The Blowback Begins: Ohio Farmer Vents On Trade War

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Hope you all take the time to read this piece by an Ohio soybean farmer caught up in Trump’s trade wars.

Tariffs hurt the many and help the few.  The “tyranny of the minority,” if you will, and that is before taking into account the casualties of tit-for-tat retaliation.

Let me tell you a riddle.

“I slept with a billionaire because he said he loved me. I expected to make love, but in the morning I realized I was getting screwed. When I went to tell the world, I was offered cash to keep my mouth shut.”

Who am I? No, I’m not a model or someone named Stormy. I’m the American farmer.

In the mid-1980s we were awash with over production in the corn and soybean sectors. Agriculture got busy, boarded planes, trains and automobiles and started building markets around the world, one handshake and one relationship at a time. We used our own funds through our check off dollars and trade associations to build markets in Mexico, Canada, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. And we didn’t stop there. In partnership with the U.S. taxpayers, we built an ethanol industry to ensure another renewable energy source for U.S. consumers. 

–  Christopher Gibbs, Sidney Daily News

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Big special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District on Tuesday.   President Trump was stumping today for the Republican candidate.   The seat has been held by Republicans since 1920, except for an eight-year stretch in the 1930s and a two-year term in 1980.    It’s tight, folks

Monmouth University poll released this week shows a tight race, with Balderson receiving 44% support to O’Connor’s 43%, with 11% of respondents saying they are undecided.  – CNN

Stunning given the Republican beat the Democrat in the 2016 general for this seat,  66.6 percent to 39.8 percent,  a whopping spread of 36.8 percent.

If the Dems take this one, the Republicans and the president are in deep-deep trouble. Even if it comes anywhere near to as close as the polls suggest, it still spells doom for White House.

We are becoming more confident of our Lavender Wave prediction for the November midterms.

Massive Lavender Wave Coming In November

We believe there will be a massive “lavender wave,” in the November midterms.  Lavender is the color combination of pink and blue.

In a recent poll, the president’s approval rating among men is 54 percent positive and 45 percent negative. Among women, it’s 32 percent positive and 65 percent negative.   There are many more women registered voters than men.

In elections, women are also more likely to vote in higher numbers and have done so for decades.  Women have cast between four and seven million more votes than men in recent elections.

Moreover, the revulsion toward the president among women has not only made them more likely to vote but has turned them into activists.  Women are running for office this year in record numbers.

Recall it was the African-American women who put Doug Jones over the top in Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election against Roy Moore last year.  Exit polls showed that 98 percent of black women supported Jones.

Do the math, folks.  Listen to the water cooler talk, read the cartoons.

The Dems will control the House, and probably Senate come next January.   PredictIt gives the Dems a 68 percent probability of taking back the House but only a 30 percent chance of taking the Senate.   We will take that bet, however, a 3,600 percent compounded annual return if Chuck becomes the next Majority Leader.

A Lavender Wave is not even remotely priced by the markets.

We suspect panic will begin to seep in when everyone returns from the beach in September.  Not a political statement just our observations and inferences based on the data.