American Women Have Never Been More Miserable Relative To Men

A measure of confidence among American men climbed to an almost 18-year high last week, widening the spread between men and women to the most since records began according to the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index.

The last time American women were this miserable relative to American men was December 2006 - which coincided with the release of the Nintendo Wii in America?!

The only other time the male-female comfort divide was this wide was in Nov 1994 - coinciding with former US President Ronald Reagan announcing he had Alzheimer's disease.

So with female unemployment at record lows, what could women possibly have to complain about? Bloomberg reports that underlying the gender gap are two factors: Women are more likely than men to be Democrats and less likely to have incomes exceeding $100,000. Republican affiliation and higher earnings correlate with higher comfort scores, according to the report.

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Last of the Mi… cookies anyone Fri, 08/03/2018 - 06:49 Permalink

The liberal Alinsky tactics of divide and conquer have made it into the marriage. As an institution within Christianity, it will not be allowed.

It's just a matter of time before you see government propaganda encouraging "fink on your spouse" for the political goals of the SJW. 

You're either human or your not. Liberals no only hate civilized, constitutional society with unalienable rights for the individual, they hate themselves and everyone else on the planet. 

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MozartIII Last of the Mi… Fri, 08/03/2018 - 07:12 Permalink

So out side of the best comments ever!


"The Women's Movement" has equated to misery, broken families, screwed up kids & communities! Engles & Marx would be proud of how well this concept has moved government control forward. Who raises the kids now?

Now we have to deal with the war on men and how women are better at the work place. They can still have the ultimate work place, being there for their children and communities. We would have real communities again!

The Women's Movement" What a fucking joke!

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Theosebes Goodfellow kralizec Fri, 08/03/2018 - 08:57 Permalink

"As I was going to Saint Ives,

I met a man with seven wives...

Way to go, bro!"


"As I was going to Saint Ives,

I met a man with seven wives...

Poor bastard!"


Both statements are true.


When you have a woman and a man both trying to wear the pants in the family

you have a two-headed monster. In all things, one must lead, one must follow.


On a personal note: I have a sister with a PhD. She's attracted to strong men who she wants to tell them when they can be strong and when she wants to "drive". She hasn't had a date in 20 years and will in all likelihood die a spinster. And she just doesn't understand why...

I remember a joke about a fish needing a bicycle. All the women thought it funny as hell at the time. I just quit fishing.

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AGuy Yellow_Snow Fri, 08/03/2018 - 12:37 Permalink

I think its that they really hate working for a living. The hassle of getting ready for work in the morning (make-up, dressing up, etc), then commuting back and forth. I think women had this vision that going to work was more glamorous\exciting than staying home. Then they found out its very difficult to balance a career and normal life outside of work. They discover that the grass on the other side isn't greener after all.

The other is that they think working will be a lot like going to college: Where college classes are fairly easy and class schedules offers plenty of free time for a social life (ie parties) as well as easy access to amendities (cooked meals, lattes, Gym, entertainment, etc). Then when the graduate into a the real world, its not so fun, and have to pay back all the student loan debt they accumulated.

The obesity for a lot of women is the result of depression as they settle into the real world and cope with issues by eating too much.

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the war on men would not work so well if American men were better friends to each other. 

The worst friendships I have ever seen anywhere have been  in England and the US of AIPAC - so much fakeness, backstabbing, inability to be happy about your 'best' friends success. Especially millenials (old people not so much)

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Meat Hammer Killdo Fri, 08/03/2018 - 08:34 Permalink

Agreed. I grew up in a neighborhood where backstabbing shit talkers got their asses kicked if they were outed for running their mouths. If you weren’t brave enough to say what was on your mind to someone’s face and be ready to fight, you didn’t say it at all. It was a respect thing.

The neighborhood I live in now is full of fake mother acting like bitches.

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techpriest Killdo Fri, 08/03/2018 - 09:43 Permalink

Funny enough, that is part of the purpose of LGBT and feminism. Not that long ago, men would meet in all-men associations, to spend time and form real friendship bonds, such that they help each other, and provide support to strengthen families (think older, wiser men teaching younger men about marriage).

Once women infiltrated these organizations, the dynamic changed. It quit being about male bonding, and instead men started competing. Add in homosexuality, and all of a sudden you have to be careful about "bonding." Weak bonds of association = atomized individuals = easier to control.

Part of the rebuilding will be the re-introduction of male space.

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Art duTrait MCDirtMigger Fri, 08/03/2018 - 19:25 Permalink

Amen. The worst part of that misery-spreading operation is that a woman will frequently (and with no pangs of conscience) take out her anger at man A on man B, because even though man A crapped on her, she's afraid of alienating him permanently. And, if you happen to be man B, God help you if you call her on it. Then, she's angry AND ashamed, but still not willing to own up to the fact that her behavior is the root of the problem. So, she doubles down. Not that it has ever happened to me, of course.

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Froman css1971 Fri, 08/03/2018 - 09:29 Permalink

Preach it brother!  I did not get married until late in life.  I keep all of my finances separate from my wife, separate bank accounts, her car and house are in her name, my car and house are in my name and it has worked out beautifully for years.  My advice to young people, wring every bit of fun out of being young that you possibly can and do not get married or have children until you are at least 38-40.  All of your friends that are getting married in their twenties will be getting divorced in their early thirties and remarried in their late thirties or they will be complaining to you how their sex life stinks, all of their time and money is spent on the kids and that if they do get free time they use it to catch up on sleep.  Keep your finances separate and if your significant other does not like it move is like anything else, beautiful cars, boats, homes, bikes there is always another one that is just as beautiful or that is better than the one that you walked away from around the next corner.  The world is a very big place.

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Socratic Dog css1971 Fri, 08/03/2018 - 13:36 Permalink

Yep.  Women can dislike it all they like, but there are things we can't control, and that particular biological imperative is one of them.

Women should also marry older men.  A 20 year age gap is the minimum.  A man tends to be ready to be a good father once he hits 40 or so; women have not been so corrupted in their early 20's.  Once they get into their 30's, the bitterness hits.

The female "unhappiness" this article is about could more fairly be termed "bitterness".

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PT zob2020 Fri, 08/03/2018 - 04:52 Permalink

It's men's fault... Some of us mistakenly believed that when women wanted "equality" it included wanting to mow their own lawns, fix their own cars and earn their own money.

(For the record, I actually do know some women that fix their own cars and know a lot more about fixing cars than I do.  Unfortunately they turned out to be the exception.  If you find one of them, hold on to them tight.  They are not the rule.)

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Jack McGriff PT Fri, 08/03/2018 - 06:40 Permalink

... and have the same skin in the game by being subject to the draft and fighting in the military for the rights and freedoms our country enjoys. Selective service now for women! Why are women allowed to rule over men but get a pass on mandatory military service? Because feelings.

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Peanut Butter … Jack McGriff Fri, 08/03/2018 - 09:35 Permalink

I wonder the same thing, why is there no draft for women? As a feminist I supported that bill, however the same senator that purposedthe bill turned out want to be against the bill. So menly logic huh? Are you secretly afraid that if women gets into the draft game men will no longer have that extra excuse about being drafted?…

Clip from the article:


In theory, anyway, this was a clever ploy. A 1981 Supreme Court decision had specifically linked women’s exemption from the draft to their ineligibility for combat, and with that ineligibility gone, Hunter saw the draft issue as a way to cut to the heart of the whole matter of women warriors. He gambled that liberals would balk when faced with the reality that women might have to, as he said, “rip the enemy’s throats and kill them for our nation.”

The thing is, they didn’t. Hunter and his fellow opponents of women in combat were wrongfooted when it turned out that support for integration is more solid than they thought....

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techpriest Peanut Butter … Fri, 08/03/2018 - 09:49 Permalink

The reason is simple: women are demonstrably less effective at combat, and if we deliberately weaken ourselves to promote the cult of equality, then a more intelligent civilization will not do the same, and come out ahead.

Feminism can only flourish in an empire, where the power of the nation at question is so secure that such ideas can be entertained without immediate failure. I figure once the national bankruptcy rolls in the egalitarian cult will likewise be out of money to force such bad ideas on the people.

Funny enough, I grew up in a feminist household and had equality preached to me every single day. Then I wondered why my life sucked and nothing was working, and then I learned the truth. I am not the only one.

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