2 ISIS Terrorists Killed In Firefight With Russian Police

Two men suspected of being members of an ISIS-affiliated terrorist cell have been killed following a counter-terrorism operation in the Siberian city of Tyumen, the administrative center of "West Siberian petroleum basin," RT reports.

The FSB and Russian military said they had learned that an ISIS cell had been planning an attack in a crowded area of the Siberian city, so they preemptively stormed a home in the city where the cell was believed to be hiding.


Bystanders heard heavy gunfire, and the sounds of police and military vehicles rushing to the scene.

Video taken by witnesses quickly went viral on social media.

The sound of heavy gunfire can be heard in several of the videos; in another, a squadron of tanks can be seen rumbling by.

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee said the two suspected ISIS members who were killed refused to lay down their weapons when asked.

"When told to lay down their weapons and surrender, the terrorists opened fire at police officers. [They] were killed in the shootout that followed," a committee spokesperson said. "There were no casualties among civilians or officers."

According to TASS, Russian law enforcement received a top about "armed supporters of the Islamic State terrorist group", which is illegal in Russia, who "planned to carry out terrorist attacks in the city’s crowded areas."

The skirmish began at around 21:56 local time (around 1 pm in New York) and took place in the Kalininsky district on the city’s western outskirts. Law-enforcement agencies have cordoned off a territory that included several houses. Later, a source told TASS that one of the buildings in the cordoned off area had caught fire.