"Leave Immediately Or You Will Pay" – China Sends Radio Warnings To Philippines

China is increasingly issuing radio warnings to the Armed Forces of the Philippines operating near the heavily contested and militarized islands in the South China Sea, The Associated Press (AP) reported Tuesday.

The warnings are much different from before, as officials believe the radio transmissions are coming directly from China’s artificial islands, where Beijing has recently deployed jamming technology, surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship ballistic missiles, and even heavy bombers.

According to the AP, a new Philippine government report showed that in the second half of 2017, Philippine military aircraft received 46 Chinese radio warnings while on patrol in the South China Sea near the Spratly Islands.

The radio warnings were “meant to step up their tactics to our pilots conducting maritime air surveillance in the West Philippine Sea,” the report said, which used the Philippine name for the South China Sea.

Earlier this year, Philippine officials voiced their concern over the aggressive radio communications with Chinese counterparts in Manila, which primarily focused on resolving territorial disputes in the region, according to government officials who spoke on condition of anonymity with the AP because the knowledge they shared was not yet available in the public domain.

The AP says that the threatening Chinese radio messages are a new phenomenon and emerged after China transformed seven disputed reefs into militarized islands, located near Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan (a region that military strategists considered the Powderkeg of Asia).

The report specifies radio communications were being transmitted from Chinese coast guard ships in the last several years but now are relayed from Beijing-held artificial islands, where military-grade communications and surveillance equipment have been installed along with missile defense systems.

“Our ships and aircraft have observed an increase in radio queries that appear to originate from new land-based facilities in the South China Sea,” Commander Clay Doss, a public affairs officer for the US 7th Fleet, told the AP.

“These communications do not affect our operations,” he added, noting that when communications with foreign militaries are this absurd, “those issues are addressed by appropriate diplomatic and military channels.”

A Philippine Air Force plane on patrol near the disputed islands received a warning message in Janurary when it was threatened by Chinese forces that it was “endangering the security of the Chinese reef. Leave immediately and keep off to avoid misunderstanding,” according to the Philippine government report.

Chinese forces also said: “Philippine military aircraft, I am warning you again, leave immediately or you will pay the possible consequences.” The Filipino pilot later “sighted two flare warning signals from the reef,” said the report, which was identified as the Beijing-held island of Gaven Reef.

In another incident, Chinese forces told two Philippine military aircraft carrying the country’s senior defense and military leaders, along with top secuity officials and 40 journlaist, to turn around immediatly to avoid any mishap. The pilots responded by saying they were over Phillipine territory, said the report.

Despite many Chinese warnings threatening the Philipines, Washington has made it clear that it will maintain and increase an active presence in the region.

“International law allows us to operate here, allows us to fly here, allows us to train here, allows us to sail here, and that’s what we’re doing, and we’re going to continue to do that,” Lt. Commander Tim Hawkins told the AP in February.

The Pentagon said: “The United States military has had a lot of experience in the Western Pacific taking down small islands,”Lt. General Kenneth McKenzie, the director of the Joint Staff, informed reporters in may, adding: “It’s just a fact.”

As China and its militarized islands in the South Sea prepare for a military conflict, we must ask the very simple question: What could possibly go wrong?


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We need to round up all illegal Chinese - millions would be my guess - and send them all back to their shithole.  


I don’t know why we don’t bring up China when talking about illegal immigration. China’s beex exporting their overpopulation to us for decades. We must STOP this.  I do not want this great country to turn into a giant, smelly Chinatown.

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Um. No it was when China invaded Vietnam in the late 70s. Fucking history. Reading is for other people ammirite? I'll give you the short version (and use words with no more than two syllables). The Chinese got their asses handed to them. Oh.. and edit. Fuck it here's some more history, even though you're probably too retarded to absorb it: The history of Vietnam is basically a history of being attacked and invaded by Chinese forces, who are also the last country to have invaded Vietnam. The US invasion was a tiny blip on the radar. But I bet you think they have slanty eyes and therefore love China.

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Anonymous sources in AP stirring up conflict between China and Philippines? On the other hand, China is reportedly supplying the Philippines with military aid to counter US destabilisation. After all, who dumped ISIS members in the southern Philippines - China or the US? Who to believe /s.






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Can't wait for the naval engagement in the South China Sea. I loved to fight Marines in the Army, they would always pick a fight with Army and we had to fight to defend our honor.

Trump is now arms length with General Mattis, why? he's giving him Carte Blanche authority to do as he sees fit. Mattis warned China in a meeting in Singapore. I will pop a cap in your ass if you don't straighten up. See, I know Marines real well.

So when the naval engagement begins, the China trade is history. China will sell off it's trillion in treasuries and the Fed who is selling off it's balance sheet in open market operations will soak them up with the money from the sell off of it's massive balance sheet, supposedly they're selling $50 billion per month. ZH hasn't given an update on that.

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Not that simple as you would place it.

I've served under Sec. Mattis Years Ago.  My Late Father, Late Uncle, and I Served in the Pacific.  Though I'm sure SECDEF would warn CHN with regards to Trade Flow in the South CHN Sea, I don't think the POTUS will go All Out to defend PHI - especially when their Leadership have been kissing up to CHN and RUS.

IMHO, PHI are too close and dependent on CHN; and militarily unprepared to defend Themselves should CHN Invade.

I will not discuss Strategy and/or Tactics.


As for the Trade War, too much of the Supply Chain have been outsourced to CHN.  Need more Tariffs for longer before the USA should go Hot against CHN Interests.

If/When CHN dumps USD Holdings,  USTs would be purchased by the FED/Treasury; but the USD will probably never be treated the way it is now.

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Look Marine, one meeting between Mattis and Duterte what happened? Duterte made a speech, if China steals Philippine resources he will order his navy to fire on the Chinese. That was a reverse of the Kowtow Duterte was doing before and we haven't heard the anti-American crap from him anymore. Why? well when Mattis ordered the 7 ship Marine force to the South China Sea it went hot.

What I'm saying, with all that is coming out of the Chicoms, well it's not going to a be planned war. What I meant is Trump is out of the picture on this, it will not be Obama micromanagement as before, it will be an order given and it will be decisive. Not the pussy ass Obama kind of leadership.

And there is a new attitude in the Philippines because before it was all US military out. Now it's close cooperation with US in the latest training with allied forces. Mattis has over night rebuilt all allied forces coordination with the US, and that is an amazing turn of events.

See all these nations were afraid to offend China, now they're all jumping on the Mattis band wagon insulting the S_H_I_T out of China. It's a completely new ball game. The most important part of this was psychological.

So with the wagers growing higher and higher, one mistake by China like firing on a US war plane or warship, and Mattis not Trump will order a punitive sinking of Chinese warships. Xi is now looking real weak to his people and many are in open defiance.

Again with gains so far, Mattis will not back down or should I say Lose Face.

Good Luck Marine, and the next time you post some stupid shit like that to me, I will rip your head off and suck your brain.

Marine I know much more about Asia than most on this board, just don't go commiting suicide on me, I gave it back hard to Marine Gregga and he ran off, well he started it. However you were well mannered and it wasn't a cheap shot, so I really won't rip your head off and suck your brain.

In the Army when I was forced to fight Marines by Marines forcing us to fight, I never used full power, because you didn't have any meat on you. It was fun, hit them, they hit the ground and bounced back up, over and over. I never used full force, but the MPs did one time. They had to knock each one in head with their stick, it knocked each one out, then we had to load them in the back of a jeep for the stockade, the Marine officer came the next day and paid for the damage to our club.

That was in Korea, before you were born in the land that time forgot.

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This is your bio, you're insane, please don't post to me and then when I give it back as nice as I could to one who really wasn't informed. you launch a down vote, well after I read the bio, man you're wound tight on steroids. Please don't post to me, just down vote me. Now we understand your motive to me is because you are a zionigger and thought you would get one on me, but you didn't know what you were talking about so to be a chicken shit zionigger it was all because of I do not support Israel and I am proud to say it. And you're not a Marine and don't sound like you're that smart. Again just down vote I don't want to have an association with someone like you, a TRAITOR to America in the Israel First over American scam. period.

Below is the zioniggers bio

USNA Grad. 2nd Gen Navy Veteran. Enlisted and Officer. Ex-Merrill FinAdvisor. Fin Systems / BI Analyst and Tech Exec. "I'm just an Old-fashioned, Traditional, Family-Friendly, Independent Conservative who happens to be a confident Heterosexual as well." or, simply, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xia67_c7kEE 


Since we have been inundated by Trolls -especially those who seem to try to blame the Jewish on almost every Societal and Political Conflict,  I am reposting a brief summary of my experience and views from my situations that directly and/or indirectly involved the participation or endorsement by Jewish Societal and Personal Entities.


I would like to be Objective and Truthseeking on All Things; and would like to see the dialogue and corresponding facts.

I also believe that Good Fences make for Good Neighbors.

To be Brief, I found that there are several Factions - Talmudic, Masonic, Haredi, Chabad, Gulf-Mitzrahi, Druze, Catholic, Christian, Armenian, Pseudo-Christian, and other Ideological Entities - within and about International Jewry whom, along with Non-Affiliated Sociopaths, tend to intrude upon and buttocks-up Secular Rule of Law and Civil Liberties.  

During my Religious Studies of Judaism, I've never seen so many Outsider Cult Monkeys (some endorsed by insiders) who stalk and harass people during Services

and stir up "Anti-Semitism" allegations against the Country of my Origin (few USA Jewish working there, negligible presence) the Modern Orthodox were of the few who saw right through the BS and threw them out mid-service. 

Since I have several Trustworthy Friends and an ex-(and only One to date)Fiance who happened to be Jewish(Long Story, Looking after Aging / Dying Parents while being stalked by Cult Parasites who made money from copying and stealing off of my Career and Research.  Cult Scammer Tactics of recent have been heavy handed).  I don't think I qualify as an "Anti-Semite" even though I have been accused as such and even regarded poorly by Jewish subordinates and Employers (i.e., Built in Nurture).

I'm more of an "Anti-Racketeer" if anything.

I'm not thrilled with the History I am reading into; but Life goes on.  Since Christianity was recently confirmed as a Roman Revision of the Chrestus Cult in the 4th CE, the Whole Set of Abrahamic Religions may have to be scrutinized.  Dark Ages, Dogma, Crusades, and Domineering Oppression seem to be alive in the minds of many. 

It may be prudent to consider all Ethnic and Religious Jewish to be considered as Israeli Citizens; and I would only recommend Judaic Conversions only to those who have Jewish Ancestors - one doesn't have to Convert if one married in since the Convert will be marginalized.

In the future, I may deal primarily with the Modern Orthodox and others who may be like minded.

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LOL this freak is mentally ill, read the bio twice, he wants to sell out completely to be an Israeli citizen  and I remember this zionigger jumped me before it was because of his Zionist belief system and I have stated and I will state again, I DO NOT SUPPORT ISRAEL AND I AM PROUD OF IT.

The motive for him posting to me was not an intellectual exchange, it was all a cut down because I don't grovel at the foot of the Jews.

Hey zionut, there are over 124 different kinds of Jews.

Sick man and this proves again the mercenary military today is loyal to Israel First over America. In his sick Israel First over America, we are not allowed to call Israel on anything, we are not allowed to question the Jew and we better not let the secret out on Zionism, we are not allowed to even debate what Zionism means. That is a mentally ill zionigger and this is our military today.

And in the bio, a troll is someone who calls out Israel and explains in depth like I do,LISTEN  you low IQ freak, I was an officer in the 49th Texas Lonestar Armored Division. It was the largest and most powerful armored division in the world. We were number one, and we were under active command of 3 CORPS you stupid freak, the Jews destroyed it why? It was said we can be in Washington DC in 24 hours or we can be at the Panama Canal Zone in 72 hours, It meant TEXAS HAD THE POWER TO SHUT THIS SHIT DOWN. PERIOD.

I wanted a tank but because Texas A&M ran the unit and I was from UT Austin so naturally like clockwork I had to work at HQ. I finally had enough, officer corps is extremely political I resigned and joined the Air Force. I have an extensive military background. I can say this, what we are seeing today of the US officer corps would have been a court martial offense and discharge. That's right, that kind of politics wasn't allowed. Back then we did it for America and it was ego politics not political selling out America for an insane religious belief of Israel First over America. And this zionigger traitor to America is actually trying to fulfill his Zionist programing to be an Israel citizen. How sick is that.


Thanks for proving my point again.

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Looks like you haven't taken your Meds.  Slow day at the Nursing Home?

I've seen Lowlifes and thieves use the "Insanity" allegations many times.  Common among Cult Monkeys and Imbeciles here in the West Coast.  The Insanity/Retardation appear to be Characteristics of Failed Cult, Political Faction, and Ideology Adherents.

I am a Naval Officer - not a Marine.  Sec Mattis was Stationed at my Command.  I have been in and around the Pacific, Indian Oceans and the Gulf on a Warship.  My Father's Generation fought the 2nd World, KOR, and VNM Wars.  Mine were the Cold, IRQ/IRQ, and the First Gulf Wars.

Funny to read you Mouth Off about a Naval engagement so easily w/o a Clue as to what CHN can bring to the table.

I'm not going to give anyone any Ideas; but I will state that CHN are dug in well among the Spratleys. 

Their. Front. Yard.



My Father was a Chief Petty Officer. My Uncle, an CSM (E-9) in the Army.

I have been a Christian before. Moved beyond, since I found out that Jesus was concocted by Constantine as a favor to the Chrestus Cult which supported his Ascension to the Throne. No history of Jesus Prior to that.

I support ISR as the UN's Vote; and may have qualified as a Zionist before.  Not anymore. 

I've studied Judaism; but I've seen enough conflict and turmoil to mainmain "Good Fences" with Trustworthy People.

I consider myself Freed from Christian, Religious, Political, and Economic Zionism; and plan to stay that way.

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I don't care about you, I'm not going to read it. You attacked me with something you have no idea about.

I have been attacked in this nation many times by Jews. I didn't do nothing sit down in the office of a Jew watched them cuss me out and I didn't say a word. I have their names from the VA, closed the door, then a violent attack. Stood up and walked out, why? it took time to find out, because of the secret button alarm, if they can get the veteran to attack, then VA police will come in, throw the veteran down and the Jew lies. It's all for money, and paid time off. There is a VA slush fund payout on any thing a veteran does. I will never go to a VA as long as I live. period. The payouts can range up to a million with very little investigation, it was set up by Jews in the VA, it's just another Jew racket.

That's what your people did to me, so I am absolutely not interested in reading anything you have to say.

If there were a national referendum on Israel, I can promise you the majority would vote to cut all contact with Israel. People are angry, we know it's the Jews who have done this to us.

The Zionist Christian ranks are thinning out, young people do not support this crap.

What I read from your bio was insane. And one time you demanded I post links, etc. I don't do what you tell me to do. period. You have inverted logic, I first thought God's truth, you were a homosexual because of the inverted logic, either it's learned from an inbred species or it's genetic. I know logic real well, that's how I had to survive, by programming massive business system, I used to sling code, so when I say I do analysis of logic, this means the programmer analyst level. I debug programmers logic.

Do you understand I am a Great Warrior of the American people and I believe Israel is an enemy of America?

Did I ask you please don't post to me? and what do you do? I do not care about you. I will not read one word you write, you are an enemy of the American people.

Do you understand you are the enemy? Do you understand you can't tell me to do anything? Do you understand YOU are in a killing field, a nationwide killing field?

This is over and when the check doesn't come from DC that's one of over 120 million checks each month it's over?

Most people, the majority want the Jews to leave our country for what the Jews have done to us? Go tell it in the open about the Israel First over America, then you will see how hated you are. Find another poster who cares, but please and I asked you please many times stop posting to me.

You are my enemy and an enemy of the American people who are so poor and hurt and confused, those are my people you the Jew has destroyed. And now there is no second chances, no more benefit of the doubt, it's over.

The Meek WILL inherit the Earth and I am going to make it so.

The Yoke of Zionism will be removed from the neck of America.

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You read like a Dumbass and/or someone Impersonating a Vet or Veterans.

If you did Serve and Fight in KOR, You are reminded that CHN handed Your Arses on a Plate and gave You the Greatest DEFEAT and Longest RETREAT in the History of the USA's Military; and if it were not for the Navy Assisted Inchon Landings, KOR would have been Completely Overrun.

How far did you gear in Reverse, and/or Turn Tail and Run during the RETREAT? Or were you so far in the Rear already, so the RETREAT didn't affect your physical location?

CHN now have an Air Force, a soon to be Blue Water Navy, and Ballistic Missiles. PRK can Overrun KOR and set off Nukes INCONUS.

Different Ball Game.  Higher Stakes, with a Reluctant Ex-Colony/Vassal Facing Off an Outpost of CHN's Armed Territories - Across the World's Largest Ocean from CONUS.

Add in the risk of having PRK and RUS join in the Fray.

You, if you are a Combat Veteran, should be admonished for treating the South CHN Sea Situation so lightly:

CHN just Checkmated the Region.

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They're still invading Vietnam. They cross into Vietnam in gangs to steal young women, carry them across the border and force them into marriage with Chinese men because they don't have enough women to go around. The Vietnamese are quite bitter about it, but when pussy is at a premium the women attached to those pussies become commodities and tend to lose their civil rights. Good old fashioned sexual slavery rears its ugly head. Once they settle in, those girls are probably better off. They're very poor in Vietnam.

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If a war does kick off here then I'm not betting on China.

First, if they go to war then the west, and most of Asia will stop trading with them.  It will take decades to trust them again.

Second, that 9-dash line is way too far away from their own shore.  The practical consequence of this means they need to travel a long way from their bases to "defend" this territory.

Put it this way, if the UK went to war with tiny Switzerland then I'd bet on Switzerland, and I believe the British army is the best and definitely much larger.  Its one thing to have a large army, but its effectiveness goes down in inverse to the distance it fights from its bases.  The Swiss could beat the British army while we would be going flat out to try and supply the troops 1000 miles away from home.  Vietnam was a problem for the US for a similar reason, fight the same battle in Mexico and the US would have won.

China has been pushing around its neighbours, guessing that when they have the first economic difficulties they'll escalate to try and cover things over.  Going long on popcorn.

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and Vegas. just walk into any Costco - they're there by the fuckin' thousands. rude as hell, camping out in front of the free food, walking slow then fast when you try to pass 'em, pretending they don't see you .... all while yapping that goddamn pig-shit excuse for a language. mua hee no LOO doe neh NEH bong bong! ah HA HA HA - laughing at the roundeyes who meekly accept their shit. so I learned how to make them uncomfortable - body them out of the way; stand a little too close; stare with an expression that's just a mite too dead-eyed. one finds that being a giant (by chinese standards) comes in handy: they don't do well with implied physical malice. 

hell, I was actually once kinda neutral in re los chinese - until I got to know 'em. the famous line from the german political memoir began to make more and more sense: "Gradually, I began to hate them."


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