US got into the second great war for the benefit of those fighting it, and produced an outcome after sacrificing nearly half a million of its finest young men. Worse yet, because the US had brought order to a very broken world twice within a quarter century, the Europeans no requested tha the US protect it from itself going forward, by leaving enough of a military presence in Europe to protect the Europeans from both themselves and the increasingly hostile Soviet menace who used their participation in WWII as a pretext to subjugate half of Europe under its iron fist rule of communism. So not only did America wind up becoming Europe’s policeman, but it also had to enter a new war to strop the Soviet aggression.  This was the second cause of bad feelings the Russians carry to this day against the Americans. America kept the Russians out of the Western hemisphere, and then kept them out of the part of Europe that was left to defend after Stalin’s subterfuge of not retreating out of eastern Europe as he had agreed to do while the US fought to siphon off German military might before it could wipe out the Russian army in places like Leningrad and Stalingrad.

Because of this Hobson’s Choice of only bad potential outcomes, the US has paid a ridiculously heavy price for defending the freedom of the world’s people. Perhaps Truman should have listened to Patton, and combined the two greatest armies ever assembled to that time and marched into Moscow, taking out the Bolsheviks and granting the first political freedom to Russian people that they ever would have seen, pre-empting history by 45 years and saving trillions of dollars in Cold War costs.

But alas history was cruel to the Americans, who spent so much money in rebuilding Europe that they had nothing left to defend China against the communist murderers who would take over that country in 1949. As a result of the new world enemy, totalitarianism, replacing the old fascist threat to peace and freedom,, the US took the role of point man in the fight to protect liberty around the world. When the Kim dictators sent troops across the 38th parallel to conquer South Korea, the Americans came to the rescue to throw the communist bastards out. When the diabolical liar Ho Chi Minh, who had circled the globe on Soviet money trying unsucessfully to convince governments that he was not the Marxist dictator that he had been trained to be by his Soviet puppetmasters , the US and this Australian warrior stepped up to the plate and defended the freedom of millions of South Vietnamese people. This was the most successful defense of freedom the world ever has seen, and lasted until the US government in a political shitstorm removed all military assistance from the country, and destined the country to be over-run by the Soviet-supplied northern totalitarian dictators in Hanoi. Against your feeble and uninformed opinion that Vietnam was an unwinnable war, the evidence is shockingly clear that had the US government continued to supply the South Vietnamese military that had been defending its country successfully by itself since 1973, South Vietnam would have continued to be a sovereign country with a democratically-elected government.

Fortunately in the long run, the powers of right conquer evil, and the dastardly Soviet empire crumbled under the weight of its own inefficiency, over-extension, and global stupidity. The Chinese recognized that while communism still must be defended inside China, it is as much in name only as in reality. The country embraced capiytalism and nopw has a solid chance to feed its billion plus people, and the freedoms of speech and passage now in China are nearly equal to its restrictions.

Times have changed across the globe, and its been the consistent application of American principles, supported by the American military and the wealth of its citizens, that has enabled this transformation. Because of American intervention and policies, over 150 million more people than at the close of the second world war now share in the fruits of liberty and political freedom. And that number grows by the day, due to the abilities of communication to spread the concept of political freedom to places who had never before dreamed of such a way of life.

The rise of revisionist histories like those that bend your feeble and malleable mind are proof that the American policies are winning converts and scaring dictators. The last refuge of a dying regime is the alteration of the history it feeds its people. This is clearly true inside the walls of the remaining dictatorships and stimulates the neurons of would-be dictators of the future.

This last stand mentality is very evident in the writings of those who see Kim in North Korea as their last stand before being made irrelevant. Kim must be defended at all costs by those who seek restoration of totalitarianism because they fear the retribution and vengeance of their people. So when this madman, who inherits a country that has not been attacking in over 60 years but refuses to sign a peace treaty ending the war from back in that time, threatens a peaceful country with nuclear attack, the lead puppetmaster in the Kremlin supports him by saying that without a nuclear bomb the dictator is at the mercy of hegemonistic American governments. This is how fucking stupid the Russian government remains, using the same defense of Kim that they used of Castro during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Didn’t the Russians learn their lesson then that playing the hand of the pimple on the ass of the world dictator is a losing strategy  ?

If there is any problem for America today, and the world more so, its that it has become too expensive for the US to finance the defense of democracy around the world, and too costly to support the development of capitalism in places where the political structure is dependent upon the economic structure. Hence it is becoming very attractive for many Americans today to pull back from the world, to close its borders to immigrants and foreign made goods, to conduct American business for Americans by Americans. It’s the same debate as was had back before WWI, but now the side seeking isolation is beginning to turn the tide. And right they should.

The US saves hundreds of millions of people from dictatorship, ends wars that caused the deaths of 100 million people in the last century, donates a significant portion of its industrial wealth so that poor countries can be get on the road to riches. And yet what does the world do ? Fellating imbeciles like you argue that the US is the cause of evil in the world, the defender of a hegemony that =hurts rather than helps.

Well I say its always wise to give the audience what they want. They don’t like the American presence in their country, fine, the US should get out. Let thje reat of the world defend itself, let the rest of the world develop a consumer base for its products, let the rest of the world try to feed the 2 billion Asians who would starve to death without the aid and policies of the US. Just to show you how important that aid is, the Chinese have now agreed to remove the Kim government in North Korea if the little fat bastard produces any more threats to American safety. And why ? Because the Chinese know that their economy will crater and their people will starve if the US ever were to close its markets to Chinese goods.

So you can spew the rubbish that comes out of your filthy mouth to all the unsuspecting idiots you can find. Most who will listen to you are either in possession of one too many chromosomes or are envious of the US and its wealth. Truth be told, the world outside of the US would be in total and permanent war condition without the military oversight of the US, and would be in never-ending economic ruin without the consumptive power of the US citizens. If the US were smart it would be making the rest of the world, including the Russians with their third world GDP that is only a tenth of that in the US, kiss their fucking fat asses for the privilege of having a relationship with the US. If the US has a fault greater than the rest, it is it is too charitable with the rest of the world. It should wage the kind of capitalism that cripples competition, you would see how fast the world would beg for the old regime.

You are dismissed. Don’t go away angry, just go away. And if we want any more shot from you, we’ll squeeze your head.


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I agree that America's war involvements have been unfairly demonized in general, yet that is a rather mainstream media view of history you portray. We all know that the victors write and also censor the historical narrative. Moreover, we all know that the 'masses' are led to desire war by propaganda, in particular the chosen 'enemy' of the moment is demonised and propagandised suitably by the MSM and blatant lies told to create this general acceptance and even desire to go to war.

Meanwhile the actual reasons for all wars are those of the vested interests, the international money power with their geopolitical intrigues, excellent example:  here

The following classic book proves this: "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" and better still "War is a Racket" by Major General Smedley-Butler, booklet free pdf: here

Moreover, American insider Benjamin Freedman, who was part of the inner circle of Jews controlling several American Presidents to WWI and WWII to benefit - among other purposes - their long desired Zionist achievement for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, eventually became so disgusted with his powerful peers' manipulations and goals, that this powerful businessman who personally knew 7 Presidents, converted to Christianity and exposed all the Zionist intrigues to the public despite the consequences.

His information (naming names, dates etc) will necessarily change your perceptions entirely, he makes it absolutely clear that Germany was against any war and forced into it, as well as the Jewish betrayal of Germany, free pdf:  here

The war criminal mass murderer, Eisenhower and the murder of Patton to silence him, and the lies and liars of WWII, see the best most detailed sourced information:  here

that is, assuming like me, you want the truth of history not the ALL LIES lies of the victor, see  here



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America was a project already in trouble by 1860 hence the second revolution followed by the second republic imposed upon it at Gettysburg by Lincoln. What extended the shelf life of this second version was mass Catholic invasion. This second republic was disfigured by Wilson who imposed a third. Then came a fourth under Roosevelt and a fifth under Johnson. These last republics have destroyed even the last vestiges of influence by the Catholic Church (the Hollywood production code was the most obvious manifestation of this Catholic influence and collapsed in 1965). What is left is a moral vacuum operating primarily for Jewish and or oligarchic interests. The 19th century French Jesuits predicted this outcome for the USA. 

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