"Doomsday Weapon" - How Could The West Respond To Russia's Underwater Nuke Drone?

Mikhail Khodarenok, military commentator for Gazeta.ru, via RT.com,

US and British navies could counter Russia’s nuclear-powered autonomous torpedo, Poseidon, by using undersea sensors and anti-submarine aircraft, writes Covert Shores website. But is this really a viable tactic?

The development of the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), originally known as ‘Status-6’, was first mentioned in November 2015. Western media later dubbed the submarine drone a doomsday weapon. 

On March 1, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially confirmed the weapon’s existence in his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

We have developed unmanned submersible vehicles that can move at great depths – I would say extreme depths – intercontinentally, at a speed multiple times higher than the speed of submarines, cutting-edge torpedoes and all kinds of surface vessels, said Putin.

It is reported that the main goal of the torpedo is to deliver a thermonuclear warhead to enemy shores in order to destroy important coastal infrastructure and industrial objects, as well as ensure massive damage to the enemy’s territory by subjecting vast areas to radioactive tsunamis and other devastating consequences of a nuclear explosion.

Another potential use for the Poseidon torpedo is to strike US aircraft carrier battle groups.

On December 8, 2016, US intelligence reported that, on November 27, Russia had conducted a test of a nuclear-powered UUV, launched from a B-90 Sarov-class submarine. In February, the Pentagon officially added Status-6 to Russia’s nuclear triad by mentioning it in the US Nuclear Posture Review.

At present, the technical specifications of Poseidon torpedoes are classified information. So far, it is known that the UUV is over 19 meters in length and almost two meters in width. Earlier, it was assumed that Poseidon would be equipped with a 100-megaton thermonuclear warhead that could obliterate entire coastal cities and cause destruction further inland, triggering tsunamis laden with radioactive fallout.

However, according to the latest information, the power of the Poseidon’s warhead is just two megatons. But this does not change much. This amount of nuclear material is still enough to destroy large coastal cities, naval bases and cause a tsunami.

In addition, a warhead of this class could easily wipe out any carrier strike group of the US Navy.

According to some reports, Poseidon can develop speeds up to 70 knots, which is faster than any US nuclear submarine or anti-ship torpedo. The operational depth of the Poseidon is more than a thousand meters, which also significantly exceeds the capabilities of US submarines.

According to Covert Shores, the new Russian UUV can be located with the help of Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV).

ACTUV drone is a DARPA-financed US project to develop an unmanned ship designed to detect and track enemy submarines with the help of sonars. It is assumed that the vessel will not be equipped with weapons of any kind and will be used solely for reconnaissance purposes – however, this may change in the future.

Sea floor sensor networks, including sonar buoys could also be deployed by maritime patrol aircraft, such as Boeing’s P-8 Poseidon, to locate the Russian UUV, according to Covert Shores.

Strangely enough, Covert Shores doesn’t mention the SOSUS system, Rear Admiral Arkady Syroezhko, ex-chief of the autonomous vehicles program of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces, told Gazeta.ru.

SOSUS is the US sound surveillance system for detecting and identifying submarines. It should be noted, however, that this system will be deployed only on the frontiers – for example, in the GIUK (Greenland, Iceland, and the UK) gap, along the North Cape – Medvezhy Island line, in the Denmark Strait, and in a couple of other places. So it would be a mistake to believe that the SOSUS system is deployed in all parts of the global ocean. In the Pacific, for instance, it is hardly used at all.

Syroezhko believes that, when it comes to tracking underwater objects, the key thing is to select the right location for the tracking system. But it’s very difficult to determine where Poseidon might appear, given its almost unlimited range and high speed.

Also, according to Syroezhko, tracking Poseidon is only half the battle. To destroy the UUV, you need to have a permanent and combat-ready counter system, which means having forces and equipment on constant alert and ready for deployment. But the US doesn’t have such a system yet. To deploy such a system would require substantial financial resources — even for the US.

As for the capabilities of our hypothetical enemies to destroy the Poseidon, they are extremely limited.

Today the MU90 Impact is the only NATO torpedo capable of reaching the depth of 1,000 meters,Konstantin Makienko, deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, told Gazeta.ru.

The expert emphasizes that a single torpedo of this class costs over $2 million. Also, according to other military experts, even in a high-speed mode (92 km/h), which decreases its range significantly, this torpedo is still slower than the Poseidon.

Makienko says that the Mark 54, which is the fastest US Navy torpedo, operates at 74 km/h. He believes that it is not capable of catching up with Poseidon or reaching its operational depth.

"Until we see a live experiment, any claims about the potential detection or destruction of the Poseidon are completely groundless. Thus far, all we hear is just words," says the former Chief of Staff of the Russian Navy Viktor Kravchenko.

Currently no hypothetical adversary has a weapon capable of overtaking the Poseidon UUV at its operational depth or reaching its speeds, says Syroezhko.


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When the push comes to shove, i have little doubt there are a very large amount of unknown unknowns in preparing a conflict with Russia... Good luck with the more nasty parts of your ignorance America. Russia is not as easy a target as you think. Some stupid plans should just be bin filler.

RationalLuddite Masher1 Wed, 08/01/2018 - 02:11 Permalink

I concur.

Defending your homeland rather enervates the grey matter, especially after the previous 100 years of foreign interference and internal ideolgical excesses leading to the slaughter of 70 million flesh and blood Russians.


Watch from 19 minutes mark. They are all likely real. Excellent excellent plausibility analysis of the way the Russians have taken existing Soviet and US cold war tech and incrementally taken them to their logical conclusion. The Russians are masters of small nuclear tech too.  French scientist does a superb job. Skip the intro though.



It's the feasibility of the speed of the underwater nuk drones that is the most mind blowing.  The nuk powered missiles with essentially unlimited range is also all but a dead cert.


Sorry kids, but denial and pretty lies and mental safe spaces ain't gonna make the Russian superiority in all these things disappears. The Russians are also way way ahead in the EMP department,  that i do know from industry experience and research.


Mind you, even if the Ruskis don't have such weapons coming,  it's a very wise strategy to pretend. Russia with huge resources, zero net debt (seriously),  a non-liberal-retarded non-cucked population , self sufficient etc will win any war of spending attrition now. . 

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Oh... A radioactive tsunami? You mean like the one that was used by Israel to destroy Fukushima? To cover up their smuggling of weapons grade plutonium for their "secret" nuclear weapons program, and also punish Japan for their support of Palestinians? No, that's impossible. That tsunami was caused by an earthquake. The TV man told me so. Never mind that Israel deployed the Stuxnet virus in the Fukushima reactor control systems and also sent in a Mossad team to sabotage the plant before the (((earthquake))).

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Releasing information on these "super" weapons is part of the Russian strategy to speed the economic bankruptcy of the US. They know the MIC will demand even more cash to try to develop responses to these weapons. 

They see our obsession with military spending, (spending more then the rest of the world combined), as one of our greatest weaknesses and are trying to exploit it. 

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And how much development do you think was possible from a plant that was running for only 2 months and was not even out of systems testing? That was why the reactor blew up, Stupid thinking during initial testing of that new reactor.


The men that built the world wide reactor system in use today have a very good idea what will happen as their plan for those reactors unfolds... You don't think Chernobyl  and Fukushima were accidents do you? Fukushima like all reactors in japan were built coastal, The data on coastal threats to a reactor id huge and still there was 56 reactors on the sea shore in Japan, The fact the whole system is not prepared to deal with the threats they might encounter is telling us that the loss of some of them was intended and PLANNED for well in advance.


The blowing up of Chernobyl was intentional, You don't turn off EVERY single safety system guarding a nuclear reactor (26) and expect everything to be fine, You do that to blow up a reactor.



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It’s a pipe dream I know, but run a defense department and a federal government that lives within its means, isn’t leveraged to the gills with debt (you know, fiscally responsible, able to act in times of need, all that old fashioned fuddy duddy conservative stuff) that defends not attacks, and doesn’t see fit to micromanage every region on the planet.  Since this won’t benefit any special interests, it won’t ever be tried.  Back to your regulary scheduled dose of Ryan and McConnel sponsored I slap your ass, you slap mine.

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The thing is, once you go over to the evil end of the pool everyone looks like an enemy, With this vision few can deal with rational thinking and the cautious assessments required to conduct level headed planning. Russia seems to have a very careful bunch doing the plans on their side and the Yank seems to be so close to collapse that any moronic ooze from the reality challenged planners gets a front row seat at the big board and unlimited access to red phones... The path one might fathom from there to here for those war obsessed retards and the men holding the levers of their actions is one bleak and nasty place3 for those that survive.


With all this stupid talk on top of a huge problem in regards money and power in the USA, Few are going to trust America and it's puppets.

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The thing is, once you go over to the evil end of the pool everyone looks like an enemy, With this vision few can deal with rational thinking and the cautious assessments required to conduct level headed planning. Russia seems to have a very careful bunch doing the plans on their side 

Terrific post Masher.

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There is plenty of reason to think the men running this game don't intend for it to be stopped, the intent seems to be end the American experiment before the power they have is lost, This bodes very bad for the persons living in the mainland that thinks it is never going to suffer an attack.


trends look real bad, time is getting shorter and America is shooting off it's mouth pretty aggressively for a second rate contender for best military.

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US have a plenty of dangerous toys. Russia is not interested in the crash of US statehood, we just need a predictable and reasonable neighbor to live on this planet. Right now US is like a monkey with a grenade - never know when and where she will throw it. But civilian war or the state dissolve would be even worse.


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Mr Bear and the Dragon are more than a match for the decrepit and imploding anglozionazi empire of filth and even the hubris bloated vermin at Pentacon and the Washing town sewer creatures get that.


USSA'S next war is the one with itself, civil war reloaded.


Stage 1: Financial collapse. Faith in “business as usual” is lost.

Stage 2: Commercial collapse. Faith that “the market shall provide” is lost.

Stage 3: Political collapse. Faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost.

Stage 4: Social collapse. Faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost.

Stage 5: Cultural collapse. Faith in “the goodness of humanity” is lost.

Dmitry Orlov. https://cluborlov.blogspot.com/p/the-five-stages-...


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It could possibly be a real weapon, there is a chance though that is SDI 2.0 and the real threat is the USA bankrupting itself fighting phantoms.

But lets say that it is a real weapon.  In that case the same coastal cities are just as vulnerable today to a ballistic missile, despite the US anti-missile defences there is no sure way to defend against a single missile let alone a couple of hundred.

So we already live in a world filled with doomsday weapons, and have done so since the 1960's.  The real threat would be a conventional weapon that makes US or UK conventional forces obsolete as that could really change things forcing us to either go nuclear or back down in any conflict. 

I'm not seeing it, so our biggest threat today is ourselves, especially our inability to balance a budget.

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The Russians were forced into alternative delivery systems and systems of protecting themselves because America has invested so much money subverting the balance with all the ABM shit they are engaged on top of all the NATO BS with the border states the Americans were promising not to expand into.... The Yank Broke that deal and Russia upped the game with High tech BM development and a bunch of other equalizers it could easily afford to develop and field.


The SU-24 and the pantsing of the Donald Cook is a huge warning you all seems to forget very quickly, Russia's EW tech is going to be a big problem as is unbelievably fast and destructive drone torpedoes. The average American is thinking ok, but they will only have one or two so it will be Ok, I think the count will be much higher and far more coordinated than the American can deal with..


American plans to attack Russia don't have smart folks behind them, The Russian plans seem to have a lot of very smart folks behind them. So this is why they are issuing plenty of warnings and offering to talk.

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Yeah, as cool and romantic as it sounds to destroy our enemies with our last breath, shedding a single tear as we look upon the flag, and shouting "MURICA!" as we press the red button of death, it's about as romantic in reality as any other act of savagery.  I'm all for the slaughter of innocents when necessary, but keeping enough weapons around to render the entire world uninhabitable, just to hold the threat of last gasp revenge over our opponents, is a sick and petty game to play with the fate of anything bigger than a cockroach.

Both the US and Russia should scrap their nuke arsenals.  We don't need more than a dozen to keep the tinpot dictators in line.  Using thousands of them against each other, even in just retaliation, is a crime against creation itself, not just humanity.  I can't imagine a hell worthy enough to torture the man that unleashes such a holocaust on the earth.

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We have a choice

We on Earth have just awakened to the great oceans of space and time from which we have emerged. We are the legacy of 15 billion years of cosmic evolution. We have a choice: We can enhance life and come to know the universe that made us, or we can squander our 15 billion-year heritage in meaningless self-destruction. What happens in the first second of the next cosmic year depends on what we do, here and now, with our intelligence and our knowledge of the cosmos.

Carl Sagan <3

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