Russian Warship "Carrying $133 Billion In Gold" Discovered Off South Korea

A South Korean marine exploration company claimed Tuesday to have discovered Dmitrii Donskoi, an armored cruiser built for the Imperial Russian Navy in the 1880s, reportedly transporting a cargo of gold worth an estimated $133 billion in today’s dollars.

Launched in St Petersburg in August 1883, the Dmitrii Donskoi was designed as a commerce raider and fitted with both a full set of sails and a coal-fired engine. The ship spent most of its career operating in the Mediterranean and the Far East and was deployed to Imperial Russia’s Second Pacific Squadron after the Japanese fleet destroyed the majority of Russia’s naval power in the Far East in the opening salvoes of the 1904 Russo-Japanese War.

The Dmitri Donskoii was sunk in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese war

The squadron was then intercepted by the Japanese fleet in May 1905 and decimated at the Battle of Tsushima. Assigned to protect the transport ships at the rear of the formation, the Dmitrii Donskoi managed to evade the attacking force, but was later intercepted steaming for the Russian port of Vladivostok.

According to the Telegraph, the Dmitrii Donskoi was carrying the fleet’s funds and went down with 5,500 boxes containing gold bars as well as a separate haul of 200 tons of gold coins. The gold was being stored in the ship's holds to stop the Japanese seizing it. Shinil Group estimates the gold would have a total value today of just over $130 billion.

The ship then disappeared for over a century, however it now appears its remains may have been found.

According to Aju Business Daily, the Shinil Group, a South Korean exploration company, has indicated that it found the ship Sunday less than a mile off the Jeodong port in Ulleungdo, a South Korean island located between the Korean peninsula and Japan, at a depth of 1,423 feet in the Sea of Japan.

“We found the body of the Dmitrii Donskoi 434 meters deep in seas 1.3 kilometers off Ulleung Island at around 9:50 a.m., Sunday,” Shinil Group said.

On Sunday, an expedition team mobilized two human-crewed submarines as it discovered what it believed to be Donskoi. The team confirmed later that the body and cannons of the ships captured via a high-definition video camera are consistent with the ship’s schematics.

The submarines found the ship’s name on its stern on Sunday, along with several cannons, deck guns, an anchor, two chimneys, three masts, a wooden deck and armored sides.

"The body of the ship was severely damaged by shelling, with its stern almost broken, and yet the ship’s deck and sides are well preserved," the company said.

"Our discovery has finally put a stop to a controversy over Donskoi’s existence and sunken location. We’ll soon go ahead with procedures to rescue the ship," Shinil group added.

Shinil did not say if gold bars or coins were discovered. The group plans to recover the gold later this year with the help from companies in China, Canada, and the U.K. Here is video from the moment the ship was identified:

The exploration firm estimates that there could be as much as 200 tons of gold ($133 billion) on the Dmitrii Donskoi. Shinil pledged to invest 10% of the treasure on Ulleung Island, which is a popular tourist destination for South Koreans. It has also worked out a deal with Russia, the rightful owner of the sunken ship, which Russia has said it would use the money for investments in railroads connecting Russia with South Korea via North Korea.

As for the $133 billion of gold on the sunken ship, it is anyone’s guess if it exists. But if it does, then it would undoubtedly dwarf the recent discovery of $17 billion in booty off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia.

The company said it is aiming to raise the ship in October or November. Half of any treasure found aboard the vessel would be handed over to the Russian government, which if the preliminary estimates are accurate, would amount to just over $66 billion. A portion of the rest of the treasure will be donated to joint projects to promote development in north-east Asia, the company said, such as a railway line from Russia to South Korea through North Korea.


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Legit!  One of the only forms of money (Au, Ag) that can withstand the elements.  Imagine if those treasure chests were full of fiat; totally deteriorated and decomposed.   Indeed, the Au probably has the same, or more, purchasing power as it did when the ship first set sale.

Ladies and Gents.... keep stacking.

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Putting a warship or two in the vicinity has probably crossed Kremlin minds.

Something does not add up.

Everyone knows very well that a massive trove of gold in a sunken warship is not going to stay put after it has been broadcast throughout the Universe.

Pesky fame seeking swimmers alone will be a nuisance, but there are bigger problems than them to be concerned about.

Langley psychopaths will not let this one get past them.

They have no problems wiping out entire target populations for far less.

They will do as their owners order and rip off that gold.

Of course to make it look like a miscalculation they will leave a few bars to be filmed by their MSM lap dogs.

But that gold is as good as gone right now.


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...It’s 1400 ft down....

The Kennedy/Argonaut mines in Jackson CA were nearly 6000 feet and that's chasing ribbons through hard rock. With the tools these guys have today, this will be a veritable walk in the park.

Interesting that Russia is still entitled to half of the take, though they were engaged in an act of war with a hostile government at the time. I haven't spent any time looking at the final outcome of this particular skirmish, but by the fact both countries still exist to this day, it would appear there is still some form of rule of law all parties to this event are willing to subject themselves to.

The 10% "investment" into the local gaming, er, entertainment, er, vacation/tourist island destination is about right, can't have a Barbary Coast without some gold to kick start the frivolities, (or at least their fiat "equivalents", subject to "market conditions" at the time of "deposit", of course).


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The very fact that they broadcasted tells me they already recovered everything they believe is down there. They had to do major dealing with the Russians in order to have an agreement on this. The Russians have been looking for that ship for a very long time.

I suspect the Russian government was satisfied enough with the deal, they allowed for the information to go public. They would not stupid enough to broadcast this information to the Corporation if the gold was still down there...

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Now we know the real reason why Jacob Schiff started that war.  Every time the jews do this there seems to be bullion involved.  Boer war, Russo Japanese war, Russia 1917, Libya 2012, Ukraine 2014.


"Schiff hated Christian Russia with a passion. He worked ceaselessly to overthrow the Romanov Dynasty and replace it with Jewish Reds / Communists. Toward that end, he personally financed, and sold bonds on behalf of, about 50% of the entire Japanese war effort during the Russo-Japanese War. As a result, the war ended with a Japanese victory. Russia's loss was also facilitated by Schiff's boy, President (and also a former New York Governor) Teddy Roosevelt, whose negotiating intervention clearly favored Japan over Russia."

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I agree 100% but that is not the reality.

For starters there should be a respectful and dignified way to recover the remains of the crew, returning as many as possible to their home towns and family members if they can still be located, and giving them proper military funerals and burials.

The gold is another story entirely and will bring out the worst in too many bad actors.

There is absolutely no good reason for Swamp employees to be there, especially since they and their pimps planned and pulled off the wars that sent the ship and its crew to a watery grave, followed by many other ships and armies, and millions of civilian and military deaths for decades afterwards.

There is not even a geographical reason, so the only thing that would draw them would be the stench of death and promise of loot.

The gold should be returned to its owners and the recovery operation should be compensated fairly, maybe even handsomely.

There is no other reason for the Swamp to be there but for sure they will be swimming around looking for an opportunity to take something that does not rightfully belong to them, as usual.


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Yes I read the article and no I do not believe for one minute that the Swamp dwellers can resist the thoughts of murder, lies, and theft.

Just because the article says half of the recovered gold will be returned to the rightful owners does not guarantee that it will happen that way.

The DC Swamp is so addicted to theft that they could not even keep their grubby hands of the gold in Ft. Knox and that was supposedly ours.

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Funny if there is no gold found to be found on the ship.

Business As Usual for the Parasites.

The balance of the Imperial Russia Treasury would be shipped by rail to Parasites in Western Europe after the 1917 Revolution.

1905 is when the Japanese occupied Korea, that Occupy Korea lasted until 1945.

Then the USA took over Occupy Korea until ... still going.

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After the Federal Parasite Reserve funded the Bolshevik takedown their filthy employees were well instructed and knew exactly what to do.

As soon as the real fighting started in the streets, the Fed employees pulled up in their handy trucks to the Imperial Bank of St. Petersberg.

In the middle of all that carnage, the central bankers still managed to have trucks on standby with crews aboard.

Fully informed of the bank's floor plans, they quickly shot anyone in their way, located the gold, transferred it all back to the waiting getaway trucks and away they all drove, and soon the gold was back in parasitic central banker hands, first in Europe then their ilk in America. 

Now there is a bigger hoard that they missed after ripping of the first batch.

This will not be left alone.

The Swamp psychopaths knew about this while the Koreans were still exploring. 

They eavesdrop on everything, remember?

You think they would record stupid conversations about a deli delivery taking too long and skip something like this? 

Nope, this is what complete surveillance is really all about -- this is what it is really for -- criminal activity.

As if they ever gave a damn about the security of this nation.

The least they could do is come up with a better lie.

So while the Koreans were doing the heavy lifting, and probably in touch with Russian researchers, the Swamp listened to it all, did their own research about the war, the ships, cargo, crews, all of it.

So after the Koreans officially announced the discovery, the Swamp skanks were already in place and moving.

Just like their filthy Bolshevik ancestors, Swamp employees will kill anyone in their way, locate the gold, and transfer at least half of it back to their Swamp pimps.

Just another day in the DC Swamp with a trail of murder and theft, thanks to the US taxpayer.


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Actually the US invaded Korea for the first time in 1872.  They claimed the emporer of Korea was a "crazy" guy, just like they do the Kims now.

After that war the US extracted Korea from Chinese sphere of influence and put it under temporary Japanese custodianship until the US had smashed Japan and taken everything from her.

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