Man Tests Tesla Autopilot By Trying To Run Over His Wife

Who knew that the story of Tesla's rise and inevitable fall, would spawn so many potential Hollywood scripts (don't answer that, it's rhetorical).

In the latest story to emerge from Tesla’s "too crazy to be true" annals, a man decided to test the autopilot anti-collision feature on his car by trying to run over his wife. According to The Mirror, YouTuber KriszXstream filmed the risky experiment, during which his wife stepped out in front of his speeding car.

In the video, he said: “We’re going to test autopilot to see what happens when someone runs in front of the car."

During the first test, the man drives towards his wife, who crosses the road in front of the car.

This is where things almost took a turn for the homicidal, as the autopiloted car gets very close to the woman, forcing her to run out of the way. While an alarm can be heard inside the car, it doesn’t appear as if the car would have stopped.

KriszXstream said: “For a second I thought it's not gonna brake. But now it brakes” (it wasn't clear if he was disappointed with that particular test outcome).

In a follow up test, the woman put her bag in the middle of the road, and while the Tesla does brake for the bag, it also knocks it over. The wife said: “It hit my bag. It's still alive, I would say.”

Predictably, viewers of the idiotic experiment were unimpressed with the dangerous "test".

One user said: “I don’t know who is dumber…you or your wife?”

Another added: “Plain and simple: are you nuts? People should never test safety system like that.”

While this clip is surely a contender for Darwin Award of the year, it brings up an interesting point: what if the driver had run over his wife (who just happened to have a multi-million life insurance policy)? Would it be his fault, or Tesla's? We are confident an answer to this hypothetical scenario will be forthcoming soon.