Trump Blasts Media: "False And Inaccurate" Reporting Causing "Anger We See Today"

Was CNN President Jeff Zucker really hoping that President Trump would read his statement accusing the president of inspiring this week's flurry of suspected attempted mail bombings and think 'gee, maybe he's right - maybe I should tone it down'?"

We doubt it. And just as Zucker had probably intended, the CNN chief's inflammatory statement blaming Trump's "attacks on the media" for inspiring the bombings has only inspired more "attacks on the media." After Trump demanded that the media stop "the endless hostility and oftentimes false attacks" during a rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin last night, the president has followed up his claims with a tweet Thursday morning saying "a lot of the anger we see" in the US today is caused by the "purposefully false and inaccurate" reporting in the mainstream press.

And now watch as Zucker & Co. turn around and accuse Trump of being monstrously insensitive to the fact that CNN suffered a "bomb threat" and the president has only continued to attack them.

Continuing with his attacks on the media, in another tweet sent Thursday, Trump lashed out at the New York Times for a story about his cellphone usage.

But tell us again how this is all Trump's fault?