Bitcoin Back Below $10,000 As Venezuela Sets New Crypto Volume Record

For the fourth time in a month, Bitcoin prices have tested back below the $10,000 Maginot Line this morning and the rest of cryptos are worse.

A sea of red...

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Bitcoin is back below $10,000...

But Litecoin leads the week's losses...

CoinTelegraph's Suberg notes that the latest downturn marks a repeat of the breakdown seen in Bitcoin last week, which resulted in a recent low of $9,125. Now, as then, analysts welcomed the opportunity to buy up cheap coins.

“Wanting to see a push back up to the neutral area or resistance. If not, more 4 digit BTC to accumulate,” investor Josh Rager summarized in his latest daily price update, noting the importance of the $10,200-$10,350 range.

As Twitter user and Lightning Torch creator Hodlonaut noted, politics did not necessarily have a fairly-weighted impact on price action. One Congressman, he noted, had described Bitcoin as impossible to stop by any government.

“9 days ago Bitcoin had not yet been called an 'unstoppable force' in the U.S. Congress. Still, price was almost 30% higher than now. Some dips are tastier than others,” he wrote.

However, demand remains high elsewhere in the world, as CoinTelegraph's William Suberg details, Venezuelans traded more bolivars for Bitcoin  than ever before last week, but the statistics say more about fiat than cryptocurrency. 

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Data from Coin Dance, which tracks trading activity on P2P exchanges Localbitcoins, Paxful and Bisq, confirmed the seven days to July 20 were Venezuela’s biggest on record.

During that period, users on LocalBitcoins alone generated volumes of over 57 billion bolivars, beating the previous all-time high of 49 billion, which appeared in the previous week.

Weekly LocalBitcoins Volume (Venezuelan Bolivar) Courtesy of

As Cointelegraph reported, Venezuela’s currency continues to suffer from runaway inflation, which estimates claim has reached 10,000,000%, leading citizens to resort to alternative means of storing value. 

The country’s official alternative, state-issued digital currency Petro, was declared a failure by a United States nonprofit this month. 

But there’s a catch

Yet as the bolivar count on Localbitcoins keeps growing, in Bitcoin terms, the number is falling. The 57 billion figure for last week equated to just 574 BTC — considerably less than in some previous weeks earlier this year. 

Underscoring the weakening bolivar, Venezuela’s cryptocurrency trading is not supported by the government, which also imposed embargoes on foreign currency. 

Earlier this year, the Lightning Torch transaction relay raised 0.4 BTC ($4,000) in funds among Bitcoin users for Venezuelans unable to escape the country.