Italy's Salvini Orders "Special Census" And Expulsion Of Illegal Gypsies, Immediately Compared To Hitler

Italy's new Interior Minister, and the country's de facto leader now that the League has surpassed 5-Star is national poalling,  Matteo Salvini told an Italian television station Monday that he plans to conduct a census of the Roma community, and will kick anyone out of the country residing there illegally.

"I've asked the ministry to prepare a dossier on the Roma question in Italy," Salvini told TeleLombardia, adding that the country's large community of Roma, also known as Gypsies, was "chaos" several years after a crackdown.

Unfortunately we will have to keep the Italian Roma because we can’t expel them,” Salvini added.

Italy's Roma community is vast, and consists of mostly poor people from Romania and the former Yugoslavia. Italian authorities periodically clean out Gypsy squatter camps at the outskirts of major cities in the hopes that the notoriously nomadic Roma will find another place to set up camp. 

Salvini's remarks drew immediate comparisons to Adolf Hitler - with liberal politicians warning that Italy had a "terrible" history in which they conducted a Fascist-era census of Jews.

"You can work for security and respect for rules without becoming fascist," tweeted Democratic lawmaker Ettore Rosato. "The announced census of Roma is vulgar and demagogical."

In a follow-up statement, Salvini said he had no plans to take digital fingerprints or make index cards of individual Roma - rather, he wants a study of the overall situation.

"We are aiming primarily to care for the children who aren't allowed to go to school regularly because they prefer to introduce them to a life of crime. We also want to check how millions of euro that come from European funds are spent," said Salvini. 

Salvini said over Facebook and Twitter that he also thinks of "those poor children who are trained in theft and lawlessness." 


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When some idiot douchebag uses the ridiculous “hitler” card you should throw it right back at them.

Q- What do you call people who directly/indirectly support and are responsible for human trafficking and associated crime, thousands of deaths at sea, modern day slavery, apartheid in israel etc?

A- You call them neo-nazis.

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10K out of the 12K of kids in detention at the border came here alone!

Kirstjen Nielsen Head of Homeland Security: So I want to be clear on a couple things. The vast majority, vast, vast, majority of the children who are in the care of HHS right now, 10,000 of the 12,000, were sent here alone by their parents. That’s when they were separated.

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Well, if you want to go 'esoteric'... The 'Gypsies' are said to be Altantean genetic experimental products.... 'things' if you've read anything on what little data is available on it.... same sort of 'things' our scientists are working on today with their DNA manipulative experiments... same with their experiments with AI/robotics etc... it's all been done before... one collapse after the next... many eons ago.... last one, I think, was that 'ghost in the shell/machine' affect... as they turn on their 'gods'.. of course, it's also best to know that all 'humanity' here are 'genetic experiments'... so  we are all really in the 'same boat', just from different eras... and the 'Roma' aren't the latest.... there have been others of much more recent variation/issue since.

The Gypsies/Roma have been transients for a long time due to this very, very long prejudice against them.... mostly subconscious like any other prejudice... most can or could be 'settled down', but they mostly haven't been allowed to.... the 'Jews' were mostly in the same situation... sometimes for similar reasons... none of which is allowed to be discussed... as the 'Jewish' issue goes esoteric as well, mostly due to their very, very long association with 'the dark side'... Satan/Baphomet/the Beast etc.... most 'jews' know nothing about this, same with most christians etc.... most people are asleep, sheeple... the Roma are seen as mostly 'PreAdamic', same with half of the world's population... racial DNA issues aside, as with other races.... many ancient prejudices are based in these ancient issues... and thusly not allowed to be publicly discussed.

Yes, the native 'americans' would like to see the forked tongued white men go back to where they came from... but how far back is that? If you continue the esoteric line.... that goes back to that planet that no longer exists... since they essentially blew it up... now known as an asteroid field.... and the Aryans/Kantekkians/Whites transported into the Caucaus regions of Asia (mostly) have been blowing things up since they got here... after the usual approx 2 eons of 'adjustment'..same after most major cataclysmic periods on the planet.... which is what is coming in the next few years.. decade.... .the old 'gods' returning... comets.... as well as all the 'others'.

It all makes sense when you understand the dynamics involved... such as with the Roma/Gypsies... or the 'Jews'... the 'PreAdamics' vs the 'Adamics'.... the underlying 'racial' issues.

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As to failure, one would have to know their objectives.  As to morons -definitely not, but definitely psychopaths by 21st century standards.  The Atlantean ruling class was not from this planet.  Same shit is going on today in the DUMBs with human cloning, "supersoldiers," and partly human chimeras.  Going by the current general definition, all humans on the planet today are of the same species, meaning they are capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring (unlike a horse and a donkey, which can interbreed but their offspring, mules, are sterile).  Over the millennia, there has been so much interbreeding among populations, that races are to a large extent fictional.  The one exception to this may be the Australians which were cut off from other populations ages ago.  Racial stereotypes are a very slippery slope.  Modern genetics prove that visual racial characteristics are very superficial, whether physical, mental, or moral.  The Roma have had a culture of petty crime for at least centuries, but take a Roma infant and put him in, say, a USA Mennonite community, this would not be manifested.

Even the Atlantean "things" have crossbred into into the world population at large.  The Atlanteans made human/pig chimeras as slave labor.  After the final destruction of Atlantis, as the Egyptian priests related to Plato took place about 13,000 years ago, many of these chimeras survived.  Modern geneticists have noted the existence of about 15 genes that are only found in pigs and humans.  The following is from memory and I am not willing to review it now for this comment.  Most professors of genetics simply choose to ignore this elephant in the living room as too dangerous for their careers and grants to examine.  However a full professor in a mid-western university came out with an journal article about it about 5 years ago.  He attempted to explain it by stating (being a Darwinian of course) that it could only be explained by pre-humans in Africa mating successfully with pigs.  He got a lot of ridicule for this, as well he should, as the chances of a successful natural mating between these two distant species is zero.  However, he would have received a lot more ridicule if he had attempted to explain this recognized fact as a result of psychopathic Atleantian geneticists creating a pig/human chimera for the purpose of producing slave labor.  Ever wonder at the start of organ transplants, before the CIA, China, and Israel built a multinational industry in organ trafficking, why pig organs such as hearts were the go-to substitutes when a human organ couldn't be found?

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Yes, it is similar... .the Roma/Gypsies, like the Mexicans, Jews, Chinese before WW2, Japanese during WW2... 'Indians' before that... always some 'other' group to blame everything on... now the favorite is Islamic fundalmentalists... but those that pay attention know that we and our Axis of Evil friends are the ones training them, arming them, transporting them.. same with most drug operations... most drug dealers here in the States haven't a clue they are really working for the "MAN"... they are being played.... used as puppets, pawns, sheeple.... 'they know  not what they do'.

Obama, like CLinton, Bushes, etc... have a better idea of what's going on.... Obama's mother was CIA NGO... working in Indonesia with our regime change ops... gotta do it whenever the masses turn democractic... empires don't like 'democracy' unless they control it... thus they like the 'fake' kind... it's a Western thing... has been for a long time.

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this has been going on for a decade,... and yet not one libtard will get the story out.

the sad part, is the route they take for freedom is a litany of swamp creatures---  degenerate characters that capture/imprison or farm out for modern slavery or the sex trade.

Ps. mexico will just kill them at their northern borders

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They do. I can recall my grandmother spitting on the ground at them and kicking dirt in their direction. Don’t think for a minute the people are as docile as their masters want them to be. 

Frankly this social experiment will end very badly.  Put that many disparate groups in a confined space with limited resources and its a recipe for outright slaughter.  


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Not so much anymore but the US used to jail and then send to reform schools children that were repeated offenders of crime. Just shooing these kids away that only return or pick another location will only stop when there are severe consequences. Parents can also be jailed for allowing or training their children to steal. I know when the gov. gets their hands on children there is plenty of abuse but in an open an informed society it can be controlled. In a society that never moves to stop child criminals will always have more child criminals.

When risk becomes greater than the reward, risk taking declines.


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In Texas, we have a piece of shit US senator Cruz and a formerly winderful first lady Bush that are doing the same.

I'm starting to think with all our warped minded politicians working to undermine our President, an invasion of Mexico may be worthwhile so its drug lords can be hunted and killed and its politicians lobotomized to remove the corruption from their brains.

Stay the course Salvini, and love Italy first!

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He's Jimmy Kimmel's sphincter boy

Edit: It is my great hope that every like minded Texan will clog the senator's inbox with protests regarding his stupid un-American legislation, and also let their congressman know that if they like their cushy jobs, they'd best be backing the President on the zero-tolerance policy on these invaders.

They know that these housing centers are safe, that they are being well cared for and fed and will be re-united with Mama and Papa  when they finally get the boot.

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Adolph (peace be upon Him) took up the cudgels to defend His Volk.

And he said 

It is the duty of the National Government to provide the necessaries of life and not to secure the highest possible profits for capital.

For these crimes He was trashed. 

Men die, cattle die. But the reputation of a man lives forever.

No matter how many people lie about Adolph, His reputation will rise above the slimy muck of his enemies and emerge as a shining pearl.

He has entered the Halls of His Ancestors in Triumph.

Which is more than can be said of the Untermench. Those cowards offer lies, not deeds for our inspection


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Hitler was a Zionist agent who helped establish Israel through the Haavara Agreement. It is in Germany in the Zionist settler training camps where the blue flag of Israel flew. Enshrined in law, it was a right of the Jews to fly this flag in Nazi germany. Hitler slaughtered tens of milions of goyim, facilitated the Holocaust myth, and destroyed Germany. The coward then fled to South America to retire.

"He has entered the Halls of His Ancestors in Triumph." - He's in Gehenna with the rest of the Moloch-worshipers.

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I just love these Hitler was either a larger than life megalomaniacal jooo/roma/commie killing warrior & savior of the aryan race or a zionist puppet agent who helped establish the nation of Israel. 

There really is no in between, either way, Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini would have been disappointed.

Eventually ;-)

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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 ACP Tue, 06/19/2018 - 03:42 Permalink

Watched a good Molyneux video, earlier. He brought up the idea that the left blames the bad acts of poor people on their lack of resources / wealth. But the left also blame the bad acts of wealthy people on their having too many resources / and too much wealth.

Which is it? People behave badly because they are poor? Or people behave badly because they are rich?

I really want to know because, if you ask me, this is a classical double-bind scenario. This is how a crazy parent creates a crazy child with an impossible double-bind situation. And yes, the left are masters at crazy making.

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