"Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Alliance"

Authored by Tom Luongo,

NATO is obsolete.  Donald Trump made this argument back on the campaign trail.  This week, in his typically hyperbolic manner, he dressed down the organization for its hypocrisy over its mandate, which is to counter any aggression from Russia.

But, the potential threat of a Russian invasion of Europe is nil.  And, literally, everyone involved in this farce of a summit knows this.  So, Trump was right to call out the hypocrisy, but wrong about how to solve it.

Attacking Germany over the Nordstream 2 pipeline is nonsense.  Trade, especially energy trade, stitches economies and peoples together.  But to Trump energy is different.  Energy is a defense issue.

As such, it should be tightly controlled and only deployed to the benefit of those he approves of (or is allied with) against those he doesn’t (China).

And this is what is fundamentally wrong with geopolitically-dominant thinking.  Everything gets reduced to the metaphoric chess board.  People stop thinking about their individual needs and can only think in terms of nations and governments.

And it makes it easy for authoritarians like Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and all the rest to push the public’s buttons, openly stoking people’s in-group/out-group bias against their own best interest.

This is ultimately what allows for equally odious people like Donald Trump and Angela Merkel to achieve and maintain power.  NATO is obsolete because the thinking behind why it is necessary is obsolete.

It’s not Russian aggression that everyone has to be worried about, it is the aggression of those who have to this point mismanaged everything they were empowered to take care of in the first place, i.e. the very politicians at the meeting.

The US has subsidized European social welfare states by outsourcing their defense.  We, in turn, empowered a corporatocracy built around selling increasingly unnecessary weapons back to them under the false rubric of the evil Russians.

Trump’s position about NATO members not ‘paying their fair share’ is beside the point.  NATO’s budget would be far better spent contracting Russia to build the Nordstream 2 pipeline itself than bullying Italy into buying another tank it doesn’t need.

This is nothing more than him trying to turn an obsolete NATO into yet another Keynesian job creation program.

“Buy more of our over-priced, under-performing crap like the F-35 (a plane that should be considered treason by any rational metric of the term) so we can destroy even more precious capital while everyone goes broke issuing more debt to keep the party going a little while longer.”

In Trumpspeak however, this comes out as “Jobs.  Yuge jobs!”

It would be better in the end to just give the engineers rocks to throw at windows the assembly team builds.  At least there wouldn’t be the massive waste of raw materials.  Glass is recyclable after all, though not profitably.

His real complaint, however, is on an imbalance of trade between the US and Europe.  This is something he can’t fix without giving up the very source of the power he’s wielding with reckless abandon right now, the US dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

Triffin’s paradox is real for the country that issues the currency that liquefies world trade.  And for that to occur, that country must run a trade deficit to issue more currency.  Dollars go out, goods come in.

The trade deficit is an accounting anomaly, and as Martin Armstrong consistently points out, can be manipulated by the interplay between it and the country’s current account.

The question isn’t the amount of money going out it is the value for that money in the goods received for it.  In that respect, the only economic respect that matters, the US gets paid handsomely.

The endless preening and virtue signaling by dead-ender politicians trying to justify their existence while mouthing the will of the lobbyists and rentier-class financiers who stand behind him is worse than nauseating.

It is culturally and psychologically destabilizing.  Resistance to change by the bureaucracy is on daily display on both sides of the pond.  From the Peter Strzok hearings to Theresa May’s betrayal of Brexit, none of these people want their ox gored while they continue to live at the expense of others for their benefit, not those they supposedly serve.

Trump has a real opportunity to quell his critics on the left and from libertarians like me to remake the way the business of geopolitics is done when he sits down with Putin next week.  His performance at the NATO summit was, as always with him, three steps forward and two steps back.

He’s needs an unfettered five-k jog in Helsinki.

And that means cutting through the nonsense, stopping the demagoguery and getting down to the real business of putting our own houses in order.  And that means for Trump, regardless of the agreements he gets from his European counterparts, to pull the US out of NATO, to tear down this alliance that is an albatross around the neck of everyone who lives under the weight of it.

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FBaggins powow Sat, 07/14/2018 - 11:28 Permalink

The US dominance of NATO is what is obsolete. The EU nations will likely pool their military into one force which the US will oppose as much as it has opposed the continuance of the EU. 

The economic future of the world will become increasingly Euro-Asian and less US centred and we can expect closer economic ties between Russia and Europe despite what the US and Brit Zionist banksters and multinationals want.  The petrodollar is precarious and the world has had enough of its military enforced fiat by the US military. Putin knows this and will not budge on Iran.

Everything the US does in preparation for the summit speaks of insecurity and desperation: the long delay; the ongoing fake Russia bashing over election collusion; the indictments of 12 Russians; the recent order of the US to Saudi Arabia to up production to lower the cost of oil, forcing Russia to sell their oil at below production costs; even another inane MI5 novichok poisoning in the UK ties into the charade (the last time this occurred this year it was a precursor for another botched poison-gas false flag in Syria so the US could demonstrate its military might by raining missiles down on that devastated nation.)

Luongo misses the point of the summit. The US, Israeli and British establishment (the Anglo-Zionists) are still playing the oil hedgemon game and they want control of Iran. Thereafter, with Venezuela falling into their grasp they will have cornered the oil and gas resources of the world, they can continue to play the petrodollar ponzi protection racket game for another 50 years dominating Russia and China.   

Trump is a showman. He is not a diplomat and none of the people around him are diplomats. Bolton in addition to being a warmonger is a complete ass and that says a lot about the wisdom of Trump having such a man pave the way to Moscow. Something showy will undoubtedly happen before or during the summit to impress upon Putin the invincible might of the US, in order to induce or pressure Russia to take a neutral stance with respect to Iran. 

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Iskiab yomutti2 Sat, 07/14/2018 - 11:56 Permalink

I disagree, the article makes sense except for abolishing NATO.  Trade creates peace and trading with Russia will do more to deter war then a strong military will.  

NATO had become more of a diplomatic channel between militaries then a European defense.  There’s nothing for Europe to defend itself against, Europe could crush Russia without the US’ help.

The reason NATO (Europe) is giving into US demands is to keep the diplomatic channels open between the militaries and outlast trump.  There might not be a threat now but there could be one in the future.  The military spending is just a tax for dealing with the US because of US corruption, the republicans want their military contractors buddies to make more money.

He’s right about the US flexing it’s muscles.  All that has done is push allies away and guarantee that the American dollar won’t be the international currency in the future.  These things take time, but I’d say it’s inevitable at this point.  In the past it was an outdated holdover that carried some risk to reform, it’s now a national security/sovereignty issue for every other nation.  In the digital age there’s no reason to clear all these transactions through the US.


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land_of_the_few Iskiab Sat, 07/14/2018 - 12:10 Permalink

Plus the part about Germany getting 70% of its energy from Russia is not accurate.

Natural gas is not Germany's main energy source. It's not even in their top 3 sources. Renewables are their top energy source, followed by (German) Lignite and hard coal.

.. Germany gets roughly 22-23 percent of its primary energy from Russia



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SDShack land_of_the_few Sat, 07/14/2018 - 13:44 Permalink

Your article is over 4 years old. Because of environmental and global warming hysteria, Germany has phased out all nuclear power, and is trying to reduce coal consumption. This makes Germany more and more dependent on Nat Gas. Your old propaganda article doesn't belie this fact and the reality that Germany will not be able to depend on unicorn renewables in the future for their growth. These facts are why Germany is pushing for Nordstream 2, and a new Southstream. Real construction of real energy assets trumps white paper musings.

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squid Iskiab Sun, 07/15/2018 - 01:48 Permalink

Deter Russia?

Deter russia from what? Its the USA that needs detering. Russia is broke and they know it. The USA is broker than broke (in fact it could be argues that the Queen's English has no term to adequately describe the fiscal condition of the USA or the UK for that matter) but simply denies it and carries on. Russia's GDP is the same as New York State and Putin is fully aware of that. They are in ZERO position to conquer and occupy anyone, and Putin knows that. Anyone that can add knows that. 


Putin also knows that the only thing that keeps the USA going is the petro dollar.....so all he has to do is wait, the zioUSA pain-in-the-ass will cure itself by disappearing.


How many nations has Russia destroyed in the last 20 years?



The USA?

Afganistan, Lybia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemmen, Egypt, South Africa, etc, etc......


So who needs detering here?



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Got The Wrong No ali-ali-al-qomfri Sat, 07/14/2018 - 12:15 Permalink

Speaking of the alluring cackle cankle, she is planning to run in 2020. I saw an interesting video talking about how she could pull it off through the use of early voter fraud, mobilization, voter machine hacking, voting zombies and MSM screaming Russia. In her own party, there is no one who will be able to stop her. This alone should be incentive for Trump to take the Satanic Witch down.

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Got The Wrong No The central planners Sat, 07/14/2018 - 12:22 Permalink

Trump's name was an asset. He was able to sell the use of his name without doing anything else. People paid him to put his name on their projects. So yes, Trump's name was an asset and had value to a lender. You on the other hand, are a Moron and a liability to yourself and any other loser who thinks you are anything other than a Moron.

Ross made a business decision and seeing how Trump has prospered since then, was paid back his loan with interest. 

He didn't, as you suggest buy a puppet. Hillary on the other hand, only had America to sell and she did it often.  

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land_of_the_few sheikurbootie Sat, 07/14/2018 - 11:22 Permalink

"70% of Germany's energy come from RUSSIA." Nope, Germany isn't a failed state that uses imported Nat Gas for everything, you must be thinking of some other country.

Nat Gas is only 13.2% of their total energy consumption, and they only get 1/3 of their natural gas from Russia. Their consumption of energy from each one of Lignite (22.5%), Hard Coal (14.1%) and Renewables (33.3%) is *individually* more than Nat Gas


Closer look at German energy dependence on Russia

... Germany gets roughly 22-23 percent of its primary energy from Russia.


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commiebastid sheikurbootie Sat, 07/14/2018 - 12:30 Permalink

NATO: a group of vassal states that act as a beard for US aggression, supplying legitimacy for their illegal wars and then forced to take all the refugees they create. All the while the US occupies their countries for strategic nefarious adventures. For this luxury they are forced to go against their own interests in favor of deals that would benefit the US. They support the US in its persecution of their current boogeyman so they may buy sub par weapons for 'defense'. whilst the only force that threatens them are the people selling them weapons. Who owes who? Bit of a catch 22.

Yes. Abolish NATO (a war machine that has outlived its usefullness) and present the US with a bill for each and every soul they take in.



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Matteo S. sheikurbootie Sun, 07/15/2018 - 17:11 Permalink

9% of Germany’s energy comes from Russia.


Not 70% !


And what’s the problem with it ?

Russia, Iran and Qatar, even Israel, want to sell natural gas to European countries. They want it because they need to sell their gas.


Now go on fracking to extract a gas 3 times as expensive as Russia’s. But most european countries won’t buy your overpriced gas. 

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2banana Sat, 07/14/2018 - 10:42 Permalink

NATO is hopelessly corrupt and outdated.

America provides 80% of the funding while the combined EU economy is bigger than America's economy.

Europeans don't take an invasion from Russia seriously. Most spend 1-2% GDP on defense. It is a joke.

If they don't take their own defense seriously, why should we?


"A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

--- John Stuart Mill