America's Coldest Cities... And GDP

As Q4 GDP data looms this week, we are reminded just how important 'weather' is in the narrative of economic growth in America.

Q1 may fare far worse as the last few weeks saw the East Coast of the United States endure a brutal winter storm which caused the deaths of 16 people. It also led to widespread power outages and the cancellation of thousands of flights.

As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, thick snow is common in the Northeast during the long and dark winter months but the cold snap came as more of a surprise in Florida. The 40 degree weather even caused iguanas and other reptiles to "fall out of trees", immobilized by the cold.

As shocking at the blast of cold was for Floridians, they can certainly count themselves lucky to live far away from the coldest areas of the U.S. where cladding yourself in layers of winter clothing is a normality.

Infographic: America's Coldest Cities  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Website 24/7 Wall St. found that Fairbanks, Alaska, is America's coldest city with minimum average temperatures in the coldest month a very chilly -16.9° F. The historic low is -66° F.

The fact that the country's coldest city is in Alaska probably comes as little surprise.

Elsewhere, North and South Dakota dominate the list of America's ten coldest cities. Three cities in North Dakota - Grand Forks, Williston and Fargo - follow Fairbanks with all having average temperatures at or below zero degrees.



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If Q4 2017 GDP misses, it'll be because of colder than normal or warmer than normal temperatures, possibly a combination of the two, as quarters do tend to be 3 whole months long.

Ditto for Q1 2018.

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Remember that doesn't count windchill and in ND it's always blowing.  I unfortunately know this all too well.  Things will be getting interesting in the near future.  It already is.  I am quite astonished at how rapid the effects of grand solar minimum are appearing.  The cosmic rays have the earthquakes and volcanoes super active.  We just had huge earthquakes in south America and Alaska, which could obviously spread toward California.'s obvious effing cold.  We have seen many over a hundred year record lows and it isn't going to be stopping anytime soon.

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True but all flesh will feel the affects of wind chill to some extent even if not exposed. The problem with high winds is that it always finds a way into your clothing, unless you are wearing a windproof wetsuit.  There is no such thing that goes over your face that allows you to function.  You can cover your ears and loosely cover your mouth (to cover tightly causes freezing of expiration) but it wont matter.  The wind will find a way in to remove any body heat that is near your skin.  Regardless of how well you are covered -30 plus wind will feel a hell of a lot worse than -30 without wind.  Of course if you have to take your gloves off for even a minute you are really screwed. 

A thermometer may not be affected but metal sure seems to be.  It's not because of the metal reaching temps lower than the air temp but something to do with moisture and molecular issues.  Metal becomes brittle in extreme cold regardless but the second it is -30 and windy and you are involved in metal repair there is no question that you will be working.  Every.single.time.  This is a continuous and huge subject of debate among people dealing with it.

Water pipes are inanimate but affected by wind chill because they have an inside temperature that radiates out like a human being.  A radiator with any tiny leaks will also be affected.  The record low with windchill for Minot air base was less than -100 and that will definitely matter whether you have gloves and a good coat on or not. 

Edit: I know somebody will say that this is BS and then I would be to busy to respond so let me put it this way.  Although metal will not cool to below air temperature it cools much faster.  This matters.  This does not just occur with freshly molten metal cooling because that is obvious and why weed burners have to be used in brutal cold but it also happens with regular metal.  Too fast of cooling is never good for metal and wind chill aggravates that.  Also anything that is partially insulated by it's own radiant heat will be affected, just like people.  There is also a third factor that I can't remember right now.

This also affects your home and anything else that has leaks however small, and everything does.  You don't realize until howling winds hit just how porous things can be.  For example you can get a pile of snow inside because of a big old fashioned key hole in raging sub zero winds.  The snow is the finest powder and will gain access via the wind.  Wind always matters.

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I just got back from Fairbanks last week. Went watching the aurorae with the wife. 


Coldest it got was minus 17, stayed mostly in the positive teens and twenties while we were there.  


The locals claimed they were having a very mild winter and by all rights it should’ve been in the minus forties. 


I can can tell you that 35 degrees in Florida feels a helluva lot colder than 15 degrees in Alaska. It’s a matter of humidity. 

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I'm glad St. Cloud made the list.  To be honest though check out Embarrass, Minnesota.  Those fuckers set some record lows that make the rest of us feel warm.  If I had one thing to be proud of on my trips to Russia is was it was warmer there than it was here.  This is all it is?  I am sure a quite a few Canucks will concur.

When she goes -20F and the wind is blowing 30 mph off the prairies...that is when you know what cold really is.  Ruthless.  It doesn't keep Somali's away though.  

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California Garden Check in:

Amazing cherry tomatoes still on the vines flawless, flowers still,   (large Heirlooms GREEN stopped growing, and droopy vines now-probably gonna die soon - no flowers)

Hot Peppers still on the plants flawless, flowers still

Bell Peppers smaller peppers still on plants but not growing much.

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Most people don't know this but there are only two major suppliers of car batteries in the U.S..  East Penn and Johnson Controls.  That cold snap that enveloped recently the nation caused a major run on car batteries and many retailers are out.  I'm out.  How many batteries do these ignorant consumers think it is to reasonable to produce.  Businesses use metrics which are averages.  Lead acid batteries have a shelf life so it is not like you can stockpile shit loads of them ahead of time.  But no, people think that you should just always have them on hand when their poorly maintained car won't start.  Go fuck yourself.

I was suspicious of one of my car batteries back in November and I bought one and put it on trickle charge.  Sure enough, it did fail but I didn't have to go anywhere except my garage to get a brand new one.  I didn't act like a fucking asshole when it happened and go bitch at some poor no knowledge idiot at Walmart.(unless that happens to be me)  I was way ahead of the game and I maxxed value.

People do not take care of their cars and yet they rely on them.  I am not your mother.  It was the same thing when I was managing Sears Auto before Eddie went full retard.

It is amazing how many people do not understand voltage or electricity.  Unless you are my brother and his tractor you have a 12 volt system.  You can make any 12V car battery work in any current vehicle if you are willing to change a few minor changes to the cabling.  

Don't get me started on the CCA rating.  Older people always "need" the higher CCA.  All CCA is is the cold cranking amps for the first 20 seconds of cranking the engine.  Are we starting a 1950's tractor?  If you have to crank for more than about 7 seconds then you have other issues.

Since most people's number two expense in life is their vehicle, you would think that they would take care of it.  When it fails due to neglect the bills add up quickly.  

Cold temps always exacerbate the situation.   

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K, you just talked about the number one issue anyone who lives in some cold ass climate could ever need to know. But, just like basic personal finance, how to start your car in below freezing temperatures isn't on the menu. Instead, we're supposed to rely upon some big fucking cartoon marshmallow with a naked baby riding on a tire laughing to be there for us because our piece of shit vehicle won't start. Never happens. If you freeze to death, well...

20 years ago I'm driving my falcon, putting gas in it. Some whore asks me for a jump. I explain politely that my car only has a 12 volt system and I couldn't possibly help.

Now one of two things is gonna happen: Either that young woman is gonna call me a faggot and tell me that her car runs on 12 volts and I should go fuck myself, or, it's just another stupid bitch. Anyway I only gassed up there because there was this gorgeous dirty greasy slavic girl who worked at the gas station. She'd fucking know 12 volts. And if that young woman got up in my face either one of two things is gonna happen: I'm gonna tell her she's exactly fucking right, pull out the clips and try to fuck her, or she'll give me the finger and who gives a shit. Anyway, you can sell anyone anything if you sound techincal. And always put the other black thing on the god damn chassis of the dead car. Bet on black. Ok? Always. That's right: Don't put the fucking black cable on the broken car on the negative lead of the battery. K. Just don't do it. Hook that shit up on the alternator bracket or any other fucking place. Why? becasue if you're gonna fucking open the god damn hood of your car the first thing you are gonna do is unhook the negative battery cable so you don't kill yourself or your car. Ok? I can't tell you the number of people well intended who think they know a fucking thing about jumping you. Dumb fucks. No. WRONG! It's not about what doesn't happen. It's all about what can happen. Just like girls asking for roadside assistance. If you are at all half intelligent that makes you half interesting.

I have problems with flooding. I can crank that starter for a minute but I have to hit the gas. Punch the gas. It does piss me off. But it pisses me off less since I have a second starter, a second fuel pump, a second battery all known good and yes, I left the lights on in the truck once. I jammed my known good 12 volt battery in sideways upside down and as long as you get + and - right and don't blow up a sulfuric acid bomb in your face, that bitch will start.

Of course, when you get out there and put test leads on your bitch battery you want more than 12 volts. And if you can push start that motherfucker do it. The thing that pisses me off is there is no way to crank that shaft manually all legacy. Oh, I can put a fucking socket and wrench on it, but I need to fucking go home. I should be able to start my car with a fucking tire iron. That shit pisses me off. You know; like you put the fucking socket on the crank and you take out a fucking cordless impact wrench and start your fucking engine. It's a mechanical thing no matter how much borg you attach to it. It's just a funk of hucking aluminum (nowadays).

So when your god damn battery dies under warantee doesn't matter how the fuck under warantee it is and a free replacement and all that bullshit isn't gonna start your fucking car while you freak out and panic and you're last in line to get picked up.

Here's what you need to consider. Ladies, bone up on basic shit. When you want to ask for a jump from a motherfucker with a hot truck or a cool whip or whatever, especially a tractor, usually a man who knows at least one thing about a car is worth fucking trying on, like a hat. Blow his cock. Get your sister on his hunk too. Go family style. Because if you know it and he knows it and she knows it, it's on. Otherwise take your fake ass and eat shit.

Men, if you don't know this much basic shit about anything, kill yourself. It's really important that you don't fuck up and can't start the mini van. How much you don't know will never make up for what you think you know. And this shit is pretty simple.

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I hear you, boy. So I'm trying to loosen the battery hold down and it's only threaded part way down and that part snaps off so now it's too short and even if I had a tap and die kit up my butt, it'll be too short to reach the top of the hold down. Now they have these super long nuts at the hardware store and I can saw the head off a carriage bolt as an extender. Well at this point I'm asking, "you got to be some kind of blacksmith!" Any-who, I'm nowhere near a vice, don't have a set of same size wrenches but I'm smart enough to carry locking pliers and a crescent wrench which, I found out, was a cheap Chinese piece of crap. Now I have blood coming out of a knuckle powdered with lead and grease. So that.

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  Hunkered down by the wood stove in Fairbanks; current outside temp is -28F. Snow has caused trees-in-the-line- power outages a half dozen times in the last week. I will never have another home without a wood stove; and plan to take putting up firewood more seriously. The original stacking as it were.

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Weather and GDP... where's the fucking GDP? F. Redo this article. GDP by average temp per city and include Welfare drainage, illegals and crime stats per city if you want a passing grade. What do you think this is, Harvard? We have objective standards!