AI-Operated Health Pods To Be Introduced In Dubai

A Dubai-based tech firm has created artificial intelligence-operated "health pods" set to be introduced in local malls, supermarkets, gyms or anywhere a person might need to check their vital statistics. The pods can then send the data to a person's healthcare provider, who can analyze the data and look for any serious problems that might require more immediate medical attention.

The pods, made by Bodyo, monitor a wide variety of biometrics, allowing customers to complete full body scans autonomously.

"What we monitor is blood sugar, blood pressure, body composition which is fat mass, muscle mass, hydration, height and weight. Then that information can go to hospitals, they can monitor the information and if there is a problem, they can call the potential patient or customer and get them in before it becomes a serious problem," said Tariq Hussein, CEO of Bodyo.

Once the scan is complete, customers will have access to their medical reports in a matter of minutes. 

The pods are expected to go live during the second half of 2018, according to Hussein, who is working with the UAE Health Ministry to integrate them into the healthcare system. Bodyo will rent the machines to owners of public spaces for around $1,000 - $1,400 per month depending on the length of the rental contract, who can then provide their customers with instant diagnostic capabilities. 

Customers will then be able to use the government-subsidized pods for free.

To use the pod, customers enter their email addresses on a screen prior to entering the unit. Then they step in and follow instructions displayed on a screen, as the user is then prompted to perform a consecutive set of motions and tests which take around eight to ten minutes. 

As far as data sharing and other customer privacy policies - Bodyo says they don't share personally identifiable information without a customer's consent - unless the company is compelled to do so in order to comply with the law, court order or similar

We will only, with your consent, disclose and share your identifiable personal information with business partners, third parties or other individuals outside of the BodyO community.

However, we may need to transfer your personal information to our service providers in order to perform the Services to you and conduct our business; for example, the handling of credit card processing; shipping; data management; email distribution; market research; information analysis, and promotions management, etc.

The transfer will be secure and the data recipient shall accrue no proprietary rights to your personal information outside the purpose of the transfer.

You can choose to connect and share your information with HealthKit. We do not gather information from HealthKit for marketing and/or advertising. Furthermore, disclosure of your information may occur when it is required to comply with law, court order or similar.

That said, Bodyo also appears to be sharing or selling data which has become "de-identifiable"... 

We may share aggregated or in other ways de-identifiable personal information publicly and with our business partners, e.g. advertisers, universities, media or connected sites. By using the Service without being a Premium subscriber, you explicitly consent to the sharing of de-identifiable personal information like age, gender, sports and precise location data with our advertising partners, including but not necessarily limited to Google.

We do not leverage de-identified data from HealthKit for marketing and/or advertising

So scan away, but remember that if it's free, you're the product... an apt reminder in the aftermath of the FaceBook scandal.