After Drastic Overhaul, Tesla Now Ships Model 3s To Europe Via Port Of Philadelphia

Tesla is quickly reshuffling it's California to Europe shipping route for Model 3s to ensure faster delivery times.

Tesla moved Model 3s from its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, to the Port of San Francisco, or other ports along California's coast, to be loaded onto roll-on/roll-off vessels that would then embark on a lengthy 10,684 nautical mile trip to Europe, would take at least 24 days to one month for delivery.

According to several reports, mainly from X Auto and several citizen journalists, Model 3s are now being shipped by truck and rail across the US to be loaded onto roll-on/roll-off vessels at the Port of Philadelphia (PhilaPort).

PhilaPort confirmed X Auto's report by tweeting the story on Sunday. This would mean that the new shipping route is from PhilaPort to the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, is expected to significantly save the struggling electric car company time and money.

PhilaPort to the Port of Zeebrugge is only 3,996 nautical miles and if a vessel was traveling around 18 knots, would only take 9.3 days, versus the 24-31 days from the Port of San Francisco.

With about 10 days at sea, but also adding 2-4 days to transfer the electric cars via truck or by rail across the US, the new travel time is about 15 days, a 50% improvement from the prior shipping route (Port of San Francisco to Europe). As to why Tesla didn't think about this before is beyond our comprehension.

X Auto showed several photos last month of the Port of San Francisco Pier 80 handling hundreds of Model 3s waiting to be loaded onto roll-on/roll-off vessels bound to Europe and the UK.

With the reworking of the shipping route, more and more Model 3s are being spotted with Euro plates on major US highways and at PhilaPort.

Here's how the social media responded to PhilaPort's Twitter that tweeted: " A large number of @Tesla #Model3 vehicles is reportedly being moved from the #TeslaHQ in Palo Alto, CA to #PhilaPort to ensure faster delivery times for Europe & the UK..."

This major overhaul comes at a time when Tesla reported a major miss on the top and bottom line, a CAPEX miss and cut during 2Q19. It seems the new shipping route is all in an attempt to boost 3Q numbers to raise the stock above its monthly 50sma before a deeper correction is seen.

Looks like the #TSLAQ crowd has a new port on the East Coast to observe.