ISIS Supporter "Umm Nutella" Faces Life In Prison After Violating Deal With Feds

A New Jersey-born ISIS supporter who went by the code name "Umm Nutella" to secretly communicate with the terrorist organization faces life in prison after she violated a cooperation agreement with federal authorities, according to the New York Times

Sinmyah Amera Ceasar, 24, pleaded guilty in 2017 on two federal charges for aiding ISIS and other extremist groups, after she was arrested in November 2016 at JFK International Airport in order to provide material support to the radical Islamic terrorist group.

Prosecutors alleged recently unsealed court filings that Ceaser violated an agreement not to use social media or make contact with anyone linked to foreign terrorism

"The fbi put me under a different name because they wanted my case too be sealed," Ceasar told a Taliban-supporting US associate in a Facebook exchange, adding "How the heck we know i was going to arrested out fo no where." 

In another exchange with a jihadist supporter, Ceasar wrote "I'm umm nutella," and "I’m staying on down low." 

"Not going to go to prison for nobody anymore," she added. 

Ceasar told federal prosecutors that she "associates her use of the name 'Umm Nutella' with her support for ISIS, and that if she used the name, it would signify her continued support for the group," according to the filing in Brooklyn federal court. 

Ceasar also allegedly exchanged Facebook messages with a person who she told the FBI was associated with United Kingdom-based ISIS supporters linked to terrorist attacks.

"Be very careful as to who you trust on here especially if they send you any links that maybe incriminating,” the individual posted in June 2018, according to the court papers.

Ceasar responded on the person's Facebook page. "Yea that's true that how I went to prison because some the Muslims were spies :(” she wrote, according to prosecutors. -NBC News

"Umm Nutella" has also been charged with obstruction of justice, and has been remanded to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.