Mueller Plans To Proceed Without Interviewing Trump: NBC

In a uniquely Washingtonian example of irony, NBC News reported Thursday just minutes before the close that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team are preparing to move forward with the Russia probe without interviewing the president - an announcement that comes just hours after Trump applauded his legal team's "engagement" with the special counsel.

As recently as Monday, Trump's legal team (weakened by the departure of John Dowd and the inability of Joe diGeneva to join because of conflicts) had been hammering out the final details surrounding an interview with the Mueller team.

But that reportedly changed after the FBI raided the home, office and hotel room of Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. The raid enraged the president, who said they were "a disgrace" and "an attack on our country."

Trump's legal team had been lobbying for the interview to last only a few hours. They were also pushing Mueller to agree to write a report within three to four months of the interview - ensuring the investigation would swiftly come to an end.


While Trump's legal team is still in frequent contact with the Mueller team - and one anonymous source cautioned that we should "never say never" (the unofficial motto of the Trump White House - the raid on Cohen "significantly complicated" the ongoing negotiations.

One of NBC's sources said Mueller's report on whether Trump obstructed justice is going to focus on Trump's state of mind when he fired James Comey, his misleading statement about a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower organized by his son, and his push for Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from supervising the Russia probe.

Sources also said to expect a flurry of activity over the next six weeks leading up to the one year anniversary of Mueller's appointment as special counsel.

Three sources familiar with the investigation said the findings Mueller has collected on Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice include: His intent for firing former FBI Director James Comey; his role in the crafting of a misleading public statement on the nature of a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between his son and Russians; Trump’s dangling of pardons before grand jury witnesses who might testify against him; and pressuring Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

Mueller would then likely send a confidential report to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Russia investigation. Rosenstein could decide whether to make the report public and send its findings to Congress. From there, Congress would then decide whether to begin impeachment proceedings against the president, said two of the sources.

Rosenstein met with the president at the White House on Thursday. A White House official told reporters the meeting was about "routine department business." A Justice Department spokeswoman said it was part of a scheduled meeting with officials from other agencies as well as DOJ.

The special counsel's office did not respond for a request for comment on this report.

Since the FBI raid seizing Cohen’s documents and electronics, Trump has soured on the idea of sitting for an interview with Mueller, people familiar with his thinking said. Trump’s lawyers were wary of him agreeing to a sit-down, but in the days before the raid they had started initial preparations for Trump take part in a possible interview in part because the president could overrule their advice, people familiar with the discussions said.

If Trump does ultimately deny Mueller an interview, his legal team is prepared to argue that a sitting president can't be subpoenaed or indicted. Also, NBC noted that Mueller hasn't interviewed Mike Pence - and it's unclear whether he intends to. It's also unclear who else remains to be interviewed (at this point, we assume Mueller has interviewed everybody even remotely connected to the Trump campaign or administration, and their cat).




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Three sources familiar with the investigation said the findings Mueller has collected on Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice include


So Bob Mueller has spent almost $20 million dollars and all they have is...


1). Did Trump have a bad intent when he fired Comey?

2). Did Trump have a role in Don Jnr's public statement following Trump tower meeting with a Russian person?

3). Did Trump dangling pardons before grand jury witnesses? 

4). Did Trump pressure Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself? 


Who gives a fuck about any of this? Does ANYONE see any crimes here?




Trump should shut this crap down and then spend 12 hours on the White House lawn BLASTING the press for a witch hunt.

The Mueller investigation is a disgusting and blatantly politically motivated attempt to interfere with US democracy. The Mueller investigation has done 10x more damage to US democracy than any foreign enemy could ever dream of.


Pathetic, self loathing losers. They lost. Accept defeat and see you again in 2020. You losers!


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Rosenstein could decide whether to make the report public and send its findings to Congress. From there, Congress would then decide whether to begin impeachment proceedings against the president, said two of the sources.

I wonder what Rosenstein will decide.  Could go either way. /s

It doesn't even matter what Mueller finds, since whether to send it to Congress or not is subjective, and Rosenstein will definitely do it.  Impeachment is also subjective.  There is no actual threshold of innocence that would stop the dems  from hitting the "impeach" button as directed.  Mueller's entire investigation is moot, except as a stalling tactic until the dems have the congress.

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@Occident M


I'm not AGAINST your deep forensics on the subject my friend (& in fact ~ I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with your conclusions)...


NONE OF THAT is the basis of my comment that Trump is gonna IMPEACH himself...


Instead ~ he's gonna IMPEACH HIMSELF based upon his 'capricious behavior' in the realm of TWITTER with regards to his backhanded incompetence with regards to the, 'borderline criminal' execution of executive powers with regards to Syria...


I've said enough on this matter, on several threads, to not necessitate an elaboration here... If you want to read them/those comments [in the context of other comments] ~ I invite you to... If not ~ Good night & good luck...




francis_sawyer (who, now, doesn't give a FF if ZH kicks him off for a 43rd time to extend the one world record which will NEVER be broken)

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I'm reading this and thinking that this is a huge fat delay and waste of money!  I actually thought we were about to see these investigators fired.  So these guys are running up the bills on the taxpayers, have investigated the waitress who didn't declare all her tips and served the POTUS a coffee, and this?? Really???

I thought the moment was beyond appropriate to fire these guys because people fundamentally do not care about the president stuffing his dick in a porn actress nor do they like the idea of attorney client privilege being shit on especially after politically motivated wire taps.  (Everybody is in agreement that wiretapping a phone and witch-hunt is wrong)   Then there is the % of Americans who know Hillary is crooked, something she constantly polled low in the polls on, and then they know that she skated on all types of shit!

POTUS blew the opportunity to look into a camera from the desk at the oval office, look into the camera, sign a paper and say: "your fired!" for abuse of office and prosecution fraud.  That would have been epic and sealed his historical position as a maverick.

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Bob Mueller is twiddling his thumbs whilst his bloated and politically motivated investigation counts down the days until the mid term elections. He should be racing to get the information out before the next election cycle so that the American people can decide how to vote. 

This whole farce was set up by ensnaring Trump campaign staff as 3rd party bystanders, via the Manafort wiretap. A wiretap that was obtained by illegally misleading a secret court with a dossier of unsubstantiated rumors (that have since been disproved) and that Hillary Clinton's campaign paid to have created.


This is so FANTASTICALLY CORRUPT that Ian Fleming could not have imagined it.


Yet here it is, and it still chugging along.

THROW THEM ALL IN PRISON FOR TREASON, it is an outrageous abuse of the judicial system to attempt a coup d'etat against the US Executive Branch.

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Agreed - but 3D chess, or is that 3DD chest? "...his legal team is prepared to argue that a sitting president can't be subpoenaed or indicted" Argue? If John Yoo can figure out a way to legally spin "enhanced interrogation techniques" and convince the country that "...executive authority during wartime allows waterboarding and other forms of torture..." how in the hell can an army of so-called top tier attorneys not shut this shitshow down? Trump can't find a single pit fighter to take on the likes of Muller whose constantly dripping soy from his aging man tits? I'm burned out on everybody trying to keep their damn job - Trump was elected knowing it was a Kamikaze mission at best - so start lighting the fields on fire and clearing the assholes and deadwood before the prairie turns dry and the entire country is scorched. Fuck Muller, Rosenstein, and all the other cucked lifer cunts only interested in keeping their faces stuffed in the trough. R or D doesn't matter to me....

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Yep, I've said for months that Mueller and the Deep State will only push this so far. They know that if they do try to pull the trigger on Trump, he will go Mutual Assured Destruction on the entire Deep State and take EVERYONE down, including the Repukes. This is all about working the libtard base into a frenzy to fund the DNC to try to win back congress and nothing else. The DNC is hemorrhaging money and has to keep their big pocket donors happy if they want to have any chance in November because the DNC has NOTHING else to run on but HATE TRUMP. So that is why all this Trump-bashing is going on. If they take over congress, they can effectively neuter Trump, which will demoralize his base and probably take him out in the 2020 election.

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Yes,Mueller is a criminal hack whose unlawful behavior has characterized his entire career.He perfected the technique of using the RICO approach for non racketeers-notice how J Edgar Comey refers to the President of the United States as a’mob boss’?

He learned from the master,’Dirty Bob’Muellar.These guys,and 90% of the senior FBI/CIA staff are dirty and need to be fired,prosecuted and locked up.

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Stormy Daniels' right boob goes errant and gives Trump a neck injury, impairing his ability to tweet on the toilet.  Pence and Kushner slap box to see who gets to send out the tweets for the President.  Kushner wins, but has to resort to a purple nirple, which is obviously against slapbox regulations.  So, Pence gains control of twitter until Trump's neck heals.  He tweets that Jesus loves you but is going to throw you into eternal hellfire if you don't join the military and kill lots of brown people, so the white people in Israel can spread their territory out and put in gas and oil pipelines.  Amen

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If this was Hillary instead of Trump being 'witch hunted', Mueller would have already met with an untimely 'accident' by now. Of course it wouldn't have been Mueller, since he's connected by the loins to the Clintons, but the person leading the investigation would have been expediently 'terminated' long before now.


the SHALLOW state, is too wimpy to oust or impeach trump.  they got NOTHIN !  


So instead, they are all just entertained watching and hoping Trump will spout off enough on Twitter to win the mid-terms for the Dems, being prompted to do so via Mueller's antagonistic agenda. 

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