They Lie and Then They Lie Some More

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by philbutler
Thursday, Apr 29, 2021 - 0:29

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has denied that the United States was involved in a plot to assassinate Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. So, that’s that. The statement has to be true if Psaki says it, right? After all, everyone knows that the former US State Department spokeslady and current press secretary of President Joe Biden never lies. Well, she seldom lies. There was this one time…

When Victoria (F the EU) Nuland lied to Fox News correspondent James Rosen claiming the US was not engaged in bilateral talks with Iran, Jen Psaki called Nuland’s deception a move to have “secrecy." But we all know what it really was. When somebody at the State Department deleted a video of Psaki’s exchange, the first official statement was that a “glitch” had caused the evidence to disappear. But, Psaki’s role in helping the Obama White House lie to the American people and the world is well known. As for Joe Biden administration, the beacon of truth that supporters say it will become will surely become the same “echo chamber” Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes boasted about manipulated the press into spreading their false claims.

President Joe Biden walks with Vice President Kamala Harris
President Joe Biden walks with Vice President Kamala Harris - White House

Turning the page, how can we know that the United States was behind a foiled assassination plot on Russia’s doorstep? Well, it’s pretty simple for those if you've been paying attention. The Atlantic Council story is first in Google News denying the coming attempt at a coup Lukashenko warns about. What this means is, somebody high up wants all of us down here to munch on this story. But, there is a precedent here. We have several precedents to support what Russia and Belarus are claiming.

Let's remember, Muammar Gaddafi’s secret communique with then British Prime Minister Tony Blair back in 2011. The Libyan leader warned that his removal from the would open a space for al-Qaida to seize control of the country and even launch an invasion of Europe. Gaddafi predicted the refugee crisis and his own demise, but western media portrayed him as a lunatic. Blair was warning the Libyan leader he would die unless he abdicated. And now Libya is an unsolvable mess like Lebanon.

Before Gaddafi, it was Saddam Hussein raising alarms the US and allies were out to get him to get hold of Iraq’s oil and geostrategic influence in the region. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Bush, and a laundry list of liars told the world Iraq had to be invaded to protect civilization. Since then, White House spokespersons have lied as a form of art.

Today, the Atlantic Council’s view so closely resembles White House and State Department narratives; they all appear to be drafted in the same drawing-room. Washington continually portrays Russia as a kleptocracy and autocracy, when it is the United States and her allies milking trillions from beneath countries in the developing world. Let's not forget, Bush went so far as to proclaim the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam as the start of a “global democratic revolution.” And he did so in a speech at another think tank, marking the anniversary of the National Endowment for Democracy. Some readers may remember the New York Times uncovered that the NED-funded groups intent on unseating Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez back in 2000. I remember Saddam Hussein in the 1980s calling the American policymakers “Conspiring Bastards,” and nothing we have seen in the last three decades disproves his theories. Now that Biden is in office and seeding every decision-making position with former Obama weasels, even Qaddafi’s suggestion that Obama should rule the US forever seems valid now.

Some still remember how Bill Clinton launched 23 Tomahawk missiles against the headquarters of the Iraqi Intelligence Service in 1993 because Attorney General Janet Reno and CIA Director R. James Woolsey said Saddam was out to get Bush I. It's no coincidence Woolsey currently sits on the Strategic Advisory Board for Genie Energy with Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Jacob Rothschild. And no, Mrs. Jen “Mecher” Psaki, this is not fake news, thank you. Not to worry, though, the energy company only made a third of a billion dollars in 2020, just tip change for the likes of the Rothschilds and Murdochs of this world.

The fact that such people are flung together, that presidents and press secretaries belong to the same makeshift club, is a point worth mentioning in a story about takeovers and world stage intrigue. I won’t get into what Genie is really up to here. Let’s just say all-encompassing efforts like 5G, Cybernet, and complete automation of society are subjects close to the hearts of those who want Lukashenko first, and later Vladimir Putin, to be gone. These people are about to fill in all the dark places where any of us will be able to hide.

To wind up, let’s return to our extraordinary Atlantic Council to show President Biden’s failed hit was, indeed, a US attempted coup. January 21, 2021, a report by Anders Aslund, Melinda Haring, John E. Herbst, and Alexander Vershbow lay out the blueprint for a redux of the Ukraine Euromaidan coup during the Obama administration. In the summary, we find the mission:

“Recent years have seen no better chance for US leadership to facilitate lasting positive change in Europe than the crisis in Belarus. But how to secure democratic change in Belarus is not simple given internal resistance and Moscow’s determination to prevent another color revolution.”

The report is a handbook for Biden, a literal carbon copy of what took place in Ukraine, the next domino in toppling every country surrounding Putin’s Russia The blueprint the Atlantic Council laid out for the newly elected Biden is being followed almost to the letter. Some recommendations by these Russophobes included channeling funds ($200 million) to the activists/insurgents, sanctions aimed at President Lukashenko’s business interests (already done), the United States shunning Belarus’ president by ignoring his legitimacy (already in progress), a meetup between Biden and Tsikanouskaya (invitation sent), and to lie to Russia about the US/NATO push toward Moscow. There’s a lot more in the white paper. I suggest you read it yourself.

And now President Joe Biden cannot deny his efforts to move NATO into former Soviet Union republics. Back in the 1970s, Senator Biden was focused on European affairs. After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, he directed attention to former Soviet states, including Ukraine, arguing they could join NATO and given economic and military support. Biden was there in Kyiv when anti-government protesters filled the streets for the Maidan revolution/coup. I don’t want to regress into a discussion on Ukraine here. Still, since Belarus is a carbon copy of the move by Washinton to expand NATO, it’s worthwhile to study the players and the similarities. The assassination attempt on President Lukashenko is more believable than the alternative reality where America is meddling on Russia’s steps for ideology.