Bill Maher Defends "Wish" For "A Recession" That Will "Erode Trump's Popularity"

Bill Maher, the host of HBO's long-running late night talk show "Real Time", took a few minutes out of his show Friday night to respond to the backlash to a segment from last week's show where he voiced his hope that the US economy takes a nosedive into recession in the relatively near future, because - as Maher argued - a recession is the only thing that will help get rid of Trump by "eroding his popularity."

Maher started the segment by repeating his now infamous line: "A recession is a survivable event. What Trump is doing to this not" before lobbing a few criticisms of his own at the "right-wing nut-o-sphere" that took umbrage with his remarks. Responding to Laura Ingraham's claim that Maher has been rooting for an "economic collapse", Maher called her claims "laughable", arguing that he never said anything about wishing for an "economic collapse." "All I did was make a wish!," Maher joked. Anybody who doesn't understand this, he said, could use a "course in perspective."

"And finally, new rule, anyone who went apeshit over the last two weeks because I said going through a recession would be worth it if it undermined Trump's popularity has to enroll in college and take a course in perspective," Maher told his audience.

Maher believes his economic commentary is important, given that the American left is seemingly fixated on children being separated from their parents at the border, gun control and "intersectional" issues like transgender Americans' rights to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity, while ignoring the fact that Democracy in America is "going the way of the DoDo bird"..

"Democracy is about to go the way of the dinosaurs because we've been taken over by a dodo bird," he added, to laughs. "So let me repeat: Recessions are survivable events. We survive one every time a Republican is in the White House. It's true. Every Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt has presided over a recession."

But criticisms of Maher's comments weren't exclusively made by the right: Dean Obeidallah, a CNN contributor, wrote that "Bill Maher is wrong to root for a recession - and it hurts progressives that a so called progressive like millionaire Bill Maher is rooting for Americans to suffer." And while Maher scoffed at the notion that Alex Jones' accused him of being worth $100 million, he does collect an annual salary of $10 million. The controversy began when Maher suggested during his show last week that only an economic recession would be enough to dislodge Trump from office - and that an economic downturn would be well-worth it to spare Americans from Trump's policies like his tax reform bill which handed money back to corporations and the wealthy (ignoring the fact that many working Americans - particularly those living in states that voted for Trump - have also benefited).

"I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point," Maher said.

Of course, Maher is right about one thing: The US economy has survived, on average, one recession every ten years. And with  the current business cycle - already the second-longest on record for the US - drawing inevitably closer to its end, the odds that Trump ends up presiding over a recession are increasing with each passing day.



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Bill belongs to a sex club that requires $75,000 per year membership fee.

Not clear what is going on this club in NYC, but you can bet it is kosher, but not good.

Have to check his chart things like this are under sealed indictments now, 35,000 of them and adding 5000 per month.


Oh shit, Bill has a grand cross with Sun/Neptune/Uranus/Moon in the fixed signs. Plus other squares. Uranus locked on right now. Bills shit is abuse of male and female plus children or exclusively children his chart is so fucked up and it's real, real  bad.  Mars conjunct Saturn is sadomasochism square to Pluto/Jupiter. We are talking snuff films ..........or live shows.

Bill Mayer is an amateur with 0* fixed grand cross, he is new to this, he doesn't like Hillary know how to cover his tracks he will pay with his life for this. Hey as much as it shows your sickness, its shows your life,  which you can not escape.  Bill will be like Sal Mineo murdered in a Uber car.

Man never seen such an ugly chart since Hillary Rodent Clinton fixed squares.. the most treacherous.

I hate to look at a chart like this because I see the action and most likely will dream about the details tonight. It's why I don't do charts anymore, its way too intense for me. Screw  you Bill for being alive in the news and making me witness your filth.



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Oh boy!

What's going on here?


Bill Maher "Wish" For "A Recession"

Wait a minute…….I don’t get it.

Isn’t it what we have been hearing from most Hedgers and conservatives since 2009?

Actually, doesn’t most Hedgers want a total collapse of the US economy?

You guys should be applauding Maher.


takeaction: Jordan Peterson…This guy is fucking brilliant.

Sorry, but Jordan Peterson is post-modernism in steroids, basically an exaggerator and a fraud.


People to Learn From:

Jordan Peterson Characterized Perfectly

Jordan Peterson is NOT a Christian


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He is right 100%. Pussy-grabber is destroying our democracy!

Just go on women refuse to date republican, bakeries refuse to make cakes for gays, restaurants are kicking pussy-grabber-ass-kissers. 

Is it healthy? Where is the discourse ? As republican i cannot even argue with pussy-grabber-cult-followers! I'm democrat and betrayer for them, deep state or whatever  craptastic label they will come

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Liberals simply change the argument when they realize they can't win the argument.  Liberalism is using government to steal resources from people who are more intelligent and more productive and handing them over to the lower end of the gene pool for votes.  Liberal politicians stay in power this way and don't give a shit they're importing lower IQ immigrants and handing precious recourses over to semi-retarded people to perpetuate their spawn.  As long as they keep getting the votes, that's all that matters.  Sociopathic sycophants like Maher are well-paid whores whose purpose is to keep the dumbasses and true believers entertained.  They keep the bullshit flowing downhill and the power and money flowing uphill.  Liberals know socialism has been permanently discredited by anyone capable of critical thought, so the only thing left to do is import people from shit holes with lower IQs who are used getting permission from their government to wipe their own ass.  And let's also pay for the domestic lower IQ folks to have more spawn by taking those resources from people with a brain until we've become a 3rd world shit hole.  Maher, you will most definitely get your wish.  Just don't be surprised when it doesn't end how you think it will.      

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We keep hearing about the "sealed indictments".

Where is the list by court house, seems like a canard ?

Given that DC voted 94% for Hilary, and the current attempted railroading of anyone who ever ate lunch with Trump, if there are sealed indictments it seems more likely it is 35,000 Trump supporters who will be bankrupted until they plead guilty to something, actual guilt is irrelevant in the Courts.

"Have to check his chart things like this are under sealed indictments now, 35,000 of them and adding 5000 per month. "

Basically every law firm, every k street firm and every lobbyist in DC is either involved in corruption, laundering bribes through the sub chapter S Corps in DC or acting as a foreign agent, including most of the so called think tanks.

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Peterson is a psychologist. I hate psychologists and psychiatrists. They are the worst doctors, if you can call them such. Nothing but unicorn shit and a made up language which is meaningless but sold as if they have the meaning to life. Lies. Nothing but lies.

I do find it interesting that people seem to enjoy being told that if they simply made their bed in the morning, they would be happy.

And I have some gold-plated unicorn shit, special, for you.

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