Neocons Panic As Trump-Putin Meeting Could Mark Close Of Syrian Proxy War

When multiple op-ed pieces appear in the pages of the New York TimesWashington Post, and the CFR-owned Foreign Affairs authored by neocons simultaneously pleading with Trump Don't Get Out of Syria(!) all within the same week, this is typically an indicator that the president is about to do something good. 

Trump is set to meet with Putin one-on-one this coming Monday in Helsinki after a contentious NATO summit and a sufficiently awkward visit with Theresa May, and mainstream pundits' heads are exploding. 

The Post's Josh Rogin warns, Trump and Putin may be about to make a terrible deal on Syria, and Susan Rice suddenly emerges from obscurity and irrelevance to say in the Times that Trump Must Not Capitulate to Putin while urging the administration not to "prematurely withdraw United States forces [from Syria], thus thus ceding total victory to Russia, Mr. Assad and Iran." From North Korea to Afghanistan to Syria to Ukraine, Rice advises the typical regime change script of "harsh additional sanctions" anywhere the dictates of Washington are not strictly adhered to. 

Similarly, Eli Lake links together the main regime change wars begun under Obama while lamenting their potential winding down as a result of Putin and Trump meeting as indicative of living in "some alternate universe". "The price of Russian cooperation in Syria cannot be U.S. capitulation on Crimea," Lake writes, and further calls such a possibility "the most dangerous possible outcome."

The Kagan-led neocon think tank ISW, meanwhile, is outraged(!) the administration appears to lack "the will to use" America's military might to counter Assad, Iran, and Russia, saying "the United States should invest now in building leverage for future decisive action." 

And then there's Senator Lindsey Graham's meltdown on Twitter this week in reaction to both the Syrian Army victoriously raising the national flag over Daraa and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling President Vladimir Putin during a summit that Israel has no problem with Assad staying, so long as Israel can preserve "freedom of action" if attacked. 

In a significant change of posture toward Damascus, Netanyahu told reporters in Moscow, “We haven't had a problem with the Assad regime, for 40 years not a single bullet was fired on the Golan Heights.” 

This was enough to send Graham's head spinning: "Radical Sunni groups will say – correctly – that Assad is a proxy of Iran and the Ayatollah. It means the Syrian war never ends and ISIS comes back," he said in a strange twist of logic that gives credence to the arguments of terror groups. 

Israel's Haaretz newspaper featured Sen. Graham's reaction:

'Without Assad’s blessing, the flags of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would not be on Israel’s front door,' Graham tweets in response to Netanyahu claiming Israel has no problem with Assad.

As Trump readies for Putin summit, saying "He’s not my enemy," interventionistas are raging

In the past months there's been widespread reporting on a "secret" deal brokered between Russia, Israel, and Syria, which reportedly involves the Syrian Army agreeing to keep Iranian forces away from the ongoing successful campaign along the Israeli and Jordanian borders, especially the contested Golan Heights.

Netanyahu now says, fresh off his Moscow visit, that Putin agreed to restrain Iran in Syria, but that ultimately Assad will take back all of SyriaThe New York Times reports this hugely significant acknowledgement and surprising change of tune from the Israeli PM:

Israel, he said, did not object to President Bashar al-Assad’s regaining control over all of Syria, a vital Russian objective, and Russia had pushed Iranian and allied Shiite forces “tens of kilometers” away from the Israeli border.

The NYT continues

But a commitment to keep Iranian forces tens of kilometers from Israel was a far cry from ejecting them completely from Syria, which Mr. Netanyahu has been lobbying Mr. Putin to do. And even that commitment was not confirmed by Russian officials.

...So a willingness to accept Mr. Assad’s resumption of control over all of Syria is no small concession, said Amos Yadlin, a former chief of Israeli military intelligence who now heads the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

“Nobody can these days destabilize the Assad regime,” he said. “The only one who can do it is Israel. And the Russians know that very well. So to get a commitment from Israel not to destabilize Syria is something that Russia will value very much.”

The neocon pundits' last hope for military intervention in Syria has remained Netanyahu, and to see him fold must feel like a swift unexpected punch in the stomach, but more crucially the Syrian diplomatic cards have fallen in place just days before Monday's Trump-Putin meeting. 

President Assad has long vowed to liberate "every inch" of sovereign Syrian territory, something which but two years ago appeared impossible, yet which now looks increasingly inevitable. Should the Trump-Putin summit result in a green light that ensures Moscow and Damascus remain in the driver's seat and set the terms for Syria's stabilization, we could be witnessing the final diplomatic chapter in this dark seven-year long proxy war. 

However, Trump continues to be urged from various corners of the beltway foreign policy establishment to salvage and preserve what he can of the open-ended US troop presence in eastern Syria: the US must "preserve its interests in the conflict, namely... constraining Iranian influence in the country" as one Foreign Policy essay argues

For months now, Trump has talked of US military withdrawal from the country — which the Pentagon in public statements has put at over some 2000 troops — a proposal which hawks within his administration have pushed back against every time. 

And then there's the clearly observable pattern that seems to repeat whenever the administration announces it is poised to pull out of Syria. Indeed it seems to occur every time the Syrian Army is on a trajectory of overwhelming victory: an ill-timed and strategically nonsensical mass chemical attack on civilians supposedly ordered by Assad — inevitably giving the West an open door for military intervention, new rounds of crippling sanctions, and yet more international media condemnation heaped on Damascus. 

Precisely this scenario occurred just days after President Trump declared in the last week of March of this year that he wanted a complete US military pullout from Syria. What then immediately followed was the April 7 "chemical attack" provocation in Douma  just the thing that brought Trump's planned pullout to a grinding halt, instead resulting tomahawk missiles unleashed on Damascus. 

Should Trump and Putin ultimately come to a lasting settlement on the Syria issue which results in US troop withdrawal from Syria, will the international proxy war come to a close?

Or will we witness yet another last minute "mass casualty event" or other other provocation that pulls the US, Israel, and Russia into yet deeper direct military confrontation?



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How was his meeting with May awkward? It wasnt awkward at all. Media spin on the left is as bad as spin from neocons. Commies and Fascists both of them.  Fake gas attacks, fake poisoning, fake News at home, fake stories about Crimea (they voted to join Russia), fake Russia investigation, fake indictments for hacking a server that was destroyed before it could be examined, fake democratic primary rigged against Bernie Sanders (Seth Rich?). Living in a world of make believe but Trump is kicking their ass at every turn. If GOP keeps control of Congress I look forward to Trump pardoning Mike Flynn and Paul manafort, and putting comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, and strzok and page in an ICE prison. If only Sessions had some balls.

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Although I have no idea of what is going on, assuming the headlines, all I can say is Go Trump!

The trump-jew thing is weird, but anybody looking for perfect will never find it. Trump, as far as I can tell, has never taken an action that is inconsistent with anything he said prior to 11/2016*. And that is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself.

All things being equal, warts and all, so far I'd say #bestpresidentever excepting Andrew Jackson and George Washington

(*I was pretty outraged about lobbing bombs into Syria, but it seems like that is no longer an issue (?) - but this might be an exception to diverging from pre-election rhetoric; as far as the embassy moving to Jerusalem, that is a very nasty business for many reasons, but Trump was clear about his intention to do that, and said as much, prior to the election - it would have been great if he changed his mind with respect to that issue, but it is hard to fault someone for doing exactly as they said they would; besides, anybody up to their eyeballs in debt, living in New York, are going to see the 'jew' issue in an entirely different light - nbot saying that is good, but the reality is someone in Trump's position will never see the 'light' with respect to the wholesale juden fraud perpetrated on the world and America; however, he does get credit for putting up 2 SCJs that are not apparently part of the (((luciferian cult))); and I agree with other posters it is a strange thing at least one of his kids 'converted' to the juden philosophy, but the guy Ivanka married was a son of a big business partner - what was Trump supposed to do, forbid it? Anyway, to unload the (((luciferian))) curse of America and the world is going to take someone else. For those annoyed by it, I recommend to keep the faith, and keep posting away and telling the truth; pretty soon more ppl than you think will get wise to the scam, elect an entirely different sort of leader, and things will change)

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For fucks sake it is common knowledge that Trump CLEARED the "bombs in Syria" both WITH Putin as well as ASSAD.  He BROAD-CASTED it a fucking WEEK BEFORE he did it.   Trump went after the Iranian assets in there.


Do a bit of research before you get a hair across your ass.




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Latest Elijah Magnier article (1 of 2):

"A top decision maker in Syria has said “the US has sent a message to the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad that expresses the US establishment’s wishes. Under these wishes there is an Israeli goal compatible with Donald Trump’s objective to pull out its own forces from Syria with as little damage as possible. Trump would like to avoid the same fate that hit the US forces during Georges Bush’s era where thousands of US soldiers were killed in action”.

According to the source involved in overseeing the entire military operation for the last years of war in Syria, “President Assad was very clear in his answer to the US establishment. Syria – said Assad – is determined to liberate the entire Syrian territory regardless of the consequences. There is of course a price to be paid to obtain the liberation of north Syria which is occupied by both the US and Turkey, neither of whom were invited by the Syrian government: this price is worth it”.

The American message is clear:”The US will leave al-Tanf crossing and abandon north-east Syria in al-Hasaka and Deirezzour as soon as possible. The only condition is for Russia and Syria to guarantee a total withdrawal of all Iranian forces from the Levant. The US is ready to leave the Kurds and let these continue their negotiation with Damascus. The US establishment will recognise[sic] Assad’s authority over Syria but Iran must leave”.

Assad responded: “Iranian forces and their allies came to Syria under an official request by the central government and will leave when this government asks the allied forces to leave, and only when all terrorists have been eradicated from the Levant”.

“You – said Assad – came to Syria without any permission and occupied our territory. It is therefore our duty to push you out by all means. You shall not obtain by negotiation and peace what you failed to obtain after seven years of war”."…

Article (2 of 2):

"The Syrian army and the allies of Hezbollah and Iran are preparing to finish off the last pockets of militants and jihadists in the city of Daraa (the western part of it), as well as the Quneitra governorate, where the “Islamic State -Welayat Houran” (ISIS in Quneitra) militants are in control of 18 km along the 1974-line separating Syria from the occupied Golan. The presence of these terrorist groups has been tolerated and even supported by Israel in the last years of the Syrian war.

The next battle will be decisive in ending all pockets outside the authority of the Damascus government. Despite this fact Israel is still trying to intervene in the Syrian south, resisting any acceptance of the status quo: the years of war are over on its borders, and Syria is regaining the control of its territory. Actually, it is also the Israeli officials who are breathing their last in the Syrian war, which is nearing its end. What will remain to be liberated is the US &Turkish occupied North of Syria.

But the failure of the regime change is not hitting only Israel but the entire assembly of pundits in Arab and western countries."…

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All the more reason to understand this:

"As it happens, there are a very few Jews and Israelis who acknowledge their responsibility for the Palestinian plight and support the Palestinian Right of Return. These rare Jews are brave enough to admit that Israel is inherently anti-Semitic and racist to the core.

Attributing the ‘Antisemitic’ slur to others is how both Zionists and the so called ‘anti’ kick the ball to the goyim’s yard.

This method was effective for a while but it doesn’t work anymore: being called an anti-Semite in 2018 is a synonym for an ethically driven humanist, an anti racist, a truth teller, peace and Justice role model, a rock star. The list of ‘anti semites’ is growing exponentially, probably in direct proportion with the tidal rise in Jewish guilt. The more guilty (some) Jews feel, the more the rest of us are becoming anti-Semitic in their eyes.

“Unconscious is the discourse of the Other,” was, probably Jacques Lacan’s most astute psychoanalytical observation. It is the fear that the Other, in this case, the gentile, the humanist, sees you truly. It is the fear that the goy can detect your shame. Jewish Guilt as such is the unbearable fear that the Goyim know.

* the author of this piece very well knows that ‘Semitic’ is neither a racial nor an ethnic category. It refers instead to a group of languages. The reference to semitism is made in order to deconstruct the Judeo-centric ‘antisemitic argument.’

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Jew this, Jew that. I'm sick o' hearing it.

Jews are smart and don't take shit. They defend their culture, such as it is.

And their lands.

We should take a leaf from their book; instead of being a bunch of dogwitted helpless ankle-grabbing whiny panty-wearing puthy-fags with shitloads of weapons...


If the whole damn joint gets nuked from orbit, will you be happy then,you frickin' Nazzies?

Didn't we donate about 10 KT worth of free! TNT a few years ago to Germany to deal with you gaping horse vaginas ?

so, as they say in 'Frisco, THUCKIT.

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I watched a nicely detailed documentary about the Six Day War a couple of days ago. What's clear is that Israel was winning a hugely lopsided victory from the outset. I kept wondering how this documentary would deal with the outrageous false flag attack on the USS Liberty, an unarmed vessel of their "biggest ally's" navy. The answer is, they totally ignored it. It was an attack that was completely unjustified given the wildly successful Israeli tactical situation, but they did it anyway, as if the attack was an off-the-shelf plan in the event of a war and not one Israeli officer had the good sense to call it off when it should have been realized that it was only going to leave an indelible black mark on Israel's history.

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I said that Putin was involved but obviously Trump is the linchpin. Only the President of the United States and specifically President Trump has the clout and the personality to make this deal work among all the involved parties all over the world.

Trump said that he wants to work with other nations and that's exactly what we're seeing him do. With his partners Trump is taking the first steps toward stabilizing long volatile parts of the world. Is it any wonder that so much energy is being expended against Trump and his relationships with Putin and Kim?

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mistreatment of the prison camp inmates in Gaza and the West Bank.


First reasonable comment from the naysayers. If Trump has conceded to many of Netanyahu's wishes in return for concessions on Syria what are the ramifications for the Palestinians? Will the West Bank be annexed? Will Gaza be conquered?

The silver lining here is that a one state solution will almost certainly lead (after much suffering) to the end of Israel as a Jewish state. The Zionists are fools for not realizing that.

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