Leaked Footage Shows James Holzhauer's Historic Jeopardy Run Come To An End

Warning: Spoiler alerts galore.

Leaked footage shows that James Holzhauer's historic run as Jeoparady champion will likely come to an end on Monday's episode, which will have marked Holzhauer's 33rd consecutive show. He loses to contestant Emma Boettcher in Final Jeopardy after both coming up with the right answer: "Who is Kit Marlowe?"

Holzhauser's usual strategy - pushing all in on wagers that allow for large bets - didn't appear to be in play. He wagered just $1,399 on the Final Jeopardy question about the 16th Century playwright. Boettcher had to make a decisive move to dethrone the champion, which she did, wagering over $20,000 on Final Jeopardy. She won a total of $46,801 for the episode. 

In the clip, host Alex Trebek and the audience are both heard gasping.

Trebek says: “Oh gosh! What a payday. What a game! Oh my gosh!”

Recall, we just wrote an article highlighting Holzhauer's epic run as Jeopardy champion and noting that it was his ignoring of conventional wisdom that led to his success. Interestingly enough, it appears the deviation from his original strategy - or reverting back to conventional wisdom - may have cost him his title. 

Holzhauer shocked the world, not only by amassing millions of dollars in Jeopardy winnings, but doing it at a blistering pace, making former Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings look like a snail in comparison. But now, it looks like Holzhauer will not be overtaking Jennings' record total. 

The New York Times had published two charts showing, graphically, just how efficient of a player Holzhauer was. As you can see, Holzhauer's pace when compared to former champion Ken Jennings was stunning. He was averaging about $76,500 per episode, compared to Jennings' $34,000 per episode. 

Not including "Tournament of Champions" games, Holzhauer was just $58,484 behind Ken Jennings’ record of $2,520,700 heading into Monday, a record that now appears will be safe for a long time.

When factoring in the “Tournament of Champions” games, Brad Rutter is still the all time earner at $4.7 million. Inclusive of these games, Jennings stands at $3.4 million. 

Holzhauer had a sense of humor about it online, casually using the opportunity to take a shot at Drake, who has been in the news for his erratic behavior at NBA playoff games and is half-jokingly being blamed for Toronto's recent loss on Sunday night: