NYC Evicts Homeless Man, Tears Down Brooklyn Encampment Full Of Garbage, Drum Collection

A Brooklyn homeless man living in the plaza near a Flatbush subway station was formally evicted by New York City officials on Wednesday, after being served notice of his pending ouster, reports CBS New York.

The subway plaza is not your home. That was the message sent to Thomas Harris as an army of cops and city workers began carting away a massive homeless encampment he built — and lived in — at Parkside and Ocean avenues.

He did not go quietly. -CBS

"I'm in a wheel chair - I got one leg!" cried Harris, as police bagged and carted off his belongings. "I don't need no ambulance," Harris exclaimed after being offered a ride to the hospital. 

"Leave me alone!" Harris said. "I don’t bother nobody!"

Except that according to locals, Harris has been a longstanding nuisance in the area. 

Actually, Harris’ jaw-dropping collection of drums, clothes, food and garbage bothered a lot of people, which is why the city served him with a formal eviction notice last week and then showed up Wednesday to enforce it. -CBS