Mueller To Subpoena Roger Stone's Alleged "Backchannel" To WikiLeaks: MSNBC

Special Counsel Robert Mueller will reportedly subpoena Randy Credico - the man Roger Stone claimed was his backchannel to WikiLeaks, one day after Credico told MSNBC's Ari Melber that Mueller had previously requested a voluntary interview, which he declined on the advice of his attorney. 

"They didn’t call me in, they showed up and they asked me to come in and do an in-person voluntary interview," Credico said, adding "They asked me if I would like to do — we set up a conversation with somebody from the Mueller team and they asked my lawyer if I would like to sit down and do a voluntary interview."

Melber then reported on Thursday that Mueller intends to subpoena Credico, according to "a direct source with knowledge of the special counsel's outreach," and that Mueller would issue the order in the next few days. 

Oddly, Mueller subpoenaed Roger Stone's driver, accountant and operative, John Kakanis in May. Also subpoeaned was Stone's social media expert Jason Sullivan to discuss WikiLeaks. Meanwhile the one man in Stone's orbit with a proven connection to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - Credico - never got the tap on the shoulder from the special counsel. Perhaps that's because he was "wearing a wire for Mueller," as Stone allegedly accused Credico of in an email? 

Stone and Credico's downward spiral

In the home stretch of the 2016 US election, Roger Stone bragged to the Northwest Broward Republican Committee on August 10, 2016 that he had "communicated with Julian Assange." When Stone said this, WikiLeaks had already released the Clinton and DNC emails - which revealed that the Democratic primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders, leading to the resignation of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz within 48 hours. 

In November 2017 however, Stone backpedaled in a Facebook post, claiming that he didn't speak directly with Assange - and had instead asked then-WBIA Radio host Randy Credico - who interviewed Assange months earlier - to confirm the claim that WikiLeaks dumped the emails during the 2016 election specifically to hurt the Clintons.

Assange made this abundantly clear in a June, 2016 interview with ITV, in which he said there were "more Clinton leaks to come," and that a vote for Clinton was a vote for "endless, stupid war." 

Credico has denied being a backchannel - telling progressive publication Artvoice in May "I was a confirming source, but I wasn't a backchannel. I wasn't coordinating with [Stone]." That said, the Wall Street Journal published details in May of an email exchange between Stone and Credico from September 2016, in which Credico said "I can't ask them for favors every other day." 

In a Sept. 18, 2016, message, Mr. Stone urged an acquaintance who knew Mr. Assange to ask the WikiLeaks founder for emails related to Mrs. Clinton’s alleged role in disrupting a purported Libyan peace deal in 2011 when she was secretary of state, referring to her by her initials.

Please ask Assange for any State or HRC e-mail from August 10 to August 30--particularly on August 20, 2011,” Mr. Stone wrote to Randy Credico, a New York radio personality who had interviewed Mr. Assange several weeks earlier. Mr. Stone, a longtime confidant of Donald Trump, had no formal role in his campaign at the time. -Wall Street Journal

[We would note that if Trump had in fact colluded with Russia, and Russia hacked Clinton's emails, it seems odd that Stone would have to reach out to Credico in a private email to obtain some of them.]

Mr. Credico initially responded to Mr. Stone that what he was requesting would be on WikiLeaks’ website if it existed, according to an email reviewed by the Journal. Mr. Stone, the emails show, replied: “Why do we assume WikiLeaks has released everything they have ???”

In another email, Mr. Credico then asked Mr. Stone to give him a “little bit of time,” saying he thought Mr. Assange might appear on his radio show the next day. A few hours later, Mr. Credico wrote: “That batch probably coming out in the next drop...I can’t ask them favors every other day .I asked one of his lawyers...they have major legal headaches riggt now..relax.” -Wall Street Journal

Later in May, Credico told MSNBC's Melber that Assange told him that he is willing to be interviewed by top ranking House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff (CA) to prove there was no collusion in the 2016 US election. “He’s ready to show that there was no collusion ... he’s willing to sit with Schiff and be interviewed,” Credico said.

And while Credico has tried to distance himself from WikiLeaks, Stone told Artvoice that "Credico insisted through the balance of August, and all of September, that Assange would publish what he had in October. He did." According to Stone, Credico knew

Credico countered - saying “I had no idea of any of the material that was coming out.  [Assange] wouldn’t tell me, I’m a fuckin’, like, drunk, you know.  He doesn’t know me.  I’m a big mouth, loud mouth comic.” 

“These guys [Mueller’s team] need someone like him to keep their f*cking bullshit story going,” Credico said. ”And then keep the fairytale going that there was collusion and that Assange was colluding with Roger Stone. At the end of the day, there’s no collusion with Russia.”

"I'm going to bury him"

In June, Credico told Manhattan weekly newspaper The Villager that he was "sick and tired of Roger Stone lying about him - and more recently, allegedly threatening him." 

I’m going to bury him,” Credico told The Villager in a recent phone interview.

Credico then told the publication that he had given all of his emails "back to when I was on AOL" to an unnamed "national, award-winning, well-respected magazine with a lot of influence" in order to prove his innocence. He then shared screenshots of what he says are "harassing: e-mails from Stone over a three-month period, but that he had lost "90 percent" of his text messages with the longtime Trump adviser. 

In the angry and often expletive-filled e-mails, Stone accuses Credico of “wearing a wire for Mueller” — as in, trying to gather information that could be used apparently against Assange. -The Villager

Stone's insults only get worse from there, alleges Credico - who told the Villager "He sends out e-mails early in the morning in an altered state."  

In other e-mails provided to The Villager, Stone blasts Credico as a “maggot” and “drunk cokehead” — and mockingly tells him to go snort more drugs.

On April 8, Stone wrote to Credico: “Do another rail!” adding, “[I] Just put $2,000 behind another ad on Facebook targeting progressives.” 

Credico has been open about his struggles with substance abuse.

On April 7, Stone wrote Credico: “You are the last person I would have thought would help the Deep State f— Assange — wearing a f—ing wire. Everyone is [sic] says u are wearing a wire for Mueller.”

“I am so ready,” Stone added in another e-mail to him on April 9. “Let’s get it on c—sucker. Prepare to die.” -The Villager

Stone says Credico forged the emails. 

“Sadly, Randy has, as he has with other media outlets, sent you cherry-picked e-mails which in many cases are severely edited,” Stone said in a text message. “Most are out of context or have been doctored. In fact, I have extensive evidence which I will turn over to authorities that demonstrates that he is the one who is threatening me while I have consistently urged him to simply tell the truth," Stone told The Villager in response. 

And now, Mueller is reportedly about to subpoena Credico - who, if he was indeed wearing a wire, will probably find the whole thing highly amusing.


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Bongino just broke that suddenly Mark Warner who sits the the Senate Intelligence Committee wants to meet with Julian Assange  behind closed doors.


Adam Waldmen the lobbiest who represents Oleg Deripaska.  A Russian Oligarch, intimately tied to Putin.  Waldmen, also represents Christopher Steele too. He seems to speak for him in various text exchanges with who? Oh, Mark Warner, the Democratic Senator on the Intel Committee that’s been Corrupted from the start with leaks. 


But who was Waldmen also, maybe not “representing” in as much contacting & having frequent meetings with?


Julian Assange from Wikileaks.

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philipat King of Ruperts Land Fri, 08/10/2018 - 00:46 Permalink

Unfortunately, Assange is "otherwise disposed" at present. Oh, and he isn't allowed any visitors in his solitary confinement (calling a spade a spade), so such a meeting is improbable at best unless he is given total immunity to prosecution, which won't happen with folks like Pompeo and Bolton around. That said, if I were Assange, no way would I ever set foot in the US if he has any plan to live until a ripe old age?

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jin187 johnberesfordt… Fri, 08/10/2018 - 05:56 Permalink

I don't even care for Trump that much.  Didn't even vote for him.  It's that you libtards have shown your hand in your desperation to get rid of Trump.  We know the rules now.  Victory at all costs.  Burn it all down if we can't win.

So yeah, fuck you guys.  We're gonna load the SCOTUS with bible thumping big business thugs, pardon everyone you manage to bring down, ignore subpoenas and court orders we don't like, gerrymander everything to the point that a Dem can't win a local election in California.  There's no line we won't cross anymore.  Pedophile Roy Moore for President in 2024.  Least he's only like Clinton when he's in the bedroom.

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There's mention in the released documents of Susan Rice and even by implication Barack Obama.  Bongino makes it sound like the real kingpin is Adam Waldmen.

Bongino is talking about the relatively sympathetic Oleg Deripaska (he tried to help get our hostage out of Iran) as the villain.  Is that the best we can do for a villain?

Lying to FISA judge, just so some random billionaire can do business in the USA?  

Is Bongino promoting a limited hangout?  His information is useful, but he skips some serious stuff.



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artichoke kahuna1 Sat, 08/11/2018 - 14:14 Permalink

Choices for villain: Deripaska (tried to help get out hostage out of Iran), Assange (probably took down Hillary in the general election). Bongino is proposing some pretty sympathetic people for villain here.


Seems like some misdirection here.  He's focused on a part of it, but i don't even believe shit would have gotten this deep just over a principled disagreement over a hostage release, where Hillary was saying no because of a violation of the antideficiency act.  That paints these turds far too nicely and leaves out many other senior turds we've come to know were involved, all the way up to Obama. 

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Assange is too high profile to kill.  As long as he's alive, they can claim he's lying about most things, and their sycophants in the MSM will buy it.  Once he dies, especially if he's got heavy US government security at the time, they might be able to cover up the specifics, but they might as well come out and admit there's a shadow government that performs clandestine ops on US soil.

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They seem to have provided a glimpse into the exclusive club which is an organized crime operation a few layers below the real power so of course termination is the reaction. As always.

The Mueller probe will go on through mid-terms. CONgress is paid to allow it to continue. The problem is that they seem to be out of moves that could result in unseating Trump. And the clock is ticking.

POTUS was only step one. Cleaning the filth out of CONgress is a larger task. The flow of money is the key as usual.

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Mueller, WE NEED TO FIND SOMETHING... Or this president might appoint a honest AG that looks into our HSBC and 911 whitewash!!


Nevermind the CFR has this in hand...

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I think one of Mueller's deeply embedded character flaws is that once he decides on burying someone he becomes possessed. Much like the awful dealings with Whitey Bulger, sending men to prison for crimes they did not commit, in federal custody where they could keep them quiet and under the threat of death if they were to talk. He did this to protect the corruption surrounding that case, he is Mr. Wolf, sent in to clean up the fucking mess. He has gotten away with this tact of ruthlessness for so long that he can't stop digging and will eventually dig his own grave because this is out in the open, prying eyes like Sheryl Atkinson, internet sleuths and many others. This will be his downfall, like Captain Ahab chasing Moby Dick the White whale, caught in the harpoon tethers and wrapped around the great whale as he takes him deep into the abyss.

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Mueller, thank you so much for trying so hard to prosecute the people who got out the facts.  What we really need in this country is less information and more government obscurity. 

Sincerly yours, 

The swamp 

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Mueller hasn't even interviewed Don Jr yet. If he were going after Trump that would be a big deal. I tell this to my liberal friends this info and they're like wtf is Mueller even doing?


Mueller's entire probe is to protect and cover up the crimes/FISA abuse of the Obama administration!