Mapping Where Firearm Deaths Are Most Prevalent

Firearm deaths in the United States receive an awful lot of attention.

Rightfully so, as a developed nation, the rate of violent deaths involving a firearm, and the horrendously frequent shootings targeting schools, is high.

Infographic: Where Firearm Deaths Are Most Prevalent | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

However, as Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, compared to the whole world, the U.S. rate comes in well below countries such as El Salvador and Venezuela which had 72.5 and 64.3 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 population in 2016, respectively.

According to the Small Arms Survey, in the U.S. this rate is 3.1.


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A dick is a double-edged sword, too.  Just ask Africa.  You don't see anyone getting in line to hand over their dick to government so they don't get STD's.

Although that may change.  Maybe Bruce Jenner was just subject zero for the feminist master plan.

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mark1955 Rapunzal Sun, 05/27/2018 - 05:23 Permalink

Agree 100%!


ALERT!!! Also, I believe FBI to Try and Stage a False Flag Mass "Shooting" Hoax between today and Memorial Day at possibly a restaurant/Shopping Mall!!!


That's why the FBI Staged that "Good Guy with a Gun" Hoax Staged shooting in Oklahoma Friday. The idea is to "Grease the skids" in the American peoples psyche, to believe that a shooting will happen in a certain environment before it happens, therefore in theory at least, making it more believable!


That's why the FBI also Staged, the Illinois high school security guard, "Good Guy with a Gun" shooting of a potential Mass "Shooter" ( Crisis actor ), several days before the Santa Fe Texas, FBI STAGED HOAX!

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That's what the MSM wants you to think.  A few white guys shoot up some places, and kill a couple dozen people, it's on the front page.  Blacks kill 500 of each other in Chicago every year, and no one, including the civil rights hustlers, has shit to say about it.  If you removed black-on-black murders from the statistics, we'd have the lowest murder rate among developed countries.  Even with the non-black mass shootings.

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If one figures there were  15,500 homicides by firearms last year and about 48% were committed by whites and about 48% were committed by blacks (these percentages vary  from year to year but generally run around these percentages) then roughly 7,500 were by whites and 7,500 by blacks. The remaining goes to other. Since there are roughly 6 times the number of whites to blacks in the general population, you divide 7,500 by 6 to come up with the number of homicides committed if black homicides rates were proportional to white rates. 7,500 divided by 6 equals 1,250. 1,250 is the proportional rate if homicides committed by blacks was the same proportion committed by whites.

7,500 homicides committed by whites plus 1,250 committed by blacks plus 1,500 by other equals 10,250. Therefore, if black homicide rates were proportional to white then the homicide rate in the US would be cut by 1/3. At a generally considered rate of 4.5 homicides per 100,000 for the US, if the rate was cut by 1/3 then that rate would drop to under 3 per 100,000. That figure then would be in the general range of other comparable countries...while still having the highest gun ownership per person in the world. 

While it would be wonderful for everyone if all group homicide rates could be reduced, it’s obvious what main demographic needs to be addressed.

And it’s not “red” states.

And it’s not legal firearm ownership,

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And who is responsible for all the invasions of the euro nations and the U.S. Yes, the jew supremacists of the world have pushed this agenda since the end of jew war I and they have been financing it, & orchestrating it. 

And who will reap the benefits of the next destructive economic collapse- yip, the jew supremacist oligarchs and their goy accomplices of the world-as always.

Had enough?

If you, your family, & your friends are serious about putting a stop to the jew supremacist stranglehold on the world then make sure you:

VOTE "PATRICK LITTLE" U.S. Senator June 5th in California !!

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This, along with inattentiveness.  When my daughter was in last fall to have her adenoids out, I insisted on being a pain in the ass until I understood everything they were giving her, and then I observed dosages and frequency carefully.  This is a time-honored family tradition...never trust the hospital, and watch each other very carefully when our loved ones are at their most vulnerable.  I would never forgive the hospital if my daughter died due to an accident, but more importantly I would never be able to forgive MYSELF.

The nurses were annoyed, but the docs actually seemed to understand and humored me.

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i once told a dumb doctor that doctors were like auto mechanics. he took the bait and asked why. i told him only one or two out of 100 mechanics were worth a shit and the rest tried to follow them with only varying degrees of failure to show for it. he thought i insulted him. i don't know why he thought that as a professional in the business of facts or death.

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besnook aardvarkk Sat, 05/26/2018 - 23:06 Permalink

the best mechanic i ever hired when i was in the cab business was a crackhead who was an auto whisperer. before the days of computer run cars a good mechanic needed an intangible feel for the car to make it run right. another notable mechanic was a guy who would put a pipe from the car to his ear and tell you all about the performance of the car and he was right when the meters available at the time were hooked up. all the rest would brag about their skills and could do an adequate job but we are talking about cars here. a mediocre doctor, and almost all of them are, can kill someone with a mistake caused by their lack of ability.

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