Welcome To 'Kabuki Warfare'

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

When this chapter of US history is finally written, it will look like a deep dive into a vat of lentil soup. In Syria Friday night, we came, we saw, and we slung 103 cruise missiles into largely symbolic targets, including a supposed chemical weapons plant just outside Damascus, and some other places where we were not likely to kill Russian military personnel. The Russians apparently decided to just suck it up, knowing that the civil war in Syria is nearly over.

Then what?

Will the US tolerate what has effectively become a Russian client state in the Levant, with some Iranian sprinkles on top?

The Saudi Arabians clearly don’t relish that prospect, and one wonders how much the nominal Saudi leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, put the squeeze on US officials (including the Golden Golem of Greatness) to do something (!) when he paid a call here a few weeks ago. Israel may not like having Hezbolah’s patron, Iran, camped on their doorstep, but there’s reason to believe that Bibi and Putin understand each other well enough, and that Russia will do what’s necessary to moderate the Iran-Hezbolah-Shia axis of maniacs. Israel’s February strike against Syrian air defense installations was a reminder to all concerned that they will act on their own when they choose to. Finally, Russia certainly has no interest in protecting the caliphate maniacs, since the Bear has plenty of restive Islamic factions in its neighboring former soviet republics.

The various moves and statements having been made, the balance of power in Syria may be settling into a sort of freeze. Actually, anything that arrests the process of Syria turning into another failed Middle East state is better than the alternative. Before al Qaeda, Isis, and their many mutant armies showed up, before Russia came on the scene, before the US set this regional meltdown in motion next door in Iraq, Syria was not the world’s problem. But neither, really, was Vietnam in 1963.

All this raises the question: when will reasonable people in the USA - if there are any left - begin to see the Russia-meddling-in-our-election story as a botched attempt to cook up a giant distraction from America’s own swan dive into failed state-hood?

The moves on that game-board have been so crude and bizarre that the very machinery of the republic is melting down as if on-purpose. President Trump begins to look like a pitiful, helpless, hostage to unseen forces. For the moment he can’t control a rogue Department of Justice, even when they trespass on a pillar of due process by seizing his personal attorney’s papers and computer records. He does what his generals tell him to do in the war room. He affects to combat all this chaos and incoherence with his illiterate barks and squawks on the ridiculous Twitter platform. And there seems to be no way forward from this morass except through more broken institutions and disorder.

So far, the financial system has not disintegrated, though fissures have been showing for weeks in the extreme volatility of markets. These markets are watched over and massaged by that other arm of the Deep State, the Federal Reserve and its ancillary forces in the “primary dealer” too-big-to-fail banks. It’s amazing to see the stresses that these markets are withstanding, and rather than attribute it to some mythic “strength of the economy,” I’d wager that it has more to do with the marshaling of algos and bots to do whatever it takes to preserve some veneer of normality.

When that line of defense here at home cracks, nobody will give a barreling fuck about Russia, or Syria, and the great barge of wishes that Donald Trump sailed in on may finally sink. Even if the DOJ Inspector General’s coming report on FBI political misdeeds prompts a severe housecleaning of the FBI, and drives a stake into the heart of the Mueller investigation, a Wall Street train wreck will kill any delusions about the USA turning back into the 1955 “Life of Riley” utopia that dreams are made of. Reputations in government and the media will be shredded and even the bystanders will be tainted for failing to show reality its due respect.



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Just look at how russians are trolling ZH and a host of other sites on the web.  you guys absolutely attempted to meddle. you failed miserably. but a whole 50% of Americans believe the other 50% are stupid enough to believe an ad they saw on fb.


take your horseshit propaganda and feed it to your own muppets!

The Jaguar PrezTrump Mon, 04/16/2018 - 15:53 Permalink

Everyone meddles but the Russian troll peddling liars are a step too far. I can handle the fact that everyone has their own interests at heart but this BS Putrid is spewing needs a good head butting right between the eyes. It’s going to be very counterproductive if the dumbass keeps it up.

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Giant Meteor PrezTrump Mon, 04/16/2018 - 17:09 Permalink

Well, we better hope to God putrid never takes out our own chem weapon and bio lab facilities eh ? Boyyy that'd be a bad one ..

And which mission was that by the way ? The wag the dog mission, the wink wink bombing rubble into more rubble mission, the greater Saudi/Isreal mission, or the let us expend some un needed ordinance mission while fightin for truth justice and the American way ?

All wars are bankers wars ..

There are no good guys ..

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chunga PrezTrump Mon, 04/16/2018 - 17:12 Permalink

This has happened before so I'd rather base my opinion on more than declarations. It's especially important this time because of Russia's involvement and they have nuclear weapons of their own.

It also seems worthy of consideration that atrocities in Yemen and other places are going on with a complete lack of outrage. That also makes me tend to believe the mission in Syria is not one of a humanitarian nature and has nothing to do with it.

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max_is_leering PrezTrump Mon, 04/16/2018 - 17:16 Permalink

oh fuck off... you are a simpleton- nee, a moron... tRUMP didn't do squat... the FUKUS squad in action didn't do squat!!!... his "armada" of planes and ships didn't do squat... his generals are a bunch of pussies- "Donny, we think they have chemicals, because we saw a truck with 'Pool Cleaning' on the side of it"... if truth be told, the Russians gave them the targets in advance, said "stay the fuck away from my people", and guess what junior, they did exactly that... buildings in Syria with NO function... no planes of the Syrian "enemy" destroyed... what a load of fucking rubbish and horseshit!!!!... troll that you orange joo cocksucker

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Their version of liberation just happened to involve supporting head cutting terrorists on Captagon, that's all. No biggie, really. Just a clumsy way of saying to Syrians "we care about you!".

And here we are, meant to believe that the "civilized" West is fighting terrorism!!?? I wonder how all those dumb fucks feel now, who thought Islam was the existential problem. LoL. All along, the "civilized" West was the one propping up the Wahhabis and using them as useful idiots for nefarious acts, while being totally dishonest about the blowback!

Idiocracy and culture in DECLINE!!! They "hate us for our freedoms" to behave like lunatics with impunity, was what Bush was meant to originally say.

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I watched a professor show a chart of US political affiliation to a group of 'public executives' a couple of weeks ago.  He pointed to the big purple bar in the middle and stated that both traditional parties are minorities--in fact, for any given position taken by the most fervent on either side, fully 80% of the public disagrees with them.

One of those nice 'chill in the air' moments when the truth hits people in the face.

The American public, overall, stand with we Independents and yes progressives and conservatives who are in fact pulling down the structures of the Deep State, primarily with information and (gasp) in some measure right here on this website.

And the Kremlin's got naught to do with it.  

Stick that in your comfort zone and light it.

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It's not all Da Jews fault. Jew Bankers yes, Brian Schwartz, childhood friend, no.

It is well known and not refuted that friends of Israel had software to track and alert their, umm, "operatives" when certain things were written.  It was called Megaphone.


And y'all got the balls to come on and talk about the Russians.
I think that word is called chutzpah.


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You are a complete idiots.

If you indeed want to stop trolls then come up with a cogent argument than just "Just look how...'

That is a pathetic rebuttal.

Clearly illustrate a rational argument against Russian move, policy or kindly please fuck off and post at Huffington Post or some other limp MSM liberal rat hole where you will feel comfortable, snowflake..

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