Iowa Nightmare As Tornadoes Ravage Towns; Officials Declare State Of Emergency

Parts of Iowa was left devastated as several tornadoes carved a path through the state. In Marshalltown, a city of 27,000 people around 50 miles northeast of Des Moines, roofs were peeled off buildings like tin cans, buildings were flattened, and the cupola of the historic courthouse was blown 175 feet to the ground as city officials declared a state of emergency with a 9pm curfew. 

Residents have been asked to stay out of the north part of town, as downed power lines, gas leaks and debris pose a danger.

The damage was widespread, as the emergency room at the Marshalltown hospital remained open to treat injured patents, while the main hospital evacuated 40 patients, according to UnityPoint Health hospital spokeswoman Amy Varcue. Ten people injured by the storm had been treated by 7pm Thursday, while the extent of their injuries are unknown. 

A spokesperson for UnityPoint Health in Marshalltown said the hospital sustained damage from the tornado as well and that 40 patients were being evacuated.

UnityPoint Health spokeswoman Amy Varcoe, who is based in Des Moines, said it was unclear how severely the UnityPoint hospital in Marshalltown was damaged, but the patients were relocated to the health system's medical centers in Waterloo and Grundy Center and said they are “unable to treat incoming patients.” -KCCI

Tornadoes didn't sapre Vermeer Manufacturing, which makes farm and construction equipment in the town of Pella around 40 miles southeast of Des Moines. Giant sheets of metal were scattered throughout a parking lot, as warehouses were destroyed. 

The company which makes hay balers, mowers and equipment for the pipeline and forrestry industries employs around 2,800 people. CEO Jason Andringa said that 400 dealers and customers were in town this week to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary, according to KCCI

Vice President of Operations Vince Newendorp said the east half of the company's campus, which includes seven manufacturing buildings, sustained extensive damage.

He said the plant activated its storm warning system and workers were in shelters when the storm hit. -KCCI

Pella Police Lt. Shane Cox told KCCI that several plant workers were taken to the hospital, however the number of people and the extent of their injuries are unknown. Emergency responders entered the damaged building to search for any trapped victims.


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Hey, if snow is responsible for a few GDP points down, then this surely is good for a few points up, no?

Economics was so much easier before we added meteorology, demography, misogyny, and cronyism.



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There was a firenado in California this week.  I had to look those up and apparently they can be a big deal.  Apparently in Japan in 38 there was one that killed 38,000 people in 15 minutes!  So don't screw with those.  They actually can become tornadoes.

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I used to live up there for 6years, got hit twice by tornadoes in town, and in one case the tornado took a corner of the roof off our apartment building.

Most houses up there have basements for this sort of thing. In the direct hit case we just went to the part of the building that was semi-buried, no issues. You have a plan for things that are likely to affect you, even though every once in a while you get an especially bad storm. I'm more worried about living in Texas as the houses are all slab on grade, and quite frankly I would be far more worried about living in places that would become an overnight zombie apocalypse, like Puerto Rico, no matter how well my house is built.

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I’ll give you a buffalo nickel if you can satisfactorily answer three questions within the context of the flat earth. 

1. If the earth is flat, what does it rest on? 

2. If the earth is flat, why does the horizon curve when I look out over the ocean? 

3. If the earth is flat, why can I fly west and reach Australia, and also reach Australia if I fly east? I have actually done so. 

I’m guessing that you’ll dodge these questions and post a link to a seven hour YouTube video of some asspie speaking gibberish. 

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Sure, let's eliminate the population from half the country:…

While at it, we should also eliminate populations from flood-prone, drought-prone, hail-prone, earthquake-prone, volcano-prone and ... OK that's enough, areas.  (Of course heat and cold waves kill far more folks than tornadoes but we'll keep them off the list as they tend to leave buildings intact.)

So we may have some small pockets of land in Alaska for the US population to dwell in....

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Thankfully the predominantly white Iowans have Trump in office so they can get federally declared disaster area relief funds.  Obama's administration would've created a mountain of bureaucracy for whitey to sift through.