Who's Running With The Bulls In Pamplona? (Spoiler Alert: A Lot Of Americans?)

The world-famous San Fermín bull-running festival began yesterday in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona (despite calls for the event to be cancelled this year over sexual violence after a woman was sexually abused by five men at the festival in 2016).

However, as Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, thrillseekers continue to flock to Pamplona from all corners of the world to seek an adrenaline-filled morning running with the bulls.

In total, 15 people have been killed by bulls at the festival since 1922 with the most recent death occurring in 2009. Even though deaths are infrequent, injuries are far more common.

Infographic: Who's Running With The Bulls In Pamplona?  | Statista

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Last year, 17,126 people took their chances running with the bulls, of which the overwhelming majority were men.

In terms of nationality, 40 percent are Spanish (excluding the region of Navarra where San Fermín takes place).

There is also a sizeable U.S. contingent with 20 percent of runners American.