In Shocking UN Accusation, China Said To Hold 1 Million Uighur Muslims In "Massive Internment Camps"

A breaking report based on findings of a United Nations human rights panel accuses China of holding up to one million ethnic Uighurs in what the report says resembles a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy”.

The minority ethno-religious group concentrated in the western Chinese province of Xinjiang has found itself under increased persecution and oversight by Chinese authorities of late as their collective Sunni Islamic identity and separatist political movements have resulted in historic tensions with the Communist government.

Chinese Muslim women passing a checkpoint in Xinjiang province. Image source: AFP/Getty

Most notable is the ethnic Uighur-founded and led East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM, also commonly called the Turkestan Islamic Party, or TIP), a Muslim separatist group based Xinjiang known to have conducted dozens of terror attacks in Chinese cities like Shanghai and Yunnan, but also in places like Afghanistan, and as far as Syria, where it's believed up to 5,000 Uighurs fight alongside al-Qaeda. 

Beijing has in recent years been accused of practicing collective punishment and broad crackdowns on the Uighur population in Xinjiang, which is numbered in total at 11 million (with some estimates of up to 15 million; China's total Muslim population is at about 21 million). The minority ethnic group is also found in sizable numbers in neighboring Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

The new UN statements come after a number of recent cases of prominent Uighur Chinese citizens and dissidents being "disappeared"

According to Reuters:

A U.N. human rights panel said on Friday that it had received many credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uighurs in China are held in what resembles a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy”.

Gay McDougall, a member of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, cited estimates that another 2 million Uighurs and Muslim minorities are forced into so-called “political camps for indoctrination”.

The UN panel began its work Friday and is expected to go through Monday examining China's human rights record. As Reuters also notes a Chinese delegation of about 50 officials present at the proceedings made no immediate comment. 

Historically throughout parts of the 20th century, the strict Islamic strand of Wahhabi thought and practice has made deep inroads among the Uighurs, with a number of recent historical analysis papers documenting an uptick in Saudi money and influence in Xinjiang province in the 1990s something which flies in the face of China's official Communist party and ideology.

Commenting further on the UN meeting, the South China Morning Post highlighted Chinese officials' silence concerning the growing accusations of mass Uighur internment:

Chinese delegation leader Yu Jianhua highlighted economic progress and rising living standards, among other things, but did not directly address the report on the Uygurs.

Monitoring groups say the Uygurs have been targeted in a surveillance and security campaign that has sent thousands into detention and indoctrination centers.

The initial UN statement issued from Geneva follows on the heels of a Friday New York Times report which details the case of 52-year old Uighur professor Rahile Dawut, who disappeared while traveling to Beijing sometime during or after last December. She hasn't been heard from since. 

Professor Dawut's close friends and family members told the Times they believe she's been secretly detained as part of the severe crackdown on the Muslim minority group. Dawut herself has become somewhat famous as an ethnographer known for chronicling the Uighur's unique and varied historical traditions. 

A fuller UN report and statements are expected next week, and it will be interesting to see both any concrete evidence that's produced to back the significant charge of one million "disappeared" and interned persons, as well as the Chinese delegation's response to the accusation. 


roddy6667 38BWD22 Sat, 08/11/2018 - 01:08 Permalink

You didn't even read the article. It says that the Uyghurs live under such tight security and surveillance that it is "like" an internment camp. 

After years of trying to be tolerant of Muslims, too many extremists carried out terrorist attacks on Chinese citizens. No more Mister Nice Guy.

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Creative_Destruct A Sentinel Sat, 08/11/2018 - 03:00 Permalink

China's interior has always been inherently politically unstable... many culturally and religiously different ethnic groups away from the coastal regions where the ethnic Han Chinese reside. The whole place could blow apart, and the Communist leadership knows this. Central control to them is thought to be a matter of survival against this existential threat for the larger Chinese state, which has come apart many times throughout history.

Mao went on his Long March to the interior to gather his army to overthrow the Nationalists for that reason...lots of willing combatants to be found there.

That's what "wonderful,"  politically correct diversity gets ya....civil war and revolution.

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ChiangMaiXPat roddy6667 Sat, 08/11/2018 - 09:19 Permalink

Riiiiiggghhhtt...The Chinese wouldn’t set up mobile organ harvesting vans to extract organs from dissidents on the spot and ship them abroad to the international black market. The Chinese are known for being a “beacon” of light, liberty & tolerance. Pay no attention to the new “Social Credit” system that’s recently been implemented on social media. It’s all western propaganda designed to make the Chinese look bad.

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roddy6667 ChiangMaiXPat Sun, 08/12/2018 - 02:46 Permalink

That "social credit" system  you talk about exists more in your mind than here in China. It is a proposal. It will take several existing systems and roll them together with some new ones in planning. It's already been a fact for years that if you cause trouble on a train or plane, you are banned.  Most people here have no problem with it. The fact that Americans don't like it is not an issue.

The Chinese see the internal conflict and economic backsliding of the US as indicative of the whole system it is based on.  As far as being a "beacon of light, liberty, and tolerance" you are confusing American values for Chinese and Asian ones. The highest value here is the smooth functioning of society. Individual rights and freedoms take second place. It's been that way for 5000 years. All those recent fad "right" and "freedoms" are now collapsing in the clusterfuck that is now America.


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Where have you been?

Hopefully you have been diligently working on the repeated question about the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, remember?

You must be very familiar by now about the unarmed AMERICAN ship that was attacked by air and water by our most best friend Israel in 1967, killing many AMERICAN servicemen outright, and then sending more brave Israelis in speedboats to machine gun the AMERICAN wounded who were being lowered into the water for medical evacuation. 


You are always rooting for your "IDF brothers" but you must admit they would not have so much as a slingshot without the generosity of their American donors.

The many weapons that the Israelis used on unarmed and wounded Americans were provided by the same people that the Israelis betrayed.

You are so very concerned about double standards, so why do you ignore the double standard of the Israelis attacking and killing in cold blood the very people who support you at every turn without question?

Very lousy way to treat your friends, and then simply ignore it until it hopefully goes away.

All the Swamp/Tel Aviv perpetrators are long time dead so there is no good reason for ordinary, everyday Israelis to keep covering up for it.

Every Israeli should be aware and ashamed of this attack, as should the DC Swamp for that matter.

Indeed more so the DC Swamp, since they agreed to a blood sacrifice of American servicemen, whereas the weasels in Tel Aviv were only too happy to go along with the perversion since it was not Israelis to be sacrificed, and in fact the Israelis had the upper hand all along. 

So the Swamp and Tel Aviv skanks really got a room that time, didn't they.

A real DC Swamp/Tel Aviv sleazefest.

Today's young Israelis had nothing to do with it and would not tolerate such a brazen attack today.

We have Holocaust force fed to us non stop, so by rights the Israelis should at least admit to this.





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Here's the difference: China isn't getting gifts of billions of dollars every year from the US taxpayer, close military cooperation, and a raw data feed from the NSA on the "gentlemen's agreement" understanding that they won't look at stuff from Federal judges, congressmen, senators or POTUS. China can't rely on an automatic US veto of any UN sanctions on Israel regardless what the latter do.

We expect higher standards of Israel because they enjoy all of the benefits of being a US state, without any of those pesky downsides, like the SCOTUS ruling their immigration laws are racist.

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HRClinton californiagirl Sat, 08/11/2018 - 10:56 Permalink

What's wrong with Underground Christians? Sounds like the perfect place for them to be.

If there was 1 thing that Marx was right about, it was his statement "Religion is the opiate* of the masses". Although the concept itself has been around for thousands of years before him. He merely updated it with the language of his time.

* Replace Opiate with Pot, Rx, Antidepressants, Video Game, TV, etc. to get the modern day equivalent.

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jin187 A Sentinel Sat, 08/11/2018 - 06:23 Permalink

Weeks?  This has been in the news for a year.  The Chinese have been snatching these guys off the street, and force feeding them booze and pork until they renounce Islam.  The terror attacks seemed to stop real quick when they found out they were going to become apostates instead of martyrs.

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But...but...but the Weeggers are such a peaceful peeples, right?

In the evening of 1 March 2014, a terrorist attack occurred inside the Kunming Railway Station in Kunming, Yunnan, China. At around 9:20 p.m., a group of eight knife-wielding (Weegger) men and women attacked (Han Chinese) passengers at the city's railway station.

Both male and female (Weegger) attackers pulled out long-bladed knives and stabbed and slashed passengers. At the scene, police killed four assailants and captured one injured female. The incident, targeted against civilians, left 31 civilians and 4 perpetrators  dead with more than 140 others injured.

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Never One Roach IvannaHumpalot Sat, 08/11/2018 - 09:05 Permalink

They are not as harmless as some people claim. When I was in weegger province, the weeggers were walking up to non-weeggers on the street (mostly Han Chinese) and stabbing them with HIV infected needles.

F*ck that sh*t. Put those dawgs down imo. There is no doubt it's the religious fanaticism that drives them to be terrorist devils. Look at Turkey; when it was secular there was complete peace. Now that it's turned into a fanatic state, crime all over.

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