California's Native Americans Now Want to Secede From Trump's America

While the left-er members of California's sanctuary state decry those who refuse to hug a tree/illegal-immigrant/paper-straw, it was a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist that most recently attempted to split the state into more co-operative communities (but was denied by the California's Supreme Court despite over 365,000 signatories believing in the plan).


Now, a month later, a different group of well-meaning Californians wants out of America as it stands.

As RT reports, supporters of a long-running effort to see California secede from the United States have revamped their plans to include the creation of an “autonomous Native American nation,” which would encompass almost half of the new state.

The Calexit campaign held a rally at the California state capitol in Sacramento on July 4, calling for an end to the American “occupation” of the state. A statement released by the campaign said that US Independence Day was “no longer a day to celebrate.”

Having failed in 2017 with CalExit 3.0...

CalExit 4.0 is about to be relaunched with a whole new angle - instead of simply seceding from the US, however, the new plans involve creating a special Native American “autonomous nation” within the new independent state, creating a “buffer zone between between Donald Trump’s America and the new independent California Republic,” according to Yes California co-founder Marcus Ruiz Evans.

Now bear in mind that CalExit 4.0 will also have to get the 365,880 signatures required (just as Tim Draper did above before the Supreme Court banned it) to get the question of California independence on a special 2021 ballot.

Another movement co-founder, Louis J. Marinelli - whose wife is Russian and had previously run into trouble for asking that California "independence" be recognized by Putin, explained the decision as a way to “right the some of the wrongs of the past” by giving back land to Native American people.

The Calexit campaign said on Twitter that the new Native American autonomous buffer zone would help the new California advance its progressive platform “without all those Trump supporters trying to derail” the new state “at every turn.”

We have two awkward questions - do the native Americans know they are being 'given back' the least productive part of the state? And what will happen to the Trump-Buffer-Zone when President Trump's term expires?