Samantha Bee Apologizes For Calling Ivanka Trump A "Feckless C**t" As Advertisers Flee

Update: Shortly after Autotrader abandoned its sponsorship of Samantha Bee's show...

And State Farm is pulling ads from Sam Bee's 'Full Frontal':

“We have asked TBS to suspend our advertising in the program and are reviewing any future placements. We constantly review programs to ensure alignment to our programming guidelines and brand values.”

Forcing the 'comedian' found it within herself to apologize...

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On the same day as President Trump (and Sarah Sanders) highlight the utter hypocrisy of the liberal media, TBS comedian Samantha Bee 'jumped the shark'.

On the night before she is set to receive an award from the Television Academy for "advancing social change," The Daily Caller's Derek Hunter reports that the so-called comedian called presidential adviser (and first daughter) Ivanka Trump a "feckless c**t" in her show's monologue.

“You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child," Bee said,

“but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices you feckless cunt!”

The crowd then screamed and cheered.

“He listens to you,” Bee continued.

“Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to fucking stop it,” she said.

And here is the icing on the cake...

Bee will be receiving an award from the Television Academy Thursday night for “advancing social change.”

The White House has issued a statement in response to this (via Jack Posobiec):

"The language used by Samantha Bee last night is vile and vicious.

The collective silence by the left and its media allies is appalling.

Her disgusting comments and show are not fit for broadcast, and executives at Time Warner and TBS must demonstrate that such explicit profanity about female members of this administration will not be condoned on its network."

- Sarah Sanders

Bee has been on the cutting-edge of liberal virtue-signaling - including slobbering all over AG Schneiderman...

As Brietbart notes, amidst the recent allegations against Schneiderman of non-consensual physical assault by four separate women, Bee and her nightly talk show are doing damage control for their part in promoting both him and his work in November 2017. Bee’s team has already removed a tweet from the show’s Twitter timeline, as called out by Jack Posobiec, and renamed the clip on their YouTube channel of Schneiderman’s appearance on the show to “Former AG Tricks Sam Into Thinking He Was Decent.

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Meanwhile, Bee's comment has sparked intense scrutiny over Hollywood double standards in the light of the Roseanne Barr controversy. 

And in case you wondered how the left would handle this...


CuttingEdge J S Bach Thu, 05/31/2018 - 12:15 Permalink

I take exception to Bee using this word completely inappropriately.

It should only be used on those that are morally reprehensible, and worthy only of universal contempt and derision.

Like Samantha Bee.


There are a couple of permissible uses - reference to female anatomy (very downmarket), and with the British working-class as an acceptable form of riposte, as in "You cunt" - a bit like "Hey nigger" - which is totally acceptable across the pond (if you happen to be a nigger, of course).

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HopefulCynical NidStyles Thu, 05/31/2018 - 12:34 Permalink

Every single one of these hyocritical events, from Rosanne's firing - DISAPPEARING - to this award-winning vapid (((cow's))) unpunished verbal diarrhea, is being noted by more and more people. Not only is the pendulum really starting to gather momentum as it swings back away from the Marxists, we're close to a tipping point, that's going to see quite a few of these people very, VERY unpleasantly surprised at the form the backlash takes.

EDIT: So the cunt apologized. Too bad. She needs to lose her fucking show immediately, like Rosanne did. Until then, FUCK these goddamn hypocrites.

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FireBrander HopefulCynical Thu, 05/31/2018 - 12:36 Permalink

your dad’s immigration practices

>No ILLEGAL immigration.

Oh! The horror!


>Came here ILLEGALLY? Back to where you came from(maybe)!

Oh! The horror!


>Came here ILLEGALLY and COMMITTING CRIMES? Back to where you came from at warp speed!

Oh! The horror!


Yes, someone is a cunt, but it's not Trump's daughter...




The U.S. government deported fewer illegal immigrants in 2017 than it did in 2016.. 


Obama deported more folks than Trump...and where was that Cunt Michelle in stopping Barack?

Where was Michelle, and Hollywoods outrage, as Barack was murdering 10's of thousands in Syria?


Maybe the real "Cunts" are Michelle Obama and Hollywood?…






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greenskeeper carl Ecclesia Militans Thu, 05/31/2018 - 18:26 Permalink

 Lost in all of this, what, precisely, has trump actually DONE with immigration other than some half assed attempt at temporarily limiting people from coming here from a handful of shithole muslim countries? I wish trump would actually do some of the things he is constantly accused of, especially regarding immigration. He really hasn't done jack shit. We still have 10s of millions of third world squatters here. The budget he signed didn't cut a single penny to the "refugee resettlement" programs, which continue under his admin. The H1B scam continues. There is no wall. Why all the whining from the left?

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fleur de lis Ecclesia Militans Thu, 05/31/2018 - 18:32 Permalink

First of all, regardless of politics or opinions, Ivanka Trump has always conducted herself with grace and aplomb.

Furthermore her comportment has always been one of naturally regal poise, impeccable grooming, and she personifies the best in ladylike behavior.

That is something infrequently seen these days -- and Ivanka is the quintessential rara avis indeed.

Even as she was growing up in New York, I remember the pictures and articles describing her as a refined and polite child growing into an elegant young lady.

In spite of the most vulgar attacks on her for nothing, she has never once lowered herself to the MSM gutter.

She is always far above the rabble, and there she will stay.

No matter how many potshots her squalid detractors aim, they can't even touch her.

Not even close.

She is just too classy.

And they are too thick to spot it.

And she being so strong of character, they are only making her stronger and smarter.

Of course they being lowbrow hoodlums and of poor character -- no matter where they went to school, nor how much money they earn, nor how well they hobnob with the swells -- they don't even understand how basic good conduct works.

They are just too coarse and uncultured.

You can't make a silk purse of a sow's ear.

So every time something like this comes up, her well heeled detractors drop the mask and show themselves to be trash bags in fancy clothes. 

Samantha Bee's new show should be called "Full Frontal Pig Styx."

And per the post above about pulling the FCC license, it would be more productive to take a very close look at that guttersnipe's tax returns and bank records with a fine toothed comb.

No way could a sleaze bag like Samantha maintain proper records.

And she probably has the leftist mental disease that allows her to follow laws and social norms when they suit her and ignore them when they don't.

Just like social rules of common decency, she keeps them and breaks them as she pleases and thinks she's funny.

Does anyone know how much that trash bag S'Bee gets paid to spew her fathomless reserves of pig poo?


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fleur de lis Hmmm... Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:27 Permalink

Thanks Pam and Punky!

As the various MSM stars escort our society deeper into the gutter and promote it as sophisticated, remember what Charles Dickens once said -- " No amount of varnish can ever hide the grain of the wood, for the more varnish you put on the more the grain will express itself."

An ocean of varnish could not help the MSM.


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Hmmm... mkkby Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:26 Permalink

Okay...okay...mister mister...

Re:   "Feminists are now cool with calling women cunts.  Cool.  Start calling libtards and pussy hatters cunts... because sam bee made it okay.  Let's not be hypocrites.  Call them all cunts."

You may not realize how "on target" you are my friend.  Having the ability to utilize a word and twist the effect of it to the point where the one who it was supposed to trivialize or destroy ends up being the one it's saluting, is a marvelous achievement.  Strength seems to be derived from us embracing it's crazy "twists  and turn arounds".  

Examples:  1) Pot heads used to be an insult.  Now, if you're a "pot head"... hey, the word no longer stings.  In fact...where's that joint!  Your acknowledgement and acceptance of the term, takes the terms power away..  It's no longer effective in getting the proper response.  Many more examples...I'll list a couple more.  I'm sure that with contemplation you can come up with much more on your own though...

2} faggots, queer, fag hag {I'm a proud one!} nigger, tranny, dyke, bulldyke, sissy, chink, sand nigger, wet back, kike, um...honkey,, dot, dot.  I'm sorry, but I don't know of all of the other racist slang terms utilized on this planet...and there are many!  But you get the drift.  I could go on and on, but you already know all by yourself of many of the terms which prove my point.  "Embracing it" and giving it "life" weirdly "snatches" the control away from those who may have wanted to use it as a weapon against you.  It's power is lost over's power to hurt you vanishes.  It's weird isnt it?  But it's true.  {smile}  Pam&Punky


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