Bikini-Free Miss America Viewership Plummets 36% In Key Demographic

Who could have seen this coming? 

For some odd reason, American audiences decided they just weren't interested in hearing how this year's crop of Miss America contestants would solve world hunger, promote peace or save the kittens. 

Oddly, and we're sure it's just a coincidence, viewership dropped 36% in the key 18-49 age demograpic (19% overall) over last year, the same year the pageant ditched its swimsuit contest...

Did frustrated viewers put away the lotion and flip the channel to NFL Sunday Night Football? As we detailed earlier Monday, that was a bust too. Plus, the pageant competed with the NFL last year as well, except the contestants had bikinis. 

Also factors may have been cord cutters and the #MeToo movement. 

The Miss America Organization bowed to the #MeToo movement in June when it announced the elimination of the swimsuit portion of the event, as well as making changes to the evening gown section, announcing that contestants "will no longer be judged on outward physical appearance."