Italy Challenges The Western Order... And The EU Is Showing The Strains

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With a massive influx of immigrants from across Africa and the Middle East, and growing poverty, Italy voted in a populist government representing policies which would seem to virtually overturn the postwar European order.

The austerity measures which have been imposed upon the Italian people have pushed more and more of them down into poverty, with the poverty rate doubling over the course of the past decade.

Relative to migration, Italy is one of the Southern European countries taking the brunt of the migrants who are flooding into Europe by the thousands, helped along by various NGOs which seek to alter the demographic makeup and economic and political order of Europe under the guise of humanitarianism.

The present economic metrics tend to perceive the profits of multinational corporations as a gauge of the health of the economy, rather than the economic situation on the ground level, faced by the Italian citizen. All of these and more are things which this new government has a view towards radically changing.

To combat Austerity, which may be tossed out the window, the option on the table is to review treaties to which Italy is partied which impose or advise them. Rather than gutting the population for the money which the government needs in order to cover obligations to multinational financial interests, a proposal was broached of launching a universal basic income, reduction in the pension age, as well as a flat tax system.

And while the migrant policy is still evolving, it has had a view towards repatriating the migrants which are already within Italy’s borders. Italy has already flexed its will on the migrants issue over refusing a ship full of migrants port in Italy, forcing it to set sail for Spain.

Foreign policy aims at softening the approach towards Russia by eliminating sanctions and by putting the focus on improving relations, benefitting Italy both by allowing a resumption of trade, and the perspective of Russia’s will and capacity to help get a handle on the situation in the Middle East, which is part of what prompts the migration issue, due to the region’s instability.

What this could mean is that an already strained relationship between Italy and the EU could be put to the test, or altered in a significant manner if these proposals are put into play after the fashion in which they were introduced during the elections cycle.

Alessandra Bocchi over at First Things observes:

Italy’s new government represents the most radical challenge yet to the order that has dominated Europe since World War II. Comprising the populist-left Five Star Movement and the populist-right League, the coalition is often described as a combination of alt-left and hard-right, but in fact it moves beyond conventional ideological categories. No wonder its members have been darkly described as “barbarians” by the Financial Times and “insurgents” by the Telegraph.

Something in the project of European integration is not working, and the elites who lead it have refused to adjust. The euro is failing miserably in southern Europe, yet the European commission wants to deepen economic and monetary union. The euro has powered German economic growth while saddling countries like Italy and Greece with austerity and debt. According to official government statistics by Istat, absolute poverty in Italy has doubled in the past decade, a few years after the euro was introduced as the country’s currency.

The new government’s eclectic program emphasizes environmentalism, claiming that “man and the environment are two sides of the same coin,” and calls for a reduction of carbon emissions and an end to fossil fuels. The mixed ideological character of the new coalition is illustrated by Alberto Bagnai, a left-wing euroskeptic economist who represents the League in the Italian Senate. His book, The Sunset of the Euro, decries the single currency as a means for Germany to exert its dominance in the Eurozone. Bagnai also strongly opposes mass immigration, calling it a tool to drive down wages and increase exploitation of workers: “It’s no surprise that ‘left-wing’ ‘intellectuals’ don’t care about immigrants’ impact on wages—it’s because they’re not low skilled workers.”

Even more radically, the 31-year-old leader of the Five Star Movement, Luigi Di Maio, has challenged the tyranny of economic metrics. In a speech prior to the election, he said: “The economic indicator for growth will no longer be GDP.” This represents a fundamental challenge to the free-trade post-war order, which has culminated in the rule of multi-national corporations over small businesses and enterprises.

To address Italy’s public debt crisis, the program rejects austerity measures and seeks to revisit EU treaties that recommend them. In place of austerity, the coalition has proposed a minimum salary, a universal basic income, and a lowering of the pension age. What has raised some eyebrows is the League’s proposal for a more libertarian flat-tax system. How can the government increase spending while also decreasing its revenue? The coalition claims that the program will be paid for by eliminating bureaucratic inefficiencies and by subsidies from the EU. And Italy does indeed have a problem with corruption—Five Star built its popularity by campaigning against it.

The new government also has a traditionalist family minister, the League’s Lorenzo Fontana, who opposes abortion and same-sex civil unions. Italy passed a law for same-sex civil unions only last year and is one of the few countries that has not legalized gay marriage. Fontana strongly opposes the civil-unions law, claiming: “They want to dominate us and erase our people.”

In another traditionalist initiative, the Five Star–League program seeks to reverse Italy’s plummeting birth rates. “It’s necessary to provide family welfare,” the program says. The program proposes measures to help women manage their motherly and professional roles by providing free child-care facilities, thus addressing one of the main reasons for the declining birthrate: the financial penalty imposed by childbirth. The case of Valeria Ferrara, a mother who was denied a Sunday per month to spend with her family by the multi-national Calvin Klein, Inc., is exemplary of this crisis. Both Five Star and the League have, in the past few years, proposed to end Sunday labor. Luigi Di Maio, the leader of Five Star, said, “unrestrained liberalization is making us poorer.”

The Five Star–League program also states that it will oversee the deportation of 500,000 illegal migrants currently living in Italy. Matteo Salvini, the head of the League, who holds the strongest position on immigration, will become minister of the interior under the new government. But even Di Maio, the head of Five Star, has indicated his opposition to mass migration. Last summer he said that the center-left government that has ruled Italy for the past five years had transformed the country into “Europe’s biggest port” for migrants. Di Maio also criticized the activities of NGOs operating in the Mediterranean and transporting migrants to Italian shores: “The EU doesn’t care about saving migrant lives, they just want the money.” The Five Star–League program has accordingly promised to “stop the business of smuggling” and take down “criminal organizations responsible for human trafficking,” which have caused “countless deaths in the Mediterranean.” As for financing the deportation of illegal migrants, the government would accomplish this by “directing funds used for hospitality towards repatriations.”

This would be the toughest stance yet taken by an EU member in Western Europe. (It is interesting to note that Switzerland, which is not part of the EU, has maintained very strict immigration controls and received very little criticism for it.) The measures proposed by the coalition prompted the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to say that the European Commission will now “monitor the rights of African migrants in Italy.” This comment suggests that a collision over migration is imminent, particularly given the EU’s stance toward countries that have taken a tough stance on migration, such as Poland and Hungary.

On foreign policy, the Five Star–League program says it wants to “end sanctions on Russia.” Indeed, the coalition sees Russia as a strategic partner in combating “Islamic terrorism” in the region and in ending the conflicts in Syria, Libya, and Yemen. Despite the great displays of alarm over this fact, it merely reflects a growing consensus in Europe that relationships with Russia must change. “I do think we have to reconnect with Russia,” Juncker said at a conference in Brussels this week. “This Russia-bashing has to be brought to an end.”

Religion also plays a strong role in the program, a role often overlooked by the media. The League has pushed for the registering and monitoring of mosques in Italy. There have also been increasing appeals to a Catholic identity. Di Maio and Salvini have both shown uncommon reverence toward the Catholic Church. In September, Di Maio launched his campaign by observing the old Catholic custom of kissing the vial containing the blood of St. Januarius and bowing before the cardinal of Naples. In 2016, in front of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Di Maio said: “The Church is my home. I am a Catholic.” Leftwing papers have responded by calling him “retrograde.”

Salvini may be even more outspoken about his faith. In March, just before the election, he held up a rosary at one of his rallies, “swearing allegiance to the Gospel and my people.” The chosen prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, a previously unknown figure, is a former leftist who turned to the Five Star Movement. Conte is devoted to Padre Pio, a Catholic saint famous for his stigmata and bilocation.

The Five Star–League program combines euroskepticism, environmentalism, strong borders, protection of families and small businesses against globalization, and respect for religion. It combines elements of left and right in a way that scandalizes well catechized political elites. If it succeeds, it will be the first real sign that we are moving beyond the postwar order.

The EU is under a lot of strain.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, might be looking at a weaker governing coalition if she isn’t able to get a solid grip on the migration problem in Germany. Britain’s Brexit continues to trek along, albeit at a sluggish pace, without much of a road map as to how it is going to be accomplished, and how the UK’s relationship with the EU will be positioned once the deadline finally comes. Italy here is considering renegotiating its relationship with the EU after a fashion, France is facing internal conflicts over migrants and the economic situation of average citizens, while Poland and Hungary are both defying the Union’s will on the migration matter. And last, but not least, the populace of Greece still isn’t too happy about the austerity measures it is undergoing, while international investors gobble up the nation’s infrastructure at an alarming rate, with a government that is just barely hanging onto power.

Then there are the security and energy issues to be solved.

Germany, and some others, are moving forward with a pipeline to import Russian gas, which some Eastern European nations are apathetic about, leading to some disagreement about where Europe’s energy security looks to. To top it all off, there are Trump’s tariffs and secondary sanctions threats relative to commerce conducted with Iran, a necessary component of the JCPOA’s survival, and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which puts Germany between the US and its Eastern neighbors over its energy policy.

But Trump, not merely a wild card in the deck, could pose as Europe’s saving grace, serving as a unifying factor for the bloc. While Europeans are facing lots of centrifugal issues which threaten to break it apart, Trump is the one problem which they all have in common, and is one which would offer a rallying point around which the Europeans can gather together to combat, after a fashion.

The situation in Europe, therefore, is one which necessitates a revision of its constituent relationships, a common plan to deal with migrants, both those already in Europe and with those yet to arrive, look out for the interests of the common person, a common policy towards the East, and a common political will to oppose unilateralism and extreme nationalism.


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Good luck Italy, considering you can't find your own ass right now with a flashlight and both hands. If Brussels succeeds, every migrant will be driving a Ferrari.

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Are those same Jews unhappy about holocaust laws and anti-semitism laws that force a steady stream of non-violent, exemplary and concerned citizens to be thrown in jail and face financial ruin for expressing their opinion (thought crimes)?  No.

Are those same Jews protesting on the streets about the genocide their own people have been conducting for 70 years in Gaza?  No.

More than any other group of people, it is the "good jews" that have to reign in the "bad jews".  But they either can't or won't, so they just gladly reap the benefits and reparations and then kvetch about racism.  In either case, they are part of the problem.

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Globalists are predominantly non-Jewish, and they're the group enforcing those laws in the EU, probably to manipulate people into focusing their frustrations on jewish people in general instead of on the Banksters specifically.  Hyperfocusing on the Jews is Stormfag nonsense.  How many Americans refuse to protest corrupt US activities in Syria?  Does that make them all accomplices in the crime, or, does that simply mean they are all distracted by their own lives and don't understand the importance of the situation?       

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How many "protestants" have you run into in the last 5 years that self-identify as "WASP"?  As I wrote, WASP is a pejorative, used by Jews and to a lesser degree Catholics.  "Protestants" just don't call themselves "WASP".

There is however, one group of people that is famous throughout history for claiming to have changed religion while subverting and refusing to assimilate.  They were known as conversos, morranos.  They went into Babylon where they learned their Kabbalistic rituals.  They went into Kazaria where they learned their great Sabbatean Frankist occultism.  In Spain, they claimed to convert yet maintained their same usurous ways until Isabelle finally had to call in the Inquisition to root them out.  From there they went to Poland, among other places.

So when a trollish fight club member claims to be something that she clearly isn't, then the first suspicion is rightfully "Oh, she's one of them".

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Remember democracy is the real enemy. Your ari$tocracy knows best!

Count" Richard Coudenhove Kalergi’s Plan outlined by Gerd Honsik:

“Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination, ... the elimination of nations by means of ethnic separatist movements or mass allogeneic (genetically dissimilar) immigration to create a multiethnic flock without quality, easily controllable by the ruling class. Kalergi characterized the multi-ethnic flock as cruel and unfaithful but maintained the elite must deliberately create them in order to achieve their own superiority: ‘Then the elite will first eliminate democracy – the rule of the people. Next, the elite will eliminate the people via miscegenation, thereby replacing the ruling white race with an easily controllable mestizo race. By abolishing the principle of equality of all before the law, avoiding and punishing any criticism of minorities, and protecting minorities with special laws, the masses will be suppressed.’'

The same khazar jews that slaughter Palestinians (with impunity) in their Gaza cage, after stealing their land, welcome ethnically cleansed muslims to Urupp.

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Learn little bit more history than ww2 before calling French cowards. French capitulated to Germany to save their cities and people. They were overruned and had a choice of total destruction or capitulation so don't be an ignorant asshole you "brave" keyboard warrior. And im not even French. And btw. europeans are fighting bloody wars for +2000 years and you think we are pussies, use your brain.

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Meh. Give em a fiat and kick their ass out!

edit: I had a 72 Fiat 850 Sport car! Interior designed by Bertone.


2nd edit: rear engine rear wheel drive...light as fvck! Seconds off the line....not many moar seconds that anything with a real engine would roar past you:)

3rd edit: It was fun trying!

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That is a really good idea.  Give them a credit in ebay to buy old junk to fill up the fiat with before they leave.  Across France and Spain every summer there is a migration of arabs from across northern Europe back to northern Africa, and return.  They drive in vans with giant tarp-wrapped bundles of bicycles, baby carriages, building materials, etc.   Amazingly they are given a complete pass by the police even though these are are crassly overloaded and sometimes barely able to keep up with the flow of traffic.

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Some jew down voted me.  But what do jews know about cars?  What great cars did jews ever design?  None, because they don't design stuff.  They didn't even design their nuclear warheads, they simply forced the US to give them away for free.

Here is a cool Panda Sisely:…

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The European countries of Poland, Hungary, the Czech RepubuRe, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy ARE doing something.  It's amazing reading Americans always slamming "Europe" as if it's a real single entity.  Americans who are sceptical of their media pushing an agenda buy right into that same media when it tells them that Angela Merkel, Macron and Juncker actually speak and control all of Europe.  Is it will full ignorance?  The countries I mentioned have already, or are in the process of doing, more against illegal migrants than even Donald Trup has done.  And the nationalist parties support is GROWING even more in those countries and spreading to Germany, the Netherlands, France and Finland.  Yet so many Americans continue to play the "pussy Europeans" media mantra.  It gets old.

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Haha you're no longer willing to give out any number because you know these figures are false. So in essence what I was saying earlier holds water: you are seeking people in large numbers on the promise that you will pay them a lot for some shady online porn stuff. And of course these poor idiots will never see anything coming from you. 

I hope you're business works wonders. If it doesn't then you're even more stupid than I thought. 

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"Comprising the populist-left Five Star Movement and the populist-right League, the coalition is often described as a combination of alt-left and hard-right, but in fact it moves beyond conventional ideological categories. No wonder its members have been darkly described as “barbarians” by the Financial Times and “insurgents” by the Telegraph."

Beyond conventional ideological categories? Many more such odd bedfellows will appear to combat the insanity. 

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I wasnt comenting on any particular policies...Just the stance.


I assume you know whats economic growth and you know how to manage it...


Here are some facts.


The population of earth is huge and growing.

Humans are a hightly depreciating "commodity",men even more so.

Resources are finite(for now).

Robots are shrinking the labour market.

We live in a debt based system.

Usury is the driving and leading force of the world.

Italy is a hightly industrialised country.

"Free trade" is not the holy grail.

China is using industrial capitalism,mercantilism and aggresive trade to take over your market.

Europe has the biggest trade surplus of all economic/geographic blocks.

The euro currency is used as a weapon for federalisation.

All financial crisis are man made.

Italians have the bigest IQ in europe(not just eu).

Jesus never existed(historically).

The man/woman social and biological dynamics cant be ignored and are not what they told you...

The left right schism is a charade.

The US dollar is the reserve currency of the world.

Christianity is a religion of control.Islam is a religion of conquest.

People in the middle ages used clearing houses for trade.

People in the middle ages had to work 3 moths to feed their familys(artisans even less than that).

In ancient babylon non commercial debts were forgiven when the king changed.

Jesus kicked the usurers out of the temple.

In ancient athens laws were passed against usury and debt servitude.

True sparta ended as a feminised state.

Global politics are controled by very few people.

There is an agenta.

Trickle down economics is a lie.

Luck does not exist.(poeticly)

Everything is connected and planed.(some asian philosophy)


Now remove some of that edge and tell me how lowering the retirement age and universal basic income are a bad thing...

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Same way Trump unifying EU

Same way anti immigration unifying EU resistance.

EU elite choice: democratic elections or dictatorship (in the guise)

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If the fuck heads in .gov didn't get golden pension plans and couldn't afford to live in gated communities they wouldn't be creating these problems for the people they betray!