UN Puts Cost Of Syrian War Destruction At Nearly $400 Billion

A group of United Nations experts have produced a figure which puts a price tag on seven years of war in Syria in terms of overall destruction to the country: nearly $400 billion.

The UN just concluded a two day meeting of over 50 Syrian and international experts in Lebanon who met under the aegis of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). 

According to the AFP, the group of economic analysts concluded that the "volume of destruction in physical capital and its sectoral distribution" is estimated at more than $388 billion (334 billion euros).

Image via Al Shahid

The ESCWA experts added that the figure does not include "human losses resulting from deaths or the loss of human competences and skilled labor due to displacement, which were considered the most important enablers of the Syrian economy." The group said it will produce a full final report of its findings later in September. 

Though over half of Syria's pre-war population either fled the country or was internally displaced, according to most estimates, since last year there's been a number of reports suggesting a significant surge in refugees and displaced persons actually returning to their homes to rebuild

Just prior to the beginning of the 2011 unrest, Syria was a fast-growing, lower-middle-income country with an average annual GDP growth of 4.3%; but a major study produced six years into the war by the World Bank, entitled The Toll of War: The Economic and Social Consequences of the Conflict in Syria, found that by 2017 Syria’s GDP had con­tracted by an estimated 63%, amounting to a cumu­lative loss of $226 billion, about four times the 2010 GDP, the World Bank report found.

Chart numbers based on 2017 World Bank Study

You will find more infographics at Statista

The final ESCWA report is expected to take into account these and other economic loss figures from throughout the war. 

Journalist for the watchdog media group FAIR, Ben Norton, said the new UN ESCWA report underscores that economic warfare was a key element to external plans for regime change.

Norton said, "one of the intended effects of the international war on Syria: the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar weren't able to overthrow the Syrian government, but they were able to bleed the country of c. $400 billion." He added, "And it's the people who suffer."



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Trump started all those fires? 

Was this before or after he was caught "colluding" with the Russians?


So I notice Baron, from your bio, you have a degree in finance. Might I ask what degree that is in the field of finance and how that might apply (or not) to the situation in say, Venezuela...where the "revolutionary socialist government" confiscated all foreign property/assets, deciding to run it all by itself as national-socialism and how that all worked out?


No response from the pedigreed & formally degreed baron of finance? Hmmm, this is all very odd indeed ;-)

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Your facts are in error and derived from propaganda. And, no, they aren't eating zoo animals in Venezuela. Some people actually believe that financially threatening Russia, China, and Turkey while intimidating Europe and Canada is all part of some "trade war" to make America great again. It's a front for stupid people while they attempt to destroy economies. Are you really that credulous?

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Ah! There you are!

The QUESTIONS WERE (again)...

"Might I ask what DEGREE YOU HAVE in the field of finance and how that might apply (or not) to the situation in say, Venezuela...where the "revolutionary socialist government" confiscated all foreign property/assets, deciding to run it all by itself as national-socialism and how that all worked out?"

...it wasn't some propaganda filled diatribe one can easily get from Democracy Now or HuffPo, it was direct questions as to what YOUR QUALIFICATIONS ARE as a degreed finance professional (I assume) and how that might apply (or not) to the situation in one of the countries YOU named, as in Venezuela.

Is that not clear?


I think the ZH board can now officially call bullshit on your bio, Baron Bud.

But thanks for playing ;-)

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Actually, my bio is factual with a long career in self employment, investing, and as a software engineer. Computer guys are better than average at logic so let's break it down. Hillary once said, "I have a public position and a private one". In other words, the words aren't the truth and that is an essential skill needed for political control. Economic and military power has shifted to Asia. The neocons want it back. China said it can't meet America's terms. What are those terms? Do any of you know? Why the silly RussiaGate and the nerve gas farce. It's because we're in an economic war, not a trade war, and a shooting war will follow. The same six networks that shape your view of the outside reality are government controlled propagandists as you well know. Yet you'll believe the Venezuela story. You don't know the history only what you're told.



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Degrees in Finance and Computer Science.


You are dissembling and diverting again, not getting to the main point of the debate you started and telling us what is actually factual in your bio (not understanding why you can't...just say it, is it a top secret?...lol) but MUCH more importantly, which would give me more insight into what that finance degree might be...is...this, answering, finally, completely, exhaustively, this...

"Might I ask what DEGREE YOU HAVE in the field of finance and how that might apply (or not) to the situation in say, Venezuela...where the "revolutionary socialist government" confiscated all foreign property/assets, deciding to run it all by itself as national-socialism and how that all worked out?" 

...can you or can you not?  

Otherwise I'm going to call you a fucking fraud by your own voluntarily submitted bio and I'll have ample ground to stand on. If you want to keep whatever ZH cred you think you have you better do it now...

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Do you have any idea what you're talking about? What do you mean by "what finance degree"? What type? Finance is a major within the School of Business. There is no type of finance though one can take advanced courses in certain areas like bond or equity valuation. It's a huge field. Look around the world at the size of capital markets. Frame your question better.

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You have an AA (perhaps, finally?...lol) in "finance" meaning wut exactly pilgrim...accounting, business administration?

When you put that kind of shit in your bio one would expect you to be able to answer confidently the intricacies of what you are actually talking about at the macro level, which you obviously don't because you've gone a long way around trying to avoid any discussion of...Venezuela...which you brought up.


I guess I'll take that as "I don't have what I claim to have?" ;-)

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The Afghani lady was most pleasant and the second visit was maybe a bit too soon. I usually limit my postings to insipid jokes or some veiled foolishness but my flight of mirth brought me to this story.

"Cast your arrows; let fly your slings .... rejoice or perish tomorrow brings."

Sounds pretty good. I just made it up.

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The man was a Grade-A-Arsonist.

We told EVERYBODY this cocksuckers background, where he came from and what he was all about...namely...anything he could do to fuck up this nation from the top down.

But there was Charlie Rose & Tom Brokaw finally opining on election night..."We really don't know much about Barack Obama."

And STILL people complain about my desire to destroy what is called a "free press" which the majority of is NOTHING BUT an extension of the increasingly obvious leftwing of the DNC. At least real commie nations had the common decency to describe their propaganda organs as mouthpieces of the state and not even try to disguise it ;-)

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The cost is far greater than anyone might think. As the world matured, communications improved, and as people traveled more many of us hoped the catalyst for war would diminish. Instead, with new technology, mankind has only expanded our abilities to spread death and destruction.

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It must be nice to be able to go places, blow shit up and deny all responsibility of paying for it. It's like delinquent teens smashing shit in a jewelry story.