Twitter Suspends Black Conservative For Changing NYT Bigot's Tweets From "White" To "Jewish" And "Black"

In response to the New York Times' decision to stand by their most recent hire - open bigot Sarah Jeong, who really hates white people, men (especially white men), and cops - black conservative Candace Owens carried out a thought experiment  we mentioned last week in which we replaced the word "white" with "black" to illustrate Jeong's animus. 

A sample of Jeong's controversial tweets:

In response, Owens - communications director for activist group Turning Point USA, simply replaced "white" with Jewish and Black, then condensed Jeong's statements into several tweets, for which the Twitter police banned her for 12 hours

Actually, Twitter only removed (or forced Owens to remove) her tweet about Jewish people, while the one in which she swapped the race from white to black remains as of this writing...  

Meanwhile, conservative pundit Ann Coulter responsded to Jeong's bigotry with a bit of a history lesson:

Candace responded to her Twitter ban on Sunday: 

As the Daily Caller noted on Sunday, Twitter says the ban was in error; 

Twitter on Sunday suspended Owens’ account for 12 hours, citing her tweet about Jewish people as a violation of Twitter rules.
Twitter restored Owen’s access following a sharp backlash. The social media company chalked up Owens’ suspension as an “error.”

“Twitter takes reports of violations of the Twitter Rules very seriously,” Twitter’s support team wrote in an email to Owens, who shared it with TheDCNF. “After reviewing your account, it looks like we made an error.”

This was our mistake and we’ve apologized to the account owner for the error,” a spokeswoman for Twitter told TheDCNF. The spokesperson did not say whether a human content monitor or an algorithm was responsible for suspending Owens’ account. -Daily Caller 

Owens told Breitbart she thinks Twitter was correct to suspend her! 

“I actually AGREE with Twitter” said Owens, in a comment to Breitbart News. “These tweets are an example of hateful conduct. It begs the question — why was it okay when the hate was directed at White people? Why are her tweets still up?”

“In every way imaginable — Twitter has just proved my point. Racism in this country has been sanctioned against white people.”

After word of the suspension began to go viral on social media, Twitter reversed itself and reinstated Owens’ account. -Breitbart

Was Candace also suspended for her response to Hillary Clinton's recent defense of Lebron James, who President Trump recently dissed over Twitter after James criticized Trump for fueling racial divides in the U.S.? 

To which Hillary, or her social media team, replied:  

And Candace Owens replied "This is rich. Your husband locked up more black men than any President in the history of the United States. You view Margaret Sanger (who wanted to exterminate the black race) as your idol and Robert Byrd (former Klansmen) as your mentor and dear friend." : 

Meanwhile, The Times has chosen to stand by Jeong - claiming that she was simply imitating other racists. Perhaps someday Twitter will let us in on what consitutes racism and harassment - since the goal posts seem to be all over the place depending on who said what. 


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GOP Lawmaker Wants Answers on FBI’s Alleged Southern Poverty Law Center Ties

A Republican lawmaker is demanding some answers from the FBI after he says the bureau admitted to working with the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center.

In a letter obtained by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., says the FBI has “admitted to working with the SPLC,” in a development he describes as “surprising and worrisome.”

“This is surprising and worrisome, as the SPLC is known to use its platform in order to denigrate and disparage certain groups by labeling them ‘hate groups,’” he said.

He said that groups such as the Christian Family Research Council (FRC) have been labeled a hate group, while members of “Antifa” — a broad collaboration of left-leaning, anti-fascist activists — have not been given such a label. He added that Floyd Corkins, who shot an FRC employee, later said he targeted the group as the SPLC had labeled it an antigay group.

“The SPLC’s conflation of mainstream political advocacy groups with legitimate hate groups and domestic terror groups is absurd, frequently indiscriminate and dangerous,” he said.

While details on the alleged relationship were not clear, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reported that the FBI had described the group as “a well-known, established and credible” organization in 2009, and that the agency has briefed the FBI on alleged domestic terror threats in the U.S.

FBI’s history with Southern Poverty Law Center uncovered

The FBI has a long history of collaborating with the Southern Poverty Law Center. In 2009, an FBI memo described the SPLC as a ‘credible’ organization. The DOJ tells ‘Tucker’ the FBI will reevaluate its relationships with similar groups to ensure it doesn’t partner with groups that discriminate. #Tucker

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European peoples should organize and advance our own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity!

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The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms.

Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a National Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!

Support American Freedom Party growth and our heritage of Western civilization!

The American Freedom Party is the only party that addresses issues concerning European-American communities and all Americans. 

Nationalism! Not Globalism! America First! Not America Last!

Freedom from Republicans. Freedom from Democrats. American Freedom Party! Political Power for European-Americans!…

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Candice is a hero. Many will take notice of this, but here is the real rub a dub, bub!

Is your law maker a communist?

Once upon a time in American there was what was called an enemy. One of these enemies was the communists. We had a real law enforcement once too. They were charged with protecting America from enemies. Today, like the fbi, they aid and abet the enemies of America and we are seeing an open in your face communist takeover of the American govt. What must be drummed in to all who vote, all who would consider themselves an American is, the democrat party, the sorrass crime syndicate, and many brainwashed by communists children of America have turned into full blown communists, aka socialists. Read that again and remember, the communists were once considered enemies of America.

Look at the rising tides of brainwashed kids coming out of the collages these days. If you want to turn your kid into a homosexual insane drunken communist, send them to any US collage. Member, satanic deviltry is at base of all insane behavior. They go from a normal steady child, to a wacko deranged beer drinking communist stuck on an i-satan phone all day. Imagine parents thinking they were sending their nubile children off to become more advanced, and instead they turned into insolent seditious insurrectionist communists hell bent on destroying the country their parents grew up in. higher edumacation? It’s a waste of time and money, that is what it is.

Is your congress critter a communist? Did you vote for a communist democrat that is actually undermining the foundations of America? Look at the records. All tree bare fruit. All trees are KNOWN by their fruits.

Here are some lists and you should ask, how can this happen? Isn’t there some law or something that says communists are enemies of America, or is it OK for America to be communist nation now? Has Up, really turned into Down, green is actually tangerine, and 2+2 really does equal 99.a19zimbabwah?


If it is OK to have communists in the American govt, why don’t we just have communist chinese run for positions in our govt? Some muderos boys too from Venezuela, and how about a few hard core No Koreans too? Heck, since the slow invasion of the chinese communists is about finished anyways in America’s collages, might as well forget all this talk about capitalism and free trade. Give up liberty and freedom too. Just give all your possessions to the state and get in line for your food stamps and free medical. Right?


Extra Credit.: Free Bumper Stickers and an invitation to be creative in spreading and speaking this truth to power.




If you just love to hate and raise hell dressed in black, go down to the border and shoot mexicans and other invaders over the border and then claim you are isrealli. After all, if it is OK in the world’s view for isreallies to shoot, kill, and maim Palestinians over their border, it should be OK for Americans to do the same, no? Heck, since it is OK for isreal to do that, everyone in the world should be able to do the same. Right?

Hummmm...pondering the radical insanity of satanic evil is hard on the rational mind. How much longer will people eat it for breakfast, lunch and diner. The radical shat?




A socialist is someone who has read Lenin and Marx. An anti-socialist is someone who understands Lenin and Marx.

~ Ronald Reagan





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Actually, Twitter only removed (or forced Owens to remove) her tweet about Jewish people, while the one in which she swapped the race from white to black remains as of this writing...  

No Charlie, that tweet is still up.

She got banned for this one where she replaced “white” with “jews,” which is now gone. Make no mistake about it:
— (@getongab) August 5, 2018

NEVER be confused about who the actual prime movers of our current dysfunction are. NEVER.


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Monkey faced boy the real traitor here is you. You are the one trying to incite civil unrest. Civil war would give you the first erection you have had in 30 years but it is but that isn't at all patriotic. You ever get out off the house much you fucking loser?  We all meet,  work with, have coffee with all different types of people that voted different ways for different reasons. 99.9% are not going to start shooting each other over some fucking politician or how we all voted. The American people are way stronger than that. There are nuts out there and you encourage them , incite them rile them up and then deny it.  You run around like chicken little with his head cut off screaming communist and socialist like fucking Joe McCarthy and frankly it is fucking pathetic. Yes we are all getting fucked by the owners of this country. the American peopl are never going to solve that problem by fighting each other in some fake left vs right civil war. That war serves somebody Else's needs not ours. Are you even from this country I wonder,  you make that claim but I think tho protests a bit to much

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On your McCarthy point.  He was a great patriot and one of the finest,  most courageous Americans ever. His simple question was,  Why are there so many communists in the federal government?  Ike and Harry,  strangely, appeared to think that was a question that shouldn't be asked. 

You are clueless about all this apparently.  Read Coulter's Treason

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I refer you back to the 1958 book "The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen.  In it he listed "45 Current Goals of the Communist Party", which included:

  • #15--Capture one or both political parties in the United States
  • #16--Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
  • #17--Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
  • #18--Gain control of all student newspapers.
  • #19--Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
  • #20-- Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.
  • #21--Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
  • #24--Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press.
  • #25--Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
  • #26--Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."
  • #29--. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate,
    old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.


This book was written 60 years ago, and MOST of the goals listed have been achieved.  The shortened list above should give any thinking person pause, and make them understand that THIS IS NOT BY ACCIDENT, IT IS BY DESIGN.

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And the Canadians are not doing any better.  

Take a look at today's Toronto Sun article about the Mosque sermon entreating Allah to kill off all of us unbelievers "one by one"  - the murder, which occasioned the sermon, of two white, non-moozlum girls, and the reaction to the murder which seeks to exonerate the moozlum murderer.

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Judas Priest- The Jews have got another thing comin.…

What is the origin of Wall Street? it was a street in the woods with an old wall, the Jews would bleed chickens at that Wall in their religious ceremony of bleeding animals for a sacrifice to their God. I would have to review the source, but I believe it was in one of Theodore Roosevelt's history books.

We're bled kosher by the Jews with rackets all over this nation. I can list each and every racket.

For those who profess Israel First over America, well you've helped destroy America. Again, those who advocate this insanity, would not be able to enter a synagogue.

In the book of Revelations the writer is trying to make you understand, it was explaining these people who call themselves Jews worship the snake. And all through the region in Turkey, (Asia Minor), the synagogues worshiped the snake. It's the religion of the ancient snake people. The Khazar Gypsies are the snake people who created a new religion from Hebrew traders who gave them books, the traders operating from Greek Empire later to evolve to be the Byzantine Empire, (Eastern Rome). The Hebrew silk traders would buy silk with silver. They saw these people were cannibals. They tried to civilize them. The Khazar Gypsies, the ancient snake people are the most sophisticated killing species in the history of our world.  

In volume II of Gibbon, "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" is the story of how Conon, "Conan" defeated the snake King and his people who had just killed the last Roman pure blood Emperor who had been born in the purple room. I suggest if one wants to understand your world and how your mind was programmed, one needs to read all of Gibbon. The Khazars have different pronunciation, it is spelled possible because of Old English as Chozars. Conon took the title of Leo. It's around pages 700 something an 800 something. However one must read all volumes to understand how the western world was created. The foot notes in my Gibbon are excellent, I used them to track down the Nephilim tribe, which are in the Bible. Today, people say this is proof we came from aliens. No it was one of the tribes migrating south in the last ice age.

I have run the proof on the snake temples called the synagogue, the term was used by an ancient religion, which was moving west. Jesus was not a Jew, he fought the ancient snake people. period.

At one time I could read Latin, I looked through the eyes of a Roman royal touring Asia Minor, he described what he saw, he said, Christians would be appalled at what he saw. He saw the snake temples called Synagogues. Also this term is of Greek origin. And I have found a great deal about these people who call themselves Jews in Roman history books which were not rewritten for US consumption.

I can show you in the Bible mistakes were made when the term Jew was placed in the Bible. It is caused by a Greek rewrite of the Bible to justify the New Testament. I can show you where this was done and by who. It was done in Taurus, Asia Minor, it's called Taurus, Turkey today.

Gibbon is the father of primary source. Primary source was drilled in to me by world class Historian Dr. Louis, Yale, Harvard, Oxford, and he was an associate of A. J. P. Taylor at Oxford. I had two years of Oxford training at UT Austin. Dr. Louis is one of my mentors. He is the most unbiased historians in this nation's history. I allowed Dr. Louis to restructure my mind with the Oxford method of study. It removed all regimentation of my mind. He opened my mind to a data flow which I try to teach here.

The MSM bragged about Bill Clinton because of his one year at Oxford. They didn't tell you Bill Clinton raped a woman at Oxford and was kicked out of Oxford.

I could show you so much more, however the brainwashed television mind can not wake up. They're unable to restructure the flow of data into their mind. They prefer to parrot their programming from a life time of lies from NYC MSM.

Edit note: I made a mistake last night and have corrected it, the Khazar were also called the Chozars. The history above was known in Europe. The story of Conon, "Conan" started on page 878 in Volume II. "...Conon was his primitive name..."

Gibbon is hard to read if one hasn't been exposed to Old English. There are many famous old books on this, see you must be able to read Latin of which I used to be real good and Greek which I have never had the time to master. But a great deal of Greek I had to work hard to translate. It's called Classical Greek and it's very difficult to read.

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Aldo Nova- Ziobots live a Fantasy Life.

It was a know fact in the South the Jews were the ancient snake people before 1963. It's interesting that a Jewish hit man for the Las Vegas Jewish mafia was arrested in Dallas and released. It's amazing no one has said this. He was photographed as he was being released from jail in Dallas. He was the shooter from the building next to Dallas school book depository. In the back of that building is the Dallas Holocaust Museum. Considering the Jews have so much of our money, why do they use this old building?,-…

211 N Record St #100, Dallas, TX 75202

And after this, the South went Zionist Christians, and it was said the Jews will help keep the blacks down. It happened right in front of my face.

In the South, Thomas Jefferson brought books from England. One of those books had printing dates all the way back to the 17 hundreds. It became required study in the South. It was required to be memorized.

When I ran CIA cab, a Behavior Research Laboratory, I picked up a wealthy Southern Bell from Houston from the Austin Four Seasons. She was about the same age as I am now. I said Ma'am in my most southern aristocracy accent of the Old South. I said ma'am can I ask you a question? She said yes. I said Ma'am do you remember the book about the ancient snake people. She said yes I remember. Then we discussed it. Later, I said, I think we've forgotten about the ancient snake people. She said yes, and our people have been harmed.

Another woman from North Carolina, older than me, I asked the same question. She said the same and quoted from the first line of the book. "Whoa be the generation who forget about the ancient snake people."

At UT Austin, there is a special library. It is the library of ancient books. I spent nearly ten years in the university over seven at UT Austin. I would read in that library. Many things I teach here came from that Library. I've had an incredible memory all of my life, so I'm kind of lucky in a way to remember all this.

The library today is an extremely controlled access library. The name of the ancient library is the Harry Ransom center. 

I do not care if a Ziobot believes or not, in many libraries the story about the Khazars, and it was in many Libraries, some books were from 100 to 150 years ago are no longer available. I did a search nationwide using a library search system. The statistical probability of all the books explaining the Jews are the Khazars are missing is impossible by accident. And there were plenty of books by Jews too calling themselves the Khazars are gone.

It's the same as when people get too close to the Clintons they're killed. That's impossible to be random chance. It means the Clinton gang is having people killed. period. And I made an "A" in all statistics classes, I liked statistics, it became a foundation of pure objective reality.

Then I began counter intelligence operations. I began to watch who was controlling key libraries. At the Harry Ranson center on a visit to Dr. Louis his aid was a Jewish woman. She even said something about give Israel a chance to me. Why? I don't know. She didn't look like what we think of white Jews, she was a full blooded Gypsy. And I've done a study of the Gypsies previously, she was a carbon copy.

I wrote before there are over 124 kinds of Jews.

Books are removed to erase the past.

In the Dallas mission, which I drove a CIA cab, not for Behavior Research, that was completed for the cataloging of each and every mind in this nation. And as a platform for telling what's behind the curtain. I've written about the mission before on ZH platform.

The Dallas mission was a study of the JFK event and how it related to the change in the South. I can promise beyond a shadow of doubt in my mind, the Jews killed Kennedy.

Back during this time, the mafia families controlled over 120 cities. Each city had a mafia family of either Sicilian or Jewish. It was from the era of prohibition. They were still operational and strong during the 60's.

The FBI under Hoover worked with them not against them. The FBI didn't start going after the mafia until after the death of Hoover. The FBI went after the Sicilians not the Jews, why? because the FBI were the Masons and worked with the Jews. A method of the Masons is to do it in your face and this is for their members to show they're in control. The same method is used by the Jews, an example is the Holocaust Museum located in an old building which was the building used to kill Kennedy. Go look at the photo of jail release of he Jewish mafia hit man, no one had the sense to ask why was a Jewish hit man in Dallas at the location of the killing of Kennedy?

Youtube had a video from old news reels from local Dallas stations, I reviewed it in Dallas for the research project, these news reels had never been released. I reviewed it and began to write essays, the Youtube video was removed. If you would have seen it, then you would be jumping up and down like me. It was THE smoking gun. So like the missing books, is like the missing truth, the Khazar gypsies remove the past so they can control the future.

I'm tired now, so I must stop, see Ziobots who have sold out our nation, think of it this way, you're living a delusion like in the Twilight Zone, while I've been in the Outer Limits all of my life, so it's real easy for me to see.

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Of course it was the Jews who killed JFK. After the war they were committed--at ALL costs, recall the famous quote: "never again"--and so they saw nuclear weapons as their ultimate trump card that would guarantee their survival, from their perspective. And so they set their sites on acquiring the means to attain these weapons--by any means necessary! JFK was the key person who stood in their way of gaining them. So much so that Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin resigned in protest, rather than answer letters succesively more demanding written by JFK for inspections of Dimona nuclear facility. AS a result, JFK had to be removed so that they could finally acquire these weapons. Killing a sitting President requires extreme motivation (desperation), and who else was more desperate than the Israelis at that time? No one!

Here read these articles and the comments sections:……

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Ziofreak screening all your thoughts through a Zionist screen. It's a known recorded fact a Jewish mafia hit man was arrested, his photo was also taken. What's interesting is people with your kind of mind didn't ask why was a Jewish Mafia hitman at the site of the killing of Kennedy? doesn't that sound strange? but not in your sick brain washed mind.

The video on Youtube of the local Dallas news stations, had never been released.

It can be used to prove more than one shooter. I can't find it today perhaps it will show up again, but it doesn't matter to a low life like you, who has sold your soul to the Jews.

Everyone can see you attack people with nasty low life cut downs why? for your Jews.

What is your motive, Are you a Jew?

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It's like Marlon Brando in the movie Sayonara. He had a distinct southern accent. My Southern accent is from the Old South, it's the old Southern aristocracy accent of the Christian plantation people, I come from a long line of Christian masters. The Hollywood and Northern States depiction of the South is flawed. We could never beat or harm our people. But in French controlled South Carolina where the French who were run out of Haiti took over and started the civil war. Well they were brutal.

In the South even to this day there are two accents, the poor whites who are called rednecks, see the origin of redneck is because they had to plow their fields and would get Georgia clay and sunburn on their neck. They hated the Christian masters because their people were treated real well. If a redneck came too close to my people I would have to warn him with a shot gun.

See, it is great honor in the Old South to be the best at caring for your people. There way was the Christian way except the French and west of the Mississippi would hurt their people. And besides that, they cost each over a million in today's money.

We ruled with the Bible. It's a long story.

When I use the Southern Aristocracy accent in the South I am honored by many black people today, because they know the different accents of the whites. It means something real special in the South.

And I can do it heavy, however often I cover it up with a different accent other than the South. I have many accents, at one time I was fluent in Japanese, I lived in Japan for a while, I like the Japanese. In the movie Sayonara, Marlon Brando worked with a Japanese woman, Hana-ogi - "Miiko Taka is her real name", the movie did a lot to turn the Americans from hate of the Japanese after WWII. I speak many languages requiring an accent.

Good Luck

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