Kurdish Leaders Implore Assad To Defend Afrin From The Turks

Submitted by Leith Fadel via Al-Masdar News,

The Kurdish authorities in the Afrin Canton of Aleppo have called on the Syrian government of Bashar Al-Assad to defend the region from the attacking Turkish forces, the SBS News reported Thursday evening.

According to the SBS News report, a statement posted on the website for the Afrin authorities underscored the complexity of the Syrian war and the ongoing problems caused by the Turkish aggression in northern Syria.

“We call on the Syrian state to carry out its sovereign obligations towards Afrin and protect its borders with Turkey from attacks of the Turkish occupier … and deploy its Syrian armed forces to secure the borders of the Afrin area,” the statement said, as quoted by SBS News. A similar report was released by Al-Mayadeen TV on Wednesday; however, it was later denied by the official media wing of the  Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).


Image via Al Masdar News

Meanwhile, as “Operation Olive Branch” entered its sixth day, Ankara’s foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has stated that Turkey has no intention of targeting or attacking troops of the Syrian Arab Army. Cavusoglu said this during an interview with journalists on Thursday. The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Turkey wished to preserve Syria’s unity, and as such will not attack any Syrian Arab Army forces or equipment.

“While they do not attack us, we do not need to consider them as our target. Up to this day, we have not taken such actions,” Cavusoglu said. “Damascus knows that the YPG militias (People’s Protection Units) want to divide Syria. Whereas Turkey and Damascus as well as the opposition forces are all supportive of the territorial integrity of Syria within its current borders. We believe that the Syrian regime will not cooperate with terrorists,” the minister added.

Turkey considers the Kurdish YPG militias in Syria to be an affiliate of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is labeled a terrorist organization by Ankara. The Turkish offensive came in direct reaction to recent statements by the US and its Kurdish allies in northern Syria, that they would form a US-trained “border security force” consisting out of Kurdish troops, a move seen by many as a step towards secession of the Kurdish areas from Syria.

Despite Turkey claiming it seeks to “help” Syria in preserving its unity, the fact that its offensive entered Syrian soil without permission from Damascus, combined with the fact that Turkey has been actively supporting Syrian “moderate rebels” of the so-called Free Syrian Army for years now as part of Operation Euphrates Shield, have made Damascus very wary of the Olive Branch operation.

Meanwhile, after multiple accusations coming from Turkish officials this week that the US is supporting a "terror army" in northern Syria, the Pentagon has denied providing any training or arms to the Kurds located in the Afrin area in particular, according to a statement by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. speaking to reporters on Thursday.

“We haven’t trained or provided equipment for any of the Kurds that are in Afrin pocket. We are focused on the Euphrates River Valley operations to the South and to the East,” McKenzie said.

When asked about the plans about the weapons provided to the Syrian Kurds, McKenzie said, “We carefully track weapons that are provided to them.” And he said further, “We ensure that they to the maximum extent possible don’t fall into the wrong hands, and we continue discussions with the Turks on those issues,” he said.

Last Saturday, the Turkish Armed Forces launched the massive operation against the Kurdish forces in Afrin. Damascus has strongly condemned Ankara’s actions, with the Syrian Foreign Ministry calling them a violation of the country’s sovereignty.


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They will leave as soon as Russia tells them to. 

Russia was protecting Afrin, but when the genius Kurds would not cooperate with the Syrian government, they left. Now the Kurds want them back. Which will eventually happen. But not before the Realpolitik lesson is well understood. 

Next stop Manbij w/ US SF on site. The crazy US position in occupying Syria is guaranteed to fail, but no one in the Trump administration can say no to Bibi. 

End result = More US humiliation and retreat. 

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the kurds in Iraq were gassed by Saddam with gas bought from the us . I have a photo of Saddam shaking hands with non other than dick cheney when they made the deal to purchase the sarin gas and the knowhow to make it from the cia..

The kurds in turkey were betrayed by israel who honey trapped Abdullah Öcalan the PKK leader and brought him to turkey as a price for turkey's recognition of israel.

the last few years, the israelis wanted the kurds of Syria , Iraq, Iran and turkey to merge and have their own state to be able to keep the regime in all these states busy fighting them while at the same time israel was supporting ISIS and buying oil at $20/B and making it legitimate and selling it with a discount on the NY market.

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re: " I have a photo of Saddam shaking hands with non other than dick cheney when they made the deal to purchase the sarin gas and the knowhow to make it from the cia.. "

Well, I've got some photos of 'dick-head' Donald Rumsfeld doin' the exact same thing:


Sorry dd2000.

It wasn't dickie c :



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The Kurds played a prominent role in the Armenian genocide. Can you be certain that your warm and fuzzy feelings for them are not the product of CIA propaganda? MSM has attempted to make them heroic since Saddam's time, just as they demonized him. 

Resist your brainwashing. The Kurds are merely mercenaries paid by the USA. The brave ones are the Syrians, who fight for the love of country, not a CIA paycheck. The Kurds may not seem all that brave when they aren't backed by US air support. Your cowering curs will embarrass you.

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Resist your brainwashing... sez the gomer with the nutsac on his shoulders full o serial "Syrio-Hisboo-Rusoo-talmudic" agitprop... luv it! As the merikan exceptionalist masters of the universe peer into their consoles in search of consolation... for a falling apart bullshit fake news narrative ...

your rollback begins here

  • are the Kurds cowering? Hardly. A week into the latest TSK boondogle incursion... SDF militias have rolled back every advance - no help from USA or anybody else.
  • Are they mercenaries in employ of DC? Hardly. Were the Khambas and other Tibetans rebelling against CHICOM takeover of their homelands CIA mercs? Hardly - they took whatever help was available in order to resist foreign invasion. Chapter n verse repeating here.
  • Are they asking for the Syrians to save their asses? Hardly... as the piece itself points out - high command in Afrin has denied the reported "plea"... which has a similar intent and original as numerous other fake new plants - like that their primary Arab coalition ally was 'defecting' to the Turks last week.
  • Have they 'not had a nation in thousands of years'?? Hardly. I dispelled that bs on another thread here recently. Hang em up scrubs.
  • Fake news, jaundiced views... exceptionally stupid fantasies forwarded by fans of the $power and the lackeys of lubavicthers ... all in for the high jump...

as our lil truth in media jihad(and nettle tea maker)... gathers steam!

"An essential part of every fake news narrative is to keep the spirits of ones’ target audience of gullible “clients” from falling into gloom or doubt. A happenstance which can come about for a variety of reasons – including(but certainly not limited to)the complete absence of anything true about the storyline one is attempting to pull off!"

DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN! Fake n Faker meets "the Saker" -

Geopolitics Behind the Mask.... your antidote to fake news...

Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
and the geopolitical consequences





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Not all Kurds from any of these countries see themselves as Kurds before they're Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians or Turks. Only a large minority want any independent state. It is not as if it ever existed so there's no longing for something lost. They were nomads at the start.  I'm close to many Kurds from all four states and most of them happen to be Kurds whilst still happily identifying as Iraqi, Turkish, Iranian or Syrian.

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the kurds were protected under the assad family especially Bashar Assad, then when the us lost the war in Syria, the cia made a deal with the kurds to merge with 20,000 terrorists to form a border army( the us called it border security), such rogue army was to fight the Syrian army.

Now they want assad protection.

Assad can not do anything without a permission from Putin and Putin does not want a fight with erdogan  who is fighting the americans, he would rather the kurds take few hits, then the Iranian kurds with the Turkish kurds and Iraqi kurds would trash the turkish invaders , in the meantime the deal the kurds made with 20,000 terrorists arranged by the us is unravelling and half of them would end up dead killed by the kurds.

At least the kurds will learn a lesson not to make deals with the cia devil again. 

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Erdogan has gone full retard. Kick that asshole to the curb, NATO and the US should bail from Incirklik.

This won't be the first Turkish genocide, either. They successfully killed plenty of Armenians. This is Round 2.

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Good on ya! You got one right finally. See what a lil discipline and study in Bobees skool for foolish fanbouys can do!

Coming up... next lesson: "Hurds o Kurds".... the tribal leftovers of eastern Anatolias Kurdish diaspora under control of the Barzani Gang Sunnised Kurds were indeed complicit in the massacre of many Armenians fleeing the Turkish ghazis. They have little or nothing in common with the Kurds in northern Syria fighting for a pluralistic society without 'state,' 'dictators' or $power control. just like ZAZA Kurdish dialects are almost incomprehensible to the Kurdish speakers in northern Iraq... so the aims and alliances of the two very separate wings of that ethnicity share almost nothing in common.

Adelante estudiantes!

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Your post stinks of neo-ottoman jihadist coverup and duplicity. The crypto-jews of the "Young Turk" movement(of whom "ataturk" was one - born in the center of Dolmeh Salonika)conducted a pogrom against the Christian Armenians as one of their first moves after winning themselves power.

Their second move was to similarly invoke another pogrom against the Kurdish Alevis of Dersim. Many of whom sought shelter from the Turk army in "northern Syria - where they have lived ever since! All in the name of judaist "Islam." The voices of which have crept onto these pages in increasing numbers.

Right of Return: Neo-Ottoman Time Travelers =A Psycho-social Exploration of Turco-Islamist Ethno-Supremacism - in the light of current events


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Slow down fella. Not judaist islam. It's JIHADIST ISLAM.

Ataturk was a real turkish leader. He had finally a victory over islam after 900 years. Ottoman did the islamic jihadi genocide against Orthodox Christians (remains of Byzantine), not Ataturk.

Ataturk removed the satanic arab alphabet, arab clothing, arab literature, arab allah and abolished the caliphate. Never will there be a caliphate again. It's in the bible.

Current bearded moslim brotherhood donmeh-turks are assimilated through their ancestors by carrying rape blood of jihadi arabs 1000 years ago and now they worship the false god allah.

Original turks fought islam from 750-1050 AD for 300 years but were overwhelmed at the end.

Alevi are an enemy for the sunni moslim brotherhood that Ottoman stood for, as both factions claim to be the rightful heir to the caliphate.

Judaism and Christianity are enemies of islam, as the quran tells.

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Ok, so here's protest against regional destabalization from Turkey, AKA NATO, aka gladio, aka America, Israel, London, Rome, and another merry go round for the world.

And there's your propaganda double plus good newspeak "operation olive branch"... Translation: "kill all Syrians".

compare "red cross", "white helmets", "democracy", "salvation army", etc.

Have you ever heard the phrase "NO means NO". That's what they teach boys to listen to so they don't rape.

Obviously, the Kurds in Syria are saying "NO" and that means, Turkey can go home and jerk off.

Although, Turks aren't really human beings. They're niggers. So, that makes them useful and exploitable by NATO, America, Israel, London and Rome. Turks are animals. BAD TURKS! NO! BAD BAD BAD!

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I don't give a fuck for Turks, seriously, but what would you do in their shoes? they have like 20 million of Kurds inside the state and another 20m oppressed running around the deserts of Persia looking out for the solution. 

Like NATO is going to protect the Turks or the Kurds when SHTF do you seriously believe that? Turks will use all the armor to fortify their position, ask Russians to supply air defenses and take the fight to the Kurds before they manage to utilize the US supplied weapons and begin to stir up that giant pile of shit in the region. 

Kurds are the gypsies of the middle east they never think more than one meal ahead, sort of brave but stupid. I sympathize with them but the retards had it coming, they better listen to Putin in Sochi, and return back under Assad's umbrella things are not beyond the repair yet.


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a blind man could see this one coming. Kurds officially ask for protection but they don't let armored SAA brigades in.  This is the US move to solidify Kurdish support on the left bank. Afrin is lost one or another way. Now way for supplies to reach the Afrin unless UN chips in.. but UN has a funding issue with trump and this will cost monies.

sometimes, life is a bitch, another time, a pricey whore.