Trump Unloads On 'Crazy Mess' Nancy Pelosi, Questions Mental State

President Trump threw his latest left-hook on Thursday as he described a Wednesday meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (C-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to discuss infrastructure.

"She's a mess, look, lets face it," Trump said of Pelosi, who he accused of not understanding the pending US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement which must pass through the House. 

"She does not understand it. And [administration trade officials] sort of feel she is disintegrating before their eyes," said Trump. 

The President also questioned the mental state of 'crazy nancy,' saying "She's not the same person, she's lost it."

Trump's comments came after Pelosi on Thursday told Democratic colleagues that he "wants to be impeached" so that the Senate can vindicate him, according to ABC News

Pelosi made the suggestion during a Thursday morning meeting according to two Democratic aides, who said that Pelosi also called Trump's actions "villainous." 

The previous day, Pelosi accused Trump of engaging in a cover up in regards to the administration's efforts to prevent former White House Counsel Don McGahn from testifying Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee.