T’my coin – a great idea from Russian history

(Bloc10.com 3/4/2018) — During the period of Russian History known as the “Mongol Invasion” foreign Khans (rulers) imposed taxes based on a financial system calculated by male conscripts to the army.  The mongols imposed a military system of economy where everything was looked at from the perspective of the military.  When a town’s taxes were calculated, they cared not about money but how many able men could serve in the Khan’s army.  Although merchants still paid taxes in the form of money (similar to our ‘sales tax’) towns, provinces, and other municipalities such as the grand duchy of Nizhni Novgorod paid their taxes in soldiers, roughly 5% of the total population.

With new Cryptocurrencies lacking novel ideas for backing, one only needs to look at Medieval European history for many practical examples.  Why should all Cryptos be tied to the electronic world?  In fact the opposite needs to happen, if Crypto is going to move beyond the high tech crowd.  New Cryptos need to have real world purposes, serve multiple economic use-cases, that fit aptly like a puzzle piece into the existing model.  The idea of Cryptocurrency is security and efficiency, not to reinvent the underlying business model.  Ultimately, the financial services sector should be like a utility that allows the real sectors to grow and innovate.  What has happened in the last 50 years has been the opposite, Wall St. has become an industry by itself, charging fees and taxing real industry and stifling growth.

At Bloc10 we are innovators and developers, not principals.  We want to develop your Blockchain project as a vendor and allow you to grow your business naturally (organically).  Ideally, you won’t even notice that we exist!  It’s your project.  Grow your business, and Get Bloc.

Photo taken from George Vernadsky’s “A History of Russia”