Facebook Employees Possibly Exposed To Highly Toxic Sarin At Work

Update 2: A Facebook spokesman said that as a result of the finding, the company evacuated four buildings. Though earlier reports identified the substance as liquid Sarin, the spokesman said it hadn't been identified. Three of the evacuated buildings had been cleared as of 11 am PT (2 pm ET). One more remained to be thoroughly investigated.

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Update: Some more details about the incident have started leaking out. Menlo Park Fire Department officials said a machine at Facebook's mailing facility alerted employees that a package might contain Sarin. No employees were exposed to the substance. Facebook employs machines to scan all of its mail, per NBC.

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According to fire officials in Menlo Park, two Facebook employees may have been exposed to Sarin at a company mailing facility, NBC Bay Area reports.

According to the most recent reports, the two employees weren't exhibiting signs of being poisoned. A hazmat crew is on the scene testing materials.


The "material" - the report didn't specify which form the suspicious chemical was in - arrived at the facility in a package. The building, a warehouse reportedly owned by Facebook, has been evacuated, per ABC.