Outrage Grows As MGM Presses "Reprehensible", "Stunt" Lawsuit Against Shooting Victims

Survivors of the deadliest mass shooting in US history are expressing their outrage with MGM Resorts International after the company sued the surviving victims of the shooting, claiming it has "no liability of any kind" in the Oct. 1 massacre, USA Today reports. An MGM spokeswoman said the company has been "focused on the recovery of those impacted by the shooting" while also claiming that the attack was "unforeseeable."

"The unforeseeable events of October 1st affected thousands of people in Las Vegas and throughout North America," MGM Resorts spokeswoman Debra DeShong said in a statement. "From the day of this tragedy, we have focused on the recovery of those impacted by the despicable act of one evil individual."

Attorneys representing the victims said the lawsuit was "a stunt" that probably won't survive a challenge in court and accused the company of "blaming the victims." One lawyer said MGM's challenge was the most "reprehensible" action taken by a corporation to avoid paying damages that he's seen in his multi-decade career.

Brian Claypool, a survivor of the rampage who represents 75 survivors and victims' family members, called MGM's lawsuit "a stunt" that won't survive a court challenge.

"I am still in therapy once a week, and this is their way of trying to solve the problem," he said. "It’s shifting responsibility and minimizing their blatant negligence."

Robert Eglet, whose firm represents hundreds of people in the case, dismissed MGM's claim as "outrageous" and accused the company of trying to intimidate victims. Very few of his clients have filed suit and some never will, he said.

"In my 30 years of practice, this is the most reprehensible behavior I have ever seen a defendant engage in," Eglet said. "They are trying to victimize these people twice."

MGM is arguing that the security company it contracted with for the Harvest festival (MGM owns the lot across the street from the Mandalay Bay hotel and resort) took all the precautions required by the Department of Homeland Security. It has also argued that security staff in the hotel responded promptly and in accordance with post-9/11 protocols for mass casualty events.

MGM's lawsuit claims the case must be dealt with in federal court under terms of the post-9/11 Safety Act, which provides incentives for development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies. The company says the security firm it contracted for the concert, CSC, was approved by the Department of Homeland Security, thus released from liability under the act.

But the victims' attorneys said these guidelines are irrelevant when it comes to the lawsuit.

"The Safety Act doesn't apply to them, it applies to CSC," Eglet said. "MGM has nothing to do with CSC."

Eglet said there was no reason to file the suit since the issue of jurisdiction is already being argued in court. He said MGM is "judge shopping."

"They are trying to find a judge they like," he said. "All they have done is cause a tremendous amount of stress, pouring gasoline on the fire."

Carl Tobias, a professor at the University of Richmond School of Law in Virginia, said the company may be able to convince a federal judge with its arguments, but that would come at a price.

Some expressed outrage at MGM on twitter. Others questioned whether security at Mandalay Bay, the hotel where the shooter carried out his deadly massacre, had been tightened after the incident.

Some even questioned whether it's time for an MGM boycott:

One lawyer said MGM should be spending money on beefing up security, not beefing up its legal team. But so far, at least, the boycott MGM movement hasn't found much traction and MGM appears to be weathering the controversy without too much backlash. But with the FBI's final investigative report expected by the one-year anniversary of the Oct. 1 attack, new information could still be released that could implicate the hotel, or vindicate it.


The deadly mass shooting was carried out by Stephen Paddock, a Vegas high roller who had recently lost millions of dollars gambling. After transporting an arsenal of weapons to his hotel suite and smashing open a window, he killed 58 people attending a country music festival across the street before shooting himself. To be sure, many mysteries remain about the hotel staff's initial response - but hopefully for the victims, the final report will provide some badly needed clarity. 


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People are so FUCKING BRAINDEAD, that dude had me CRACKING UP, he was like "see, if you look you can like see the exit wound"!!!! LOLOLOOOOOLOOL I shit my pants when he said that.  Fuck they could put a cartoon on TV and people would believe it happened.  And you and me are the "CRAZY" ones!!  LOLOLOOLOLOLO  I almost like being watching these fucking fake shootings now, looking for all their coded bullshit, bad acting, and poor scripts is fun and funny.  PEACE  

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"The FBI director said they will hold a press conference to inform the public of the developments ... in 2025."

In other words, they ain't telling us sh*t about what really happened. Just like they will NOT turn over Hillary's server or Weener's laptop.

I am surprised none of the victims or their families hasn't taken some of this into their own hands in an attempt to find some justice here....street justice is often swift and harsh.

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"Gawd, I feel better. I killed about 50 Japanese Beetles in my yard - broke a broom and a rake doing it - but I feel better!"

Dude, yer Fuckin' Up!

Get one of those free electronic bug swatters from Harbor Freight, it's a real blast;
blue flashes & the smell of bug's burnin' at the barbecue!

Some of the best fun I've had in years, especially when the women scream!


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I finally met somebody that was there.  He was a local cop who has PTSD and keeps having nightmares about phones going off all over in unison next to bodies (family calling).  Not all false flags are fake. 

He is my friend's/old neighbor's brother.  If it was fake it was a good enough job to traumatize the shit out of him and he and nearly every male in is family has been a cop for a good amount of time.

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So GAY, NOT IF, it was FAKE  100% and POORLY DONE too, you must be extra brainwashed.  He is a SCUMBAG PIG who wants to keep his CUSH JOB.  Come on now, fuckin everyone I meet online "has a friend".  Just look at the video evidence and pull your head outta your ass, thats all you need to do. 

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Sweet cheeks, my Son is in Vegas and so is his fathers family.  As ZH knows, I was there even 48 hours before.  I was on the Hedge as it broke listening to live scanner.  Vegas knows it was bullshit (many know) but they also know it happened.  Not one person I know in Vegas disagrees with my opinion and I still regularly ask about what else they have heard from people they know locally.

Your argument also discredits this heinous crime and leads people to believe it was a fake nuthingburger, which is damaging to this very serious cause, the cause of Americans being butchered by their own government going back to Sept 11.

I've seen fake before and I believe this happened for numerous reasons.  If I was even slightly unsure that it was authentic I would still side towards it being real, out of respect and to not damage the cause.

Its best to error on the side of caution and in this case I dont believe I have to.  


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Yes fake has happened; however, good luck faking the death of this many in an open outdoor scene with every cop in Nevada descending on the place in short order.  Not all cops are retarded.  You dont have one single local cop in your corner?  We had tons of cops and firemen in our corner for Sept 11, why is that?

Ask somebody in the medical field about what "the smell of death" really is.  When your bacteria in your intestines start digesting themselves and your sphincters relax things come out of people that never occur in other circumstances.  It is unmistakable and when present will be authentic.  Good luck fooling a hundred cops and medical workers on things like that.

You can fool people on who the perp is easily but something this big being faked would become apparent very quickly and there are still patriot cops.

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No, it was nothing like Sandy hoax.  That was an extremely controlled environment.  This wasn't cops were everywhere.  They couldnt have kept the cops out of there if they wanted to and of course they had to know that in this scenario. 

A non-existent school/storage facility with prop kids and teachers... easy peasy.

You guys also always neglect to consider that sometimes there is both.  People may be killed but then a fake injury plant shows up for the CNN interview because they want to control the coverage, etc.

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Most of them work together, same as the banksters here in Oz... but what this shows, is the same as the DAs, the cops, soldiers, educators, priests etc... all OWO... all 'outing' themselves... .showing their true colors... 'Out with the OWO, in with the NWO'... and you don't see their hidden hand here except as this programmed/engineered endtimes script plays out... they are all going full retard... same with our markets... medicine, education, etc.... all OWO... all the establishment... all being outed so they masters can build their new global empire on its ashes/corpses.

The interesting thing is how most of them don't seem to see it... don't realize they are being pulled around on their strings... thus they are stressed out like most people in their lives, without realizing why, how.... their own 'wake up' call.

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