Trump Slams Lying 'Cryin Chuck' Schumer, Says There's "GREAT Unity" In GOP On Border Security

Following what was by all accounts (including the president's) a contentious meeting over border security funding between the White House (Trump and VP Mike Pence) and the Democratic leadership (Schumer and Pelosi) on Wednesday, Dems seized on an opportunity to try and portray Trump as unstable and child-like by telling reporters that he stormed out of the meeting after 45 minutes, with Schumer saying that Trump threw a "trantrum" when he realized Democrats weren't there to concede before "slamming the table and storming out."

As is his nature, Trump can't let these kinds of critical remarks go unchallenged. So in a Thursday morning tweet, Trump took a shot at "Cryin Chuck" and his "favorite lie". Instead, Trump said he "politely" said "bye-bye" and "left" after Pelosi said the Dems woudn't agree to funding for border security.

In a second tweet, Trump again pushed back at reports that some Senate Republicans are preparing to throw their support behind a compromise that would end the partial shut down and leave border security funding for another time, instead warning that there is "GREAT unity with the Republicans in the House and Senate" and that the only obstacle to ending the partial shutdown are "the Opposition Party" (ie the media) and "the Dems".

For what it's worth, Trump's version of events seems to jibe with reports that he offered Democratic leaders an array of candy at the meeting in a gambit appealing to their sweet tooth.

As of tomorrow, the partial shutdown will become the longest shutdown ever...

...but despite this, Trump is showing no signs of caving.