What Life Is Really Like For A Venezuelan Mom

Authored by J.G. Martinez D. via The Organic Prepper blog,

Did you ever wonder what the life of a mother in Venezuela is like?

This is not a fictional story. It is a couple of days in the life of one of our best friends, in our country, under the current conditions. Her son suffers from diabetes. He is 12 years old and has lost one tooth because he is malnourished and needs a special diet. We’ll call her L.

The Morning

She woke up early, around 6 AM. After using just a drop of toothpaste, and a tiny little bit of what used to be a soap bar for washing her face, she dressed and went to her kid´s bedroom. He was already awake, but still in bed. Another drop of toothpaste, and using the same tiny bit of soap, he was ready for breakfast. This was just a piece of boiled tapioca, with a teaspoon of margarine, and a tiny bit of ground cheese on top. A banana, and a glass of water. Eggs are a luxury item, usually left for the weekend’s breakfast. A fulltime shower before leaving would be a waste of soap, better to sleep clean at night because going to bed fresh is better once the lights go out and the air conditioning stops working.

She walked her kid about ¾  mile to school, in streets half empty, with very few cars. This is not surprising. There is no money for oil changes nor tires or batteries. There are express assaults often, usually with a couple of men on a small Chinese motorcycle (bought by the government and sold under subsidies for the “poor” people who needed a vehicle), with the one on the back seat jumping off the bike with a gun, and robbing the bystanders.

With eyes on her back, and very alert, after dropping the kid at school she walked to the avenue, just for trying to find a cattle truck or any other farm truck that are transporting people to the downtown where she worked. After texting on her old cellphone and saying she was already waiting for a truck, she quickly hid her phone inside her jeans. After 35 minutes of waiting, a truck appeared, loaded with people up to the roof. She paid to the chauffeur and the passengers helped her to climb up. A taxi is no longer an option.

Most of the people are working the taxi just under request, because of the high price of spare parts. They are contacted by phone and charge high prices, because of the added security level they offer. Some people have been robbed or even killed by using the wrong kind of taxi. Usually, their phone numbers are passed on by word of mouth, and they rarely transport unknown people.

The Workday

She arrived at the beauty, nails and hair room on time, and her day was as usual, barely enough clients to keep the business open and running. The other 5 employees had to be sent home a long time ago, and now it is just her, the room owner (very sick with untreated cancer) and another girl with two small children and an older mother to support.

By lunchtime, an old lady with a styrofoam box wrapped in duct tape arrived. L got out her dish and “silverware”, to receive her lunch. The old lady opened her cooler and quickly served to L the ration in her dish. She pays the lady once a week if she has been able to find some stuff or the cash for buying enough food.

That day things were a little bit better so she decided to take some food for her son at dinner. One rice cup, another cup of beans, and two slices of fried plantains. Filtered water for washing it down and lunch is ready. She took an empty Tupperware she had left around just in case, and the old lady served the food inside. Sticking it in her backpack, she started to sweep the room.

Shortly before the end of the closing (business close around 6 o´clock in that part of the country and pretty much earlier if lights go out because of the night arrives fast, and being on the streets without lights is dangerous) she received a text of one of the neighbors who carpools for several people living in the same subdivision.

The Evening

She quickly accepted the ride (anything is better than the platform of a truck in the rainy season), said goodbye to her boss, and got out to wait. Not staying in one spot but walking from one side of the mall to another, always in sight of the watchmen, (armed robbery, express style is rampant in the downtown these days), once the car arrived she jumped inside the already full car. Everybody is thin these days so there is always space for one more passenger. She greets the people and jokes about being on time because it almost immediately started to rain.

A light chat was in place, and she joined cheerfuly. The general consensus was “something has to happen soon”, and about where to find what product, and better price. Another topic was who had been robbed recently, and who was already leaving out the country and which route they were taking. After a 15 minute ride, they arrived to the subdivision. There was power, so the electrical gate opened without problems. The passengers walked from the entrance to their homes, greeting the driver, until the next day.

Her son was already at home. He is a kid who is 12, so he could microwave his meager lunch once he had arrived home. Another piece of tapioca, and a can of sardines. They fed the cats and their rescued puppy. They watched part of a movie on the DVD and took a shower before the lights went out.

This happened around 9 PM so they went to bed. It was fresh after all with the rain. The next day was Saturday, and she told her boss that perhaps she would be delayed because she would need to leave out early in the morning, in order to buy some food for the weekend.

The Weekend

At 7 AM she was already with her son in the vegetable shop. Prices in cash were half of the prices using the POS, but there was not an alternative. The rows in the ATMs are too long and the money was not enough for buying anything, anyways. So she bought a kilogram of sweet potatoes (better for people with diabetes, she has been told), one large papaya for juice and dessert, a half kilo of white hard cheese, some tomatoes, lettuce, spice herbs, half kilo of two different dried grains, and then most of the money of her monthly salary was gone.

She would buy some ground beef for a special lunch on Sunday, 300 grams or so. Mostly for F, her son who needed the proteins. She hurried home, and leaving the kid and the groceries, she quickly walked up to the main avenue to get another truck again before the rain started.

She had to wait a little bit, because the trucks were much more filled up than the day before.  Saturdays were days when people usually went out to buy some food, and getting earlier to the few shops that still have products was necessary.

Once she arrived, there was no power in the mall where her nail room was, and one man was working in the genset that provided energy for the entire mall. Once they started the engine, the mall came back to life. Some people hurried up to the line in front of the Chinese-owned supermarket. There is a lot of Chinese-owned supermarkets, and while Venezuelan people do not have money even for a taxi, the store owners drive Tahoes, live in luxury apartments, and enjoy a lifestyle that any Venezuelan, unless it is a member of the mafia cannot have.

L worked her shift, and left in a hurry again to take the transport to a neighboring subdivision: one of her clients needed to be attended at home because she was having a special night with her husband. After having done the work on her hair and nails, she arrived home with some cash, but it was already too late to go to some place for buying anything. Going out at 8 PM is definitely not a good idea these days.

They ate some casabe (tapioca dry cakes, very typical of the east of the country but not too nutritious or filling) with tomato sauce and fried plantains and went to bed. This time lights went about 11 PM, and they could watch an entire movie on the DVD. The cats were on the bed with the four of them.

The puppy was in the living room, in a big cardboard box all for himself, sleeping like a baby.

She watched her son sleep, next to her, silently. Took the remote and shut down the TV. She wanted to cry, but instead, she gave thanks to God for another day with food.


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Maybe all the Dim/Libs who are currently SO worried about...

And profess to care SO much about "foreign children"...

Will help and send her money.

After all, she IS living in a Socialist country right?

But I wouldn't hold your breath on that one...

Because the Dim/Libs are total hypocrites of the HIGHEST order,

And only care about "the children"...

In so much as it helps their political agenda.

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Unfortunately, the Venezuelan people are powerless...

Sadly, they allowed their gov't to take away their guns long ago.

We in America always need to remember these lessons...

And never give in to the Dim/Lib gun grabbers...

Who want to nullify the 2nd Amendment.

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Long ago, my father spoke to me saying:

"Son, if I didn't see it with my own eyes I would not believe it.

You have managed to destroy a section of railroad track with a coke bottle.

We should go home, right now."


(I believe he was too proud to beat me for this.  He gave me plenty other well deserved beatings.)

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Can we count on the author's heart to still bleed eloquently for their Venezuelan soulmates once everything is "proper" to their liking?

Did anyone actually read the article, it was great:"Her son suffers from diabetes."- Let us guess, Type II, was it, dearie? Lost a tooth too, what could possibly be the connection there - Twinkies? Well that would fit VZ health stats.

She pays for transport reluctantly, and it's supposed to be bad that there is transport (the horror!) but she somehow has enough cash to still run her aircon 24/7, like someone in Texas....

Next - she would normally pay for a taxi, instead of runnng a car or getting a bus - uh-huh. Right. That tells us something right there. That poor, destitute, noble woman.

Next she goes to work at the hairdresser.

Magically, she hasn't been fired, unlike the other 3/4 of her workplace, or the story would have to be about her sitting at home paying for her aircon, and it wouldn't be so satisfyingly tearjerking. And that poor, poor, boss, who just won't die. We all had that issue, right? Ahgaad.(sniff).

The Exxonmobil oil discovery in May 2015  in disputed territory offshore at Essequibo is just a coincidence, of course.

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There are a few issues here that stand in the way of a solution:

  1. My guess is the people who live in Venezuela, as a rule, aren't very smart, maybe have IQs near 85
  2. Apparently they are so stupid they keep Maduro in power

The solution? On paper, possible, but in reality, because the people are stupid, impossible, but here it is anyway if they are smarter than I think

  1. Get rid of Maduro
  2. Provide strong incentives to engender private property ownership; that means, for all property currently 'government owned' it should be immediately deeded to any able and capable family that will work the land and produce a profit, profit the family keeps; after, let's say, 5 years of consistent profitable production, the land is deeded to them in fee simple absolute
  3. Eliminate all income and property tax if they have any
  4. Abolish most, if not all, forms of social welfare, with, maybe, some narrow exceptions for extreme cases
  5. Default on all jew fiat counterfeit money debt, just tell the jew banker we're not gonna pay, screw off
  6. Keep the oil industry nationalized for some time longer, long enough to trade oil for gold, and make a deal with either India, Russia or China, or all 3, anybody who is willing to take the oil for gold - maybe silver as well; offer at a fair market price
  7. With built up gold reserves, silver too, and maybe some other basket of hard commodities, but let's start with the old fashioned ones, emit a currency that is backed by and redeemable in specie, and make that the national currency
  8. Do not trade with any country that does not buy Venezuelan products with 'currency' that is not redeemable in specie
  9. Drastically reduce government to the bare minimum, for essential infrastructure and courts, and some modicum of national defense
  10. Keep corrupt weasels out of power by creating a system of checks and balances to block out avaricious satanic jackasses from taking positions of leadership, maintaining a national motto "A Lawful and Moral Means Produces the End"
  11. Persuading the people to delegate moral agents, good, trustworthy people of a Christian character, with respect to a diligent attendance to the basic axioms of the conscience, men of good reputation and proven character, to convene and draft a new constitution to empower a govt of the people, by the ppl and for the ppl, where the new proposed constitution must be voted on and approved of by the people in some reasonably judicious manner
  12. Remind them that a free and prosperous people, not burdened by a sinister cabal of azhlz who call themselves the 'government', depends on each and every one of them being a moral agent, self governed, perhaps to a fault, ever vigilant and on guard against interlopers without, and corruption within.
  13. Finally, keep the jew out, and take care not to let anyone slither in who espouses the doctrines of the devil, which are found in only one place, the jew texts of the talmud and kabbalah, as well as selected chunks of the so-called 'torah' and 'prophets'. And further beware of any religion or religious institution that is in any way linked to the mythology the jew floats as theirs, which includes the christian religion and islam. A good social and economic order cannot be supported by myths. It needs to rely on facts and logic, otherwise it is doomed to fail.




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My first thoughts were 'why doesnt she just expand her garden?' Then I realized that this is an urban city person who lives in a "subdivision". When you make the choice to live in a place like that you are taking a risk. If the system that supports that type of life shuts down, you will be left without the means to take care of yourself.

Its like gambling all of your money in the stock market and having no cash or gold to hedge yourself. Sure, you'll be doing great as long as the market is humming along but once it stops you have nothing to fall back on. IMO everyones goal in life should be to have a few acres [ or more ] to "HEDGE" the system. Had this woman been living in the country with some good acres, good neighbors, and low crime rates it would have read very different. It would have read like any other day in the country...'I collected eggs and chased the goats out of the alfalfa patch, I traded some fruit for some beeswax to make candles, etc' The lifestyle may not be as fast and exciting as seeing your portfolio rocket up 4-5% in a week, but it lacks the hard impact of hitting the ground from that height.

Every who believes that this system will one day fail in their lifetimes should have as their number one financial goal the acquisition of at least a semi-rural lifestyle.

It must also be pointed out ...no mention of a father or husband in the story? Have we gotten to the point that a woman raising her son alone with no father in the picture isnt even questioned? Even if she were divorced there was no mention of the father coming over weekened to take the boy, nothing. We're not supposed to find that odd? I know there are alot of women who have bought into the "i dont need a man" left-wing cultural ideal but when something like this happens you're going to see alot of urban single moms in very bad situations.


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Of course it's total horse shit. The author starts by saying "this is not a fictional story" and then conveniently leaves out names and locations for his "not a fictional story" to be verified.

This same author also wrote another story in which he says "The Collapse of Venezuela Was a systematic destruction to seize our freedom”. Who's freedom? Definitely not the average struggling Venezuelan as they all support Maduro. The only ones that hate him are the right-wing Venezuelan oligarchs along with their families and friends that want to sell their country to the globalist, jew-banking, jew-supremacist cabal.

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It's to 'educate' us about the evils of 'socialism', by showing us a country under constant and sustained attack by the jewish banking elite, just was we away in Guatemala with the 'United Fruit' company, battling the peasants who wanted some of their land and wealth for themselves.

We still sanction the naughty Cubans, N.Koreans and Iran for their socialist views, which by definition shut out the giant raping pharisee corporations and bankers.

Notice how friendly we were with Russia when the oligarchs reigned supreme and how we converted the Ukraine from a socialist country to an oligarch's playground at the cost to the peasants; Monsanto moved in to pollute their farmland in a blink of an eye.

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Lucky for me, most Americans wouldn't recognize an edible plant if it punched them in the face!

My first house was build in 1928. Still had the original grapevine (grown for wine not fruit) and that thing sent out trailers all the way from the back yard to the street (a good 200 feet, or more).

Same for hazelnuts. I was shocked when I found them dividing my house from the next. Picked them up, cracked them open: best hazelnuts ever. To die for, they were that good. It was just a bush. Lots of plants like that, and trees. Still apple and pear trees next to an old logging road turned railroad that is now a biking path. Food is there. Most people don't see it and walk right past it. Don't get me started on mushrooms.

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gregga777 HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Fri, 06/22/2018 - 05:20 Permalink

No seeds. No garden. But some still get their hair done. Yeah, whatever.

Yeah, my parents grew up during the Great Depression. And yeah, the people with good jobs and money, and of course the rich, pretty much kept up their pre-Depression lifestyles. It's true that many of the super rich parked their super expenisve luxury cars for the duration. Driving those around in those was like holding up a sign saying fuck you to the 25% of American who were unemployed. 

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Its illogical thinking to feed a puppy when your kid is malnutitioned.  You have to put the dog down and if you don't have a gun you may have drown it.  You can't leave it to starve terrified in the streets with mange.  Its the right thing to do.  You can't feed animals when kids go hungry.  You may have to eat the dog food once Marxism enters the fighting over leper pecker stage.

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Fuck a venezualen mom,  

I don't care about your ass existence, I don't care that your twisted ideology makes you feel entitled to shit you or your non existent father worked nothing towards.  Communism and socialism needs to die a reality fueled death.  

kill commies, wherever they may lie.