Cuomo Dominating 'Sex & The City'-Socialist Cynthia Nixon In NY Governor's Race

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's lead over Democratic Socialist Cynthia Nixon in the state's Democratic primary race for governor has widened to 36%, up from 22% in May, according to a Wednesday poll from Quinnipiac University.

Cuomo, the son of a three-term governor who is himself seeking a third term, leads Nixon 59 percent to 23 percent among potential voters, according to a poll out Wednesday from Quinnipiac University. Nixon, an Emmy winner who starred in HBO’s “Sex and the City,” has called Cuomo a "corrupt hypocrite" who doesn’t reflect Democrats’ core values, is beholden to corporate interests, and has let the subway system deteriorate on his watch. -Bloomberg

The poll also finds that people want an experienced leader governing the state: 

"New Yorkers say 59 - 30 percent they want a gubernatorial candidate with experience in politics over someone new to it. Democrats, non-white voters and women, in particular, lead the charge in that preference," according to Mary Snow, polling analyst for the Quinnipiac University Poll. 

Also hurting Nixon is the fact that virtually nobody knows who she is aside from "the Miranda" of the group - her character on Sex and the City.

"A significant percentage of voters say they haven't heard enough about Gov. Andrew Cuomo's two main rivals, Duchess County Executive Marc Molinaro and Cynthia Nixon, to give them a thumbs up or down on what they think of them. That is also helping Gov. Cuomo." 

Cuomo also has a massive fundraising advantage - with $31.1 million in his warchest vs. just $660,000 for Nixon according to the New York Times

Nixon's sagging performance is notable in light of the progressive wave of Democratic Socialists unseating establishment candidates - starting with 28-year-old progressive activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who beat the 4th most powerful Democrat in Congress - Joe Crowley, in an upset victory. 

Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Nixon have sought to push the party further left and a victory over the more moderate Cuomo would mark arguably the biggest victory in that political movement to date. -Bloomberg

We wonder if Nixon can explain the Israeli-Arab conflict better than Ocasio-Cortez? 



Ecclesia Militans El Oregonian Thu, 07/19/2018 - 05:01 Permalink

Back in 1997 when Cuomo was Head of HUD, I was on the KPMG audit team doing the financial statement review under then then-pressing CFO Act of 1991.  I was getting on the elevator one Saturday morning to schlep it in as usual when a bunch of partners boarded the elevator as well, intending to make a meeting at the executive suite on the top floor.  Surprised to see them I asked what brought them off the links on that fine late summer day - naturally it was an audit finding, but given the number of partners on that elevator it must have been a significant one.  All I was told was that it involved third-party payments to outside contractors and I think it had something to do with renovations to his personal office - sound familiar?  I was still recovering from a wild night at the Step Down in Georgetown so I didn't pay very much attention, but even in my hungover and disinterested state at the time I remember thinking that this was going to be some kind of political firestorm if it required an army of partners on an elevators at the HUD building at L'Enfant Plaza on a Saturday morning.

Not a word was ever heard, in the media or otherwise, afterwards.  I never read the work papers to see the results of that meeting or the conclusions reached.

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SantaClaws Wed, 07/18/2018 - 22:41 Permalink

I'm no fan of Cuomo, a vicious, corrupt, politicizer of everything, but NYS is probably ungovernable as is.  Perhaps like California it should somehow be split up.  All of the focus is on and the money is in NYC, while the rest of the state dies on the vine.

J Mahoney Wed, 07/18/2018 - 22:47 Permalink

If she wasn't an outsider trying to buck the system she would garner the praise of all the Dems but she's all of a sudden damaged goods or doesn't have enough experience -- so much for the "Womens Movement Democrats" (WMD)

ffed Wed, 07/18/2018 - 22:49 Permalink

Its like good cop bad cop with this- make not really sure who makes me wanna puke more but they probably want Cuomo back in there so feed they gullible sheep the actress, just more bread and circus on this flat earth.

My newest Flat Earth video, How to Research Flat Earth for Newbies-  Gives tips on learning about shills, misinformation, censorship, getting past your current beliefs /ego and different flat earth proofs along with related conspiracies.

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Twenty four years after 'Sex & The City' first aired; I'm afraid she would not be considered fuckable (unless you are in your 60's & fucking hard up...)

But then, I'm sure if your in your 60's, hookers in their late 30's would probably be the way to go.

What was it that Neil Young used to say? Oh, yeah; "Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers."

Who the fuck want's to see small, sagging titties anyway!

Thank fucking god I am not there yet for a while...

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The only one on that show that was EVER screwable was the shy brunette. This one was always a man. The lead was a shnozzola with an out-of-size ego and Kim Catrall was kind of cute, but also a nasty whorish cougar. Not the place to scout hot women, that's for sure. That was the point of the show. To make houndy, aging professional women with no kids think they could still be free teenage hotties with money in NYC. They don't call TV fantasy for nothing...

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Nah, my problem is having weird interests and being an introvert, not looks.  Guys are always swarming around me and I have noticed zero slowdown.  I am not bragging it's an annoyance.  You fuckers would be REALLY surprised if you ever saw me.

I could understand if you could see a body and regardless of what shape it was, if it just looked young at all... But that bitch looks like she has hypertolerism. Just saying...  I find it surprising what you guys get wowed about sometimes.  Then of course there are guys on here that claim they have never screwed anything below a 22 year old "ten", but we know they are full of shit. 

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