The Two Faces of the American Empire

The Two Faces of the American Empire


Cognitive Dissonance


Since Empire is all about image and appearance (as all confidence games must be) even when Empire has stage 4 cancer, it still must present a well dressed and healthy looking facade to the public.



But sneak around the back and its cobbled together components, failing supports and crumbling substructure are obvious to all who wish to see.



Please note no wood was harmed during the filming of this farce. The various hardwoods depicted continue to season nicely and will be ready to warm the hearts and minds (not to mention the bodies) of Mr. and Mrs. Cog next winter.

The 'supports' were removed shortly after filming and the Cog Empire continues to stand, with only a slight tilt away from Washington DC. Not all cut, split and stacked wood was included in the photo shoot and this in no way indicates discrimination, bias or political affiliation by the author. He simply could not fit all nine cord into the pixel space allotted.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress.



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