Obama Ignores Genocide In South Africa

Authored by Ilana Mercer via Unz.com,

Once upon a time there were two politicians.

One had the power to give media and political elites goosebumps. Still does.

The other causes the same dogs to raise their hackles.

The first is Barack Hussein Obama; the second Vladimir Putin.

The same gilded elites who choose our villains and victims for us have decided that the Russian is the worst person in the world. BHO, the media consider one of the greatest men in the world.

Obama leveled Libya and lynched its leader. Our overlords were unconcerned. They knew with certainty that Obama was destroying lives irreparably out of the goodness of his heart.

Same thing when Obama became the uncrowned king of the killer drone, murdering Pakistani, Afghani, Libyan and Yemeni civilians in their thousands. That, too, his acolytes generally justified, minimized or concealed.

In June of 2008, Obama marked his election as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.” Media did not mock their leader’s delusions of grandeur.

All the estrogen-oozing amoebas of mainstream media would do in response to the Obama charm offensive was to turn to one another and check, “Was it good for you? Did he make the earth move and the oceans recede for you, too?”

Recently, Obama romped on to the Third World stage “bigly.”

He delivered an address in this writer’s birthplace of Johannesburg, South Africa. The occasion: the centennial commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

On that occasion, Obama praised “the liberal international order,” which is founded on inverted morality: Good is bad and bad is good.

Small wonder, then, that nobody—broadcaster Tucker Carlson excepted—was willing to shame Obama for lauding genial thug Cyril Ramaphosa as an inspiration for “new hope in [his] great country.”

President hope-and-change Ramaphosa has gone where his four peer predecessors had not dared to go. He led a wildly fruitful effort to tweak the already watered-down property-rights provision in the South-African Constitution. Theft of land owned by whites will now be permitted.

Other than their modern-day-messiah status, BHO and his hero Mandela share something else. Both were silent about the systematic ethnic cleansing and extermination, in ways that beggar belief, of South-African farmers, in particular, and whites in general.

Does the barefaced Barack care that white men, women and children are being butchered like animals, their bodies often displayed like trophies by their proud black assassins?

An example among thousands are Kaalie Botha’s parents: “You can’t kill an animal like they killed my mom and dad. You can’t believe it.”

The Achilles tendons of Kaalie’s 71-year-old father had been severed by his assailants so he couldn’t flee. He was then hacked in the back until he died, his body dumped in the bush.

The head of wife Joey had been bashed in by a brick, wielded with such force that the skull “cracked like an egg.”

A day in the life of farming South Africa.

Yet, there was Mr. Obama touting the new South Africa as the instantiation of the ideals promoted by Mandela.

Mind you, Obama might be on to something, in a perverse way. As stated, Mandela was mum about these killings, labeled genocidal by the expert Dr. Gregory H. Stanton.

As for “Madiba’s” fidelity to the cornerstone of civilization, private-property rights: In September of 1991, “Mr. Mandela threatened South African business with nationalization of mines and financial institutions unless business [came] up with an alternative option for the redistribution of wealth.

Had he lived to 100, Mandela would likely be cheering Ramaphosa for authorizing a free-for-all on white-owned private property.

You know who’s not ignoring or minimizing those ongoing attempts at extermination and immiseration in South Africa? President Putin.

Russia has purportedly offered to give shelter to 15,000 white South African farmers, so far, recognizing them for the true refugees they are.

But Mr. Putin must be a racist. At least that’s what the cruel and craven African National Congress (Mandela’s party) dubs any nation daring to succor white South-Africans. The very idea that black Africans would persecute white Africans is racist in itself, say South Africa’s ruling Solons.

In fact, the ANC regularly intervenes to set aside findings made by Refugee Boards across the West in favor of South Africa’s endangered minority.

Putin, of course, has a history of such “racism.” Take his “unhealthy” fixation with saving Christians in Syria. Yes, that community is thriving once again because of the Alawite and Russian alliance.

True to type, “racist” Russia is now looking out for the Afrikaner settlers of South Africa.

In 2011, when “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” was published, there were approximately 40,000 commercial South-African farmers who remained on the land of their ancestors. Minus about 3000 slaughtered.

The total number of commercial farmers who feed South Africa is now less than half the number of “refugees” the US takes in each year. To date, “there has been a trickle of South Africans applying for asylum in the United States on the grounds of racial persecution. Almost all have been deported.”

It should be news to no one that American refugee policies favor the Bantu peoples of Africa over its Boers.

As Obama would drone, “It’s who we are.”

Whichever way you slice it, on matters South Africa, Russia is the virtuous one.


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Obama, Mandela, and all the wizards of liberal propaganda elitists are getting exactly what they wanted in South Africa.....good bye whitey. Whitey bad, even though they created markets, prosperity, wealth, a good standard of living, a society that actually functioned. Blackey good, no matter what they do, say, kill, or control. Doesn’t matter if the average black person lives in squalor. Doesn’t matter if the country is run like a pillaging kingdom for the elites.  Blackey good, whitey bad, end of story. And that’s as deep as the MSM stories worldwide ever go.  No need for Obama to come out against anything, his followers don’t know, are not interested in learning the truth, and could care less. Blakey good. Whitey bad.  

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Obama, like the coloreds in SA, hates the fact that he is half white. They all secretly wish they were white, and that is what makes them spew such vile hatred against whites. Because they look black, identify as black, and therefore are compelled to reject the white part of themselves, even though the white DNA is what virtually guaranteed they wouldn't be born a low IQ retard. In SA, the niggers hate the coloreds. In the USA the niggers are jealous of the light skin coloreds. But at the end of the day, they are all Frankenstein mongrels and they know they are cursed. Who would choose to be any shade of nigger? Please.

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  Hey Jack,  great and truthful analysis.  I agree, halfbreed mongrels have a self loathing and take it out on whitey.  What i can't figure out is what woul make a white girl want to have a mongrel  and make that child suffer for eternity by diluting her white DNA.  The only theory that I can muster is that evolutionary her brain has been rewired to think that a nigger kid means free shit by the state forever?  Any thoughts?

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And what sane leader of any sane country wouldn't take in hard-working, industrious, profitable and conscientious farmers?  I met one of these farmers on a plane flying back from Europe.  He was attempting to emigrate to Canada.  TWICE had to fend off gangs of blacks attempting to murder him and his family on his farm.  Sounded like the scene from The Gauntlet.  During one of the incidents he shot two or three blacks.  One of them was coming right through his kitchen window.  As the invader lay bleeding to death, he asked the farmer, "But how did you see me?".  Apparently they'd all gone to the witch doctor for invisibility.  He said the cops showed up (mostly black cops), and basically whitewashed the whole thing.  Thank God some of these farmers are previous army conscripts with advanced military training due to previous SA wars.  He was anyway.  Last thing I did was give him my number and told him to call me if he ever needed any help coming in.  Maybe Putin ended up as the beneficiary.

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They are great farmers, tough and kind people. very religious.   They are the best friend the blacks ever had.    Apartheid worked because it was a benevolent system where everyone had their own place to live in their own place and tribal culture, safe because the Boer Government protected them.   That Government provided the BEST possible medicine for Blacks while White people had to take care of their own health concerns.   A black person could have a heart transplant in SA for two rand in the most famous Baragwanath Hospital, now derelict - and it was enormous.    They trained two hudred black doctors each year and opened one new schoolroom for blacks each DAY.      They have lost it all and now they are at the mercy of the communist banksters, led by their stupid "leaders" who are just puppets of the The Crown in London!  So stupid, so destructive.

Cannibalism has re-emerged in South Africa and it is aparantly already widespread and they can even BUY HUMAN FLESH from underground "shops"!    

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America always has exceeded their white people quota.  We need more jihadist Muslims, Hispanics, and angry Africans to replace the ones the ghetto weeds through on a daily basis.  If we bring in sufficient numbers the hope is soon they will become self sustaining and only kill whites.  Maintaining the illusion the it's the government's responsibility to redistribute wealth is big business and whites that take full advantage of the educational and employment opportunities (provided to all) must be abolished so that the cycle of poverty minorities allow themselves to accept by living as victims of their government truely and finally becomes the solution to existence for all.  We will have socialism, damn it, even if we have to import enough uneducated ballots and kill off the intelligent folk who actually believe it's their own responsibility to grow and nurture success and morals. Unfortunately it will happen sooner than anticipated as it's easier to brainwash today's youth and provide just enough obamaphone freebies to the non English speaking unparticipants that the enlightened Dems have a cake walk on their way to their self enriching creation of the I'll will (have to) work for food socialiety.  Soon after, we will have no food nor a society, but the elite will remain and have enough money to buy as many world slaves as they need to satisfy their I'll gotten glut.  Like the fatted purple robed grape eaters of the ruling class of ancient Rome, pleasuring themselves at whatever humanity is left's expense as their cities burn.

It's the end of our world as we know it.  MAGA is not enough.  We need to create a better America. One that loves the people who cherish it, and offers kindness to other neighbors without graft by sharing only our surplus and without buying friends and slaughtering others, for or not.  We have enough issues within our own borders, with the good peoples that are already here, to focus 100% of our service and effort on.  Make America what the world MUST become, as an example, before we can't.  the first step is to remove all current leaders and restructure the new America following the guides our fathers prepared.   It's a good Document to build a nation on, but we must remain more vigilant in it's demise as we are seeing what can happen when it's bastardised.  The current leaders can feel free to run for one of the smaller number of gov jobs, but they will have to earn it and not just buy it.  This time, the people must take an active and educated role in their own government.  After all, it is our responsibility to government ourselves in America, and not our "God given" right to be "governed".

I have a plan

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No wonder the Deep State hates him; he makes them look like complete sh!t.

To whom, exactly? None of the media gatekeepers are reporting on this. The NBA just televised their 2018 Africa Game on Disney/ABC owned ESPN. It was played in Pretoria. I'm quite certain that Adam Silver and Bob Iger would be quite comfortable doing it again next year no matter how many more are butchered. After all, as Mike Wallace so eloquently told us many years ago, they're not white men.


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I'd be interested in knowing more about Mr. Ramaphosas "lineage" and ancestors.  Would be hypocritically ironic to find out that his peeps were in fact carpet-baggin panhandlers who showed up long after the Boer arrived.  But such pesky historical truths wouldn't fit the hopey-changey leap forward they aspire to.  

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Yes, that is exactly what I think they are planning.     That is the reason they are driving the efficient food producers, the Boers,off the land - I believe they have already sold it to Monsanto.   They are that stupid.   All they think about is that they want more and more  of the White man's nice things - like Mercedes Benz (they call them "Wabenzi.)

Communism suits them very well because it allows the "leaders" to have a lot and the population to have very little indeed.   

The truth is that they are violent, sadistic and utterly destructive.     And it is NOT revenge which some left leaning types like to think.   Black people  are extremely cruel to each other.    And they just love killing.

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I feel the inner Marla contributing DJ tunes for ZH, so enjoy Earth's Pentastar with a '70 Hemi Cuda holding down the album cover. That Tallahasee is a might fine song, as is the intro and the follow up. Goddamn gorgeous tunes by the best friend and guy who gave Kurt Cobain the shotgun that took his life.

Earth - Pentastar


"The world it spins on a crooked axis,
Left it twitching by road."

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He's going down. Gitmo bound*, baby!!!!  *if justice still exists

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FISA apps FALSE activate domestic spy campaign (UK assist - feed to C_A (cannot operate domestically)(JB)
They NEVER thought she would lose.

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That's fine, because soon we'll have something similar in the USA except it won't go the blacks way!! We're going to finally clean up Chicago,Baltimore,Detroit,etc.