Record Murders Plague Mexico In First Half Of 2018: "The Figures Are Horrible"

Mexico’s next president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor and outspoken critic of the political establishment - has a significant uphill battle once he is inaugurated as President on December 01: deadly violence in the country is intensifying and has hit an all-time high.

Mexico posted its highest homicides on record, with a new government report Sunday showing murders in the country rose by 16 percent in the first half of 2018.

The Interior Department said there were 15,973 homicides in the first half of the year, compared to 13,751 killings in the same period of 2017.

According to the AP, the record-breaking homicides have surpassed the violence seen during the dark years of Mexico’s drug war in 2011, along with exceeding all government data since records began in 1997.

At these crisis levels, the department’s homicide rate for the country stands around 22 per 100,000 population for year-end estimates — near the level of Columbia 24.2 and Guatemala 26.0.

Security analyst Alejandro Hope told the AP, “the figures are horrible, but there are some signs that are halfway encouraging.”

For example, the growth in homicides could be slowing; murders were up only about 4 percent compared to the second half of 2017. “The curve may be flattening out,” Hope noted, though he warned his forecast could be incorrect.

Hope noted that the northern border state of Baja California exhibited the largest surge in homicide rates, while other states saw declines.

“Baja California, home to the border city of Tijuana, saw 1,463 homicides in the first half of the year, a 44 percent increase over the same period of 2017. Authorities have attributed the spate of killings to battles between the Jalisco and Sinaloa drug cartels for control of trafficking routes in Baja California. The state is now Mexico’s second most violent, with a homicide rate for the first six months of the year equivalent to 71 murders per 100,000 inhabitants,” said AP.

By comparison, El Salvador and Venezuela are among the deadliest countries in the world — have homicide rates of around 54 to 60 per 100,000.

Thanks to the Jalisco drug cartel, Mexico’s most dangerous state is Colima, on the central Pacific coast, which experienced a 27-percent increase in killings and now has a shocking homicide rate of about 80 per 100,000

Guanajuato, a central Mexican state, saw a 122 percent increase in homicides, which now has a rate of about 40 per 100,000. Government officials have reported that much of violent crime is linked to gangs of fuel thieves who drill taps into government pipelines.

Here are Mexico’s eight most violent states by annual homicide rate, based on federal data. Over the past few years, killings rebounded in Baja California and Chihuahua states:

Mexico is on pace to top the record-setting violence of 2017. The 15,973 murders over the first six months of 2018 exceed the 13,503 reported over the same period last year.

Drug trafficking routes overlaid with homicide rates (2015) — notice a pattern?

Earlier this year, the US State Department published a new multi-tiered travel advisory system to warn U.S. citizens of traveling to Mexico. Travel advisories range from Level 1 (“exercise normal precautions”) to Level 4 (“do not travel”).

According to the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian-based think tank that focuses on emerging security and development issues, the murder epidemic is not just limited to Mexico, but across all of Latin America.

The Institute stated the current situation is incredibly complex and results from decades of corruption, drug trafficking, organized crime, contraband, illegal mining, land rights, and in some cases, violence by state military forces.




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The downvotes are most likely from the mestizos that have infiltrated ZH, but you’re absolutely right. In addition to the genetic predisposition for violence, corruption and dishonesty they are masters at blaming the gringo, or anyone else. We call it the “ no comprende” or “no habla ingles” syndrome. All to avoid responsibility for their screwed up so-called “culture” and their actions. It’s a cartoon culture that steals bits and pieces from others without subtlety, all the while degrading everything they touch. The trickster is part of their culture, based on deceit. I grew up with them, a racist, narcissistic culture; they just as soon destroy white society. I detest having to deal with them, like dealing with babbling cockroaches.

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Anywhere there is catholicism, there is overpopulation since birth control is frowned upon. There is forgiveness instead of rule of law and justice. I've seen it in El Salvador. They just forgive murderers there more or less.

The genetic component may be a factor, but these countries are not wired to move forward. Remember Europe was stuck in a violent cycle in the dark ages until Martin Luther and Henry VIII began the revolution against the Catholic Church which took centuries of wars against those Vatican fuckers.

Also never forget that the worst crime syndicate in the USA grew out of catholicism as well. That religion is a fucking cancer on the planet, and it is sitting in plain sight. It looks benign to us in the West, but it is just as bad or worse than Islam.

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Almost none of these murders are a result of assault weapons of mass destruction... nope... machetes, knives, fighting sticks and small arms... amazingly barbaric.

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from what i remember from the golden years of drug smuggling in south florida, you would be shocked or not surprised at all by the people involved in the drug trade. i am guessing the lure of easy money is difficult to pass up.

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The American Dream is sold to Americans, and other people. However, it only really applies to white or (((white))) graduates of elite schools - everyone else gets to be a slave. Some groups are positively stopped from even thinking of joining the American dream, such as low education poor black people. They are infused with the capitalist spirit of "anything goes -money is god" and yet denied any opportunity. Is it any wonder they turn to unregulated markets, with predictable results.

However, it makes you think - anarchists and libertarians who believe that trade would occur peacefully if the government just got out of the way, ought to look at those areas where the government doesn't have licensing and regulation monopolies. If there was no policing at all, someone would turn up to the farmers market with a gun, and take home ALL the bacon. Yes, I know that the market- sellers would all pull out their enormous weapons and a healthy redistribution of wealth would ensue, but I want to buy some veg, not get killed in the crossfire of a daily Mad Max potato riot, thank you very much.

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IQ Averages (not adjusted for Mayan)

Mexico          88
Columbia      84
Guatemala    79
Brazil            87
Honduras      81          
Venezuela     84
El Salvador   80

Hong Kong   108

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Mexico was a great Country back in the old days. Then the central banks took it over. Then US took it to shit to get the oil. Still some nice areas to live there near the Baja California. 8 hour drive to the border, but expensive now. My cousin lives their. 

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Mexico can only be lectured by countries like Finland or Estonia. Whatever the United Shits and the americunts say is hilarious.


Unlike Mexico, the United Shits makes a shithole everywhere it goes, Iraq, Syria, Lybia etc.

So fuck of murderous cunts, if there's any nation that shits all over the world that is your stinking big ass ashithole. Hope you all faggots get nuked by Russia.

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Mexico has more mass shootings in a month than the US has in a year. They haul groups of guys out into the desert, shoot them, and bury the bodies in mass graves all the fucking time. Then they do the same thing to more groups with chainsaws and machetes and sledgehammers and shit. All the fucking time. You just don't hear about it except in the rare cases a mass grave is uncovered


And you can lie about Mexico one time being a nice country all you like, it has been like this since independence. And of course before the conquistadores they had their mass human sacrifices. All the fucking time. For over a thousand years. 

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When I was about 18 I hitchhiked to San Diego and took a 40 hour bus ride from Tijuana to Mexico City.

The bus stopped in a desert town. We were all told to line up outside the bus.

Two policemen came and stood next to me.

A woman ahead of me in line turned her head back and looked at me with pained eyes and shook her head "Don't go".

The two policia took me to their police hut.

They both sat on that side of the little table and stared at me.

"What work does your father do, gringo?"

-- Both my mother and father are elementary school teachers.

"Get the fcck back on the bus."

Not worth kidnapping.

We have to start paying school teachers more!

Btw, back then, about fifty years ago, my parents could buy a home in south San Jose on their salary for about 25,000 dollars, with a nice creek and path in back and rolling hills with bolder rocks behind the creek. And they had three months summer vacation a year to travel and camp in Yosemite and stuff.

Since then our country has both economically and culturally totally collapsed

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"El Salvador and Venezuela have homicide rates of around 54 to 60 per 100,000."

These figures are misleading.

If you're an American tourist walking down a dark alley in Venezuela at night, the victimization ratio is probably around 1 in 1.

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TJ 5th most dangerous place so only four other places beat it out. Hopefully the new admin. can turn things around for the better otherwise more of the same cartel vs. cartel and more blood shed.  Recently authorities caught Irwin, 31 yrs. old, is one of the leaders of the Mara Salvatrucha criminal gang, the FBI has been on the lookout and the Mexicans found him so he will be leaving for the US meanwhile LA authorities will be waiting for him or else where.

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Is there anyone here that believes in gun control? Gun control means less violence..less murder. Its a fact. Look at any stat from any country with gun control vs US on any time frame. I dont give a shit how many downvotes. Gladhanding each other doesnt mean you are right. Anyone??

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What's happening in Mexico is human husbandry, the intelligent sectors of population are being whittled down by stupid thugs with state collusion and oversight. Once the overall population IQ is lowered enough the public is invited to vote themselves into debt slavery and a liquidation of all public assets is begun from water, gas & oil infrastructure to beachfront lots, everything gets sold for fiat debt that retard army gleefully votes to liquidate as often as allowed. This is a eons old business model, it's how the ancient Greeks were replaced with the current residents of Greece.

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If we bring all Mexicans to America then surely our magic soil will transform them from violent beaners into college educated middle-class tax payers !

We must never forget the founding fathers didn't think it necessary to even write the Zeroth Amendment because they knew it was self evident that everyone on Earth had the right to immigrate to America... 

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Propaganda. American women and their accomplices murder more fetuses in a month. Send appropriations to: Behind the water pipe in the loo in the 4rth floor teacher's lav

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Mexico is a North American, oil rich nation. The globalist messed up their farms and sent their peasants up north. If the globalist were arrested, the Mexicans could go home. 

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Nothing new.

2.5 Million Murders In 16 Years: Latin America’s Nonwhite Crime Wave

"At least 2.5 million people have been murdered in Latin America in just sixteen years (between 2000 and 2016), representing 33 percent of the world’s homicides—despite having only 8 percent of its population, a new report by the Brazilian Igarapé Institute has revealed."…

US: Noncitizens Commit Crime At 2.5X Their Population Share…

The Color Of Crime: FBI & Bureau Of Justice Racial Crime Data

• Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times (3X) the white rate……

Illegal Alien Crime Report

Monthly Illegal Immigrant Child-Sex Crimes For North Carolina Alone

Latinos & Blacks Are Twice (2X) As Likely As Whites To Have The MAOA-L Gene Variation Associated With Aggression, Violence, Crime And Sexual Abuse

"Black males are also 13.5 times more likely to have a rare version of the gene associated with “extreme violence and extreme aggression.”………

Hispanic-American IQ

"Here’s the best estimate I’ve yet seen: A 2001 meta-analysis of 39 studies covering a total 5,696,519 individuals in America (aged 14 and above) came up with an overall difference of 0.72 standard deviations in g (the “general factor” in cognitive ability) between “Anglo” whites and Hispanics. The 95% confidence range of the studies ran from .60 to .88 standard deviations, so there’s not a huge amount of disagreement among the studies.

One standard deviation equals 15 IQ points, so that’s a gap of 10.8 IQ points, or an IQ of 89 on the Lynn-Vanhanen scale where white Americans equal 100. That would imply the average Hispanic would fall at the 24th percentile of the white IQ distribution. This inequality gets worse at higher IQs Assuming a normal distribution, 4.8% of whites would fall above 125 IQ versus only 0.9% of Hispanics, which explains why Hispanics are given ethnic preferences in prestige college admissions."

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Really nothing new!

(2017) Archaeologists In Mexico Find An Aztec Tower Of Skulls……

10 Horrors Of Aztec Ritual Human Sacrifice…

Human Sacrifice In Maya & Inca Culture

"Slaves, criminals, bastards, orphans and children made up the bulk of the sacrificial victims. Children were desired because of their innocence, and they would sometimes be abducted or purchased from neighboring cities."………