Kunstler: "Don't Cry For Me, Rachel Maddow"

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

The latest artificial hysteria cranked up by the Offendedness Cartel - re: detention of juvenile illegal immigrants — is the most nakedly sentimental appeal yet by the party out-of-power, a.k.a. “the Resistance.”

I have a solution: instead of holding these children in some sort of jail-like facility until their identity can be sorted out, just give each one of them an honorary masters degree in Diversity Studies from Harvard and let them, for God’s sake, go free in the world’s greatest job market.

Before you know it, we’ll have the next generation of Diversity and Inclusion deans, and America will be safe from racism, sexism, and Hispanophobia.

I won’t waste more than this sentence in arguing that official policy for the treatment of juvenile illegal immigrants is exactly what it was under Mr. Obama, and Mr. Bush before him.

I didn’t hear Paul Krugman of The New York Times hollering about the various federal agencies acting “like Nazis” back in 2014, or 2006.

You’d think that ICE officers were taking these kids out behind the dumpster and shooting them in the head.

No, actually, the kids are watching Marvel Comics movies, playing video games, or soccer, and getting three square meals a day while the immigration officials try to figure out who their parents are, or how to repatriate them to their countries-of-origin if they came here without any parents — say, with the assistance of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel.

By the way, these make up the majority of kids detained in the latest wave of mass border crossings.

Actual political leadership among “the Resistance” is AWOL this week. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer failed to offer up any alternative legislative plan for sorting out these children differently.

One can infer in the political chatter emanating from the Offendedness Cartel that immigration law is ipso-facto cruel and inhuman and that the “solution” is an open border.

In theory, this might play to the Democratic Party’s effort to win future elections by enlisting an ever-growing voter base of Mexican and Central American newcomers. But it assumes that somehow these newcomers get to become citizens, with the right to vote in US elections - normally an arduous process requiring an application and patience - but that, too, is apparently up for debate, especially in California, where lawmakers are eager to enfranchise anyone with a pulse who is actually there, citizen or not.

Krugman of The Times really hit the ball out of the park today with his diatribe comparing US Immigration enforcement to the Nazis treatment of the Jews.

As a person of the Hebrew persuasion myself, I rather resent the reckless hijacking of this bit of history for the purpose of aggrandizing the sentimentally fake moral righteousness of the Resistance. It actually diminishes the meaning of the Nazi campaign against European Jews. I daresay that commentary like Krugman’s will only serve to amplify a growing resentment of Jewish intellectuals in this country — including myself, increasingly the target of anti-Jewish calumnies and objurgations. You’d think the Mr. Trump had offered to blow up Ellis Island the way the Resistance is clamoring to pull down statues of Thomas Jefferson.

One also can’t fail to notice that this latest hysteria was ginned up the very same week that the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in congress about the gross and astounding misconduct in the executive suites of those sister agencies — literally a bastion of the Resistance (or Deep State bureaucracy).

Some kind of giant worm is turning in that circle of the three-ring-circus US politics has become.

A lot of the characters who politicized the FBI - turned it into a chop-shop for election campaign shenanigans - will be headed for grand juries and some of them maybe even jail. It may be the sort of jail in the federal system that offers ping pong and bocce ball, but it won’t be the same as practicing law on K Street in a wainscoted office with coffered ceilings and lunch of poulet chasseur sent up from the brasserie downstairs.

Those confined will have plenty of time to commiserate with the kids from south-of-the-border who were dragged into the USA one way or another by people who didn’t care what happened to them, or reckon on it if they did care.


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Mixed-race family asks Blue Bell to change the name of popular ice cream flavor



Not a bad name "better together" when it comes to ice cream, but not life, at least not yet.  Until blacks accept "one" America and treat whites like people, then this is just an example of the feel good emotional intelligence thinking of a child.   The Great Divide is getting more expansive today.  That's why blacks prefer to be called "African American" and why there are more and more SJW's speaking of white privilege, calling Trump a white supremacist, why governments, political parties, advertising and advocacy groups cater to blacks differently and apart from whites, etc., etc.   Reality is birds of a feather flock together and separate but equal still work just fine.  I wouldn't want my grand-daughter dating blacks who leave their pregnant mates holding the poverty bag 80% of the time.  Culture and character still matter.  Better together is just a feel good phrase for kids who don't have a mature view.

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Trump just had a press conference, where a naturalized citizen described how his daughter was brutally murdered, and Mexico just released the man to be tried for the crime, 25 years later. 

What about some tears for him?

“The children....the families, babies, !!!babies!!!!....children, working families....babies....TWO-YEAR-OLD-CHILDREN:” MSMers who do not know those migrant kids from Adam have been lecturing, saying it over and over and over, but they were dismissive of the REAL grief of US citizens whose children were murdered or killed recklessly by illegal aliens.

MSMers showed those American citizens only one time, not over and over again, like they do with the illegal border crossers, and they interrupted the last father at the podium so that I did not hear his story.

Chuck Todd just suggested that he was not sure that their children were killed by illegal aliens.


How many Hitler analogies would the MSM make if anyone dared to question whether some of the migrants were really fleeing murder, as opposed to coming to an underemployed nation, seeking welfare and low-wage, under-the-table work that undercuts Americans in the labor market? 

They would say that it is just like Nazi Germany, when people denied that Jews were being murdered.

Ugh, no it is not. 

And we know NOTHING about the migrant children, as anyone who has ever processed EBT & cash assistance cases can attest. There is no database from their home countries to consult to verify the documentation of illegal immigrants. Most have zero documentation.  

But those American parents are not lying about their well-documented murdered or killed children.

Some of the stories were available in news articles during the campaign, but I had not heard that sad-cubed story of the naturalized citizen at the end who lost her only child and her last relative, when an illegal alien killed him.

No non actor could EVER fake the emotion in their voices. 

Many of those parents lost their kids in wrecks, and many of the 10,000 out of 12,000 unaccompanied minors are not little kids, but teenagers who will be on the streets driving in a few short years.

This is made more dangerous than it already is when well-supervised teenagers hit the roads since they are orphans or have no adults to make sure that they become cautious drivers, etc.

It is not just criminal acts that cost the lives of those American citizens who did not have to die if illegal immigrants were not above the law.


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Trump is not really doing anything about illegal immigration, and a DACA amnesty does not count as doing something about it, quite the opposite. It is not Trump’s fault; it is the fault of the RINOs. But many Deplorables are probably skeptical that voting matters since Congress is bought and paid for by the pro-cheap-labor COC lobby. All we got was 1) a tax cut for the rich to use on stock buybacks and 2) more non-refundable child tax credits for dual-high-earner parents to use on kitchen redos or babyvacations. It is a debt-financed tax cut that threatens the solvency of SS. 

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One only need put an army of black/blue wearing Patriots near (but not too near) each voting location, a few Patriotic "brown actors" being handcuffed and loaded into vans, some hired crying kids and you won't see an illegal immigrant voting illegally. 

Our country is being invaded and the time for serious action has passed. I think this suggestion is tame compared to others being thrown around. Don't announce your plans before hand or Dems will pass laws to stop you on the eve of election. 

They are petrified of losing the House and any semblance of power.  I hope that Oath Keepers are keeping an eye on the situation with ICE workers, dox was illegal last I checked and we all know Assange had nothing to do with the leak - was Soros, the UK, Mexico, Canada and Globalists. 

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There are historical analogies that could be made, but the systematic murder of 6 million people is NOT the same thing as denying illegal border crossers the ability to ignore the law, entering the country at will, then working part time in womb-productive households to stay under the income limits for welfare programs.  

The question that needs to be asked is what happened to the orphanages in Central America, set up by Catholics, using the massive pot of money collected from Catholics around the world? Why didn’t Catholic Charities provide those children with shelter in their home countries? 

I have a theory that, again, involves media hype. It is possible that, because the Vatican has weathered a media storm about a few priests who did awful things to children, they are more cautious about setting up orphanages, where children are housed. 

That is sad because the overwhelming majority of priests would never do any such thing and have done more good than harm, but since sex was involved, those stories made the media a lot of money. 

The settlements probably lost the Vatican money, but they are still rich beyond belief.

They could set up more orphanages, staffed by kind nuns, in Catholic Central America, giving parents in danger from cartels or in bad economic situations a safe place to drop off their kids. They could pick them up later when their situation improved or put them up for adoption if they chose. 

Carhloics used to operate a lot of orphanages. If the media really cared about those kids, they would find out why they don’t anymore.

If they still operate a lot of orphanages, they would find out why those kids were not taken to an orphanage, rather than trekked across drug-war-torn Mexico, sleeping outside with the insects and vermin, including the area around the border with the rape trees, etc. 

They do not even know if those are their parents, not really. Their parents might have paid irresponsible people to take them to relatives in the US, after which they planned to illegally cross the border, joining them and having US-born children that qualify them for free groceries, free rent, free monthly cash assistance and refundable child tax credits up to $6,431. 

This is how you get a country, where wages do not perceptively rise for 40 years.

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